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  2. When carrying too much loot becomes your number 1 concern...
  3. I seen from one of my favorite youtubers that Tarkov has started the pre-wipe events recently, so I decided to log on to check it out in the first time since the weight system change/skill reset update. This game is still absolutely and 100% unplayable for me because of the updated weight system. Most of the fun for me was being able to get in alot of PvP fights and carry as much gear out as I could. Now I put 1 TacTec in my bag that has maybe a few mags and nades in it and all of a sudden I'm a fat kid with extreme asthma that can only crawl at a slow walking pace. I have grinded alot of high levels in my years playing Tarkov, and I always thought buying the EOD edition of the game was worth it, however now I can't see myself even installing the game for the foreseeable future as long as the weight system stays the same. For the Devs, thank you for providing me and my crew with a lot of entertainment in the past 2 years, but you guys have ruined all the fun of Tarkov for me and my friends. We will not be playing the new update and will likely not be playing the game at all going forward unless the movement speeds are fixed. If we wanted to walk for hours we would just play DayZ, so that's what we will be doing. Peace
  4. ballcaccha

    For my Master's Thesis, I have some quesitons

    I can add these apps to this list: 3D Studio Max, V-Ray. And I want to say that I also really enjoy working in SketchUp. But I want to admit that I have problems with writing texts. So I had to use the services of a writing service https://textroyal.com to improve my thesis and correct all stylistic mistakes. I think it is very good that there are such writing services that help students cope with difficulties during their studies. For example, without their help, I would not have been able to finish University and get a diploma.
  5. Doc_empty


    "РЕЙД" эпизод 4 когда?
  6. TheFondler

    Spawn killing? Really?

    can we let the old thread die please? Customs spawns changed alot since this thread started. Is this still from the time where players could pick their own spawn side of the map and everyone picked boilers? So every spaw in boiler side was clogged? Can't remember. Spawning in late sucks. Since the last wipe i get synchronizing issues alot, not sure why. But sometimes i get stuck on synchronizing like forever and spawn in late. Can't remember getting actually spawn killed though. But it is an issue they are aware off, and my guess would be with the planned customs expansion, the spawns will also change. Factory is a nightmare, interchange not so much, except if you decide to run for the main shopping mall right away then yeah you can get shot from both sides. I guess the spawning in late has several reasons, from crashing cliënts, to the matching system not being perfect. I get it, it sucks, i once spawned into factory yellow machines, laid down looking down glass hallway and a guy spawned with his head right in my corsshair, all i had to do was pull the trigger.....i felt bad, but on the other hand should i have let him turn around and shoot me instead? He did not have interesting gear anyway. If i spawn in late, i always run for cover, wait for a few seconds to see if i hear anything and slowly start peaking towards spawns that would pass by mine to get to the center of the map, to make sure noone is coming up behind me.
  7. WendyMorrisone

    For my Master's Thesis, I have some quesitons

    Best For 2D Drafting - Autodesk CAD Best For 3D Modeling - SketchUp Best For 2D and 3D Integration - ArchiCAD Best For BIM and Team Working - Revit Best For 3D Architectural Animation - Lumion Best For Architectural Rendering - Corona Render Best For Image Editing - Adobe Photoshop Best For Text and Image Organization and Presentation - InDesign
  8. Hummz21

    Wird das noch was?

    Jupp, hier ist alles gesagt worden #Closed
  9. Humpenstilzchen

    Tarkov is begining to feel like Call Of Duty

    I agree, this game is anything but realistic and the video shows it clearly. What´s next? Strafejumps like in Quake 3?
  10. Hummz21

    Zusammenfassung: TarkovTV DevBlog #009

    Beim Duke war es: "When it's done"
  11. Badhabit666

    "Anticheat connection failed" Error

    here is how i fixed it, got this error too.
  12. Today
  13. MJelicks

    Scavs not spawning in offline mode

    Are you ensuring that PvE is turned on? There is a little setting for it, if you don't turn it on they will not spawn at all. I know it seems like a dumb thing to ask, but I figured we should start somewhere
  14. Nestrik

    Клан "Arcana"

    Идут предвайповые ивенты, а значит вайп нас ждет в течении нескольких дней. Клан "Аркана" продолжает вести набор, готовит своих шерпов и отряды для лёгкого старта
  15. Scillus


    И не найдёте инфу, все, как и вы, получают инфу либо в рейде, либо зайдя к торговцам.
  16. hellfox


    Ребят, где объяснение, что за ивенты предвайповые? 40 минут уже потратил ради этой информации, у Вас совесть есть? Последняя запись в ВК 22 мая. Сделайте Вы наконец эту кнопку кликабельной что-ли? А то надпись что ивенты предвайповые стартовали есть, а информации по ней не найти.
  17. staffsarge

    "Anticheat connection failed" Error

    Just come across this myself for the first time. They had this issue since way back in 2018. More proof the devs aren't doing much lol.
  18. pauldrice

    Spawn killing? Really?

    I'll see what I can do about recording my load in. This is ridicules. *EDIT* it was a grenade and headshot.
  19. PlokTheScav

    Hackers everywhere

    So if I got it right, there is no way of even reporting hacker? Why did I ever buy this... whatever.
  20. gianluzzz

    finding friends

    TOPIC MOVED TO LFG (Looking for group)
  21. Multiple maps, multiple sets of settings, no luck, no scavs, no raiders, no bosses. Any answers?
  22. Hijeffrey95

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Done Couldnt find you on the server, Done
  23. Seifer85


    спасибо! а то начитался что есть самая бичь версия потом она улучшаеться до трансгендерной Европейской, а потом можно только улучшать дальше
  24. MEC_Warrior


    https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page Жмешь "улучшить" на нужном паке и все
  25. Seifer85


    Вот что за Ивенты? много новичков! в браузере написали, а путиводитель где? по вашим Ивентам! и Админы обьясните у меня сТандарт клиент! хочу купить предпоследнюю версию, мне чего сначало нужно что то улучшить? а потом улучшать клиент до той версии какой хочу?
  26. XxUnDeFiNeD12Xx

    finding friends

    well my name is josh i am from san antonio, I just got into this game because i some youtubers playing i. So i bought the game not to long ago, now i am just tryng to find a friend or friends in helping do successful raids. further more here is my discord XxUnDeFiNeD12Xx#9686. My play time is usually random but i will be willing to play more often i say between 12pm-2pm, 5pm-7pm, and 12am-2am. Please message me if willing top help me understand this game and another thing i do not know how coop would even work im sure its by being in the same server but i'll learn that in the future.
  27. Gothik

    Mise à jour ? WIPE ! :D

    Le forum français n'est pas du tout tenu à jour en fait ? Voilà pour ceux que les events intéresse , ce qui serait ressorti comme Event 1 - Raiders sur toutes les cartes (c'est le cas en ce moment). 2 - Economie de base - Tous les traders sont supprimés sauf Fence qui dispose d'équipements de base. 3 - Restriction des conteneurs bloquant la possibilité d'ajouter des items pendant un raid. 4 - Raiders sur toutes les cartes, prix cassés, tous les objets sont débloqués aux vendeurs et tous les autres événements précédents sont désactivés. Have Fun guys !
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