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    Hello, Escapers! We would like to present to you a Fan Video from one of your fellow community members, David Hanus. He has done an incredible work, capturing the look, feel, and ambiance of Escape From Tarkov. He has even painstakingly gathered the sound fx to add to the video, for authenticity! Creations like these show the potential for EFT as a feature film! Prepare to watch this a million times...Please make sure to like, and share this video so it can be seen all over. Thanks to all the crew who helped in the making of this video, and we look forward to your future content.
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    Hello escapers & cheeki breekis: First of all, thank you BattleState Games for making this awesome game! I don't know if this has been suggested before, but I have an idea for a new item ingame; A first aid kit. It should be a container, like the documents bag, that can hold alot of meds. The reason this is relevant now, is the number of meds we need to stay alive in a raid, as the game is now in its current state. I feel sorry for those with an alpha container, that can't carry that many meds as us with the gamma. True, they can equip their meds in pockets and in vests, but lets be honest, how many of us can afford to lose 9 or more med items each raid? The first aid kit container could be a 2x2 item that opens into 3x4, or something, and it would be even sweeter if we could right click on it and have the option "use", to "automatically" apply meds on our wounds. For example, if you have a bleeding wound, it would prioritize closing the wound first, before healing the damaged body part, etc etc. Let me know what you guys think down below, and if this have been suggested before on these forums, just close this post. Have a nice day all, thank you for reading & good luck escaping ! *wiggle wiggle*
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    I would like to put forward the suggestion that rare loot spawns should in fact be 'dynamic' in that their locations randomize when a map is started. The issue I find atm, is that its a race to the known spots (If a player scav hasn't already looted them and exited before you have even reached them) or the spots are camped, and this really kills the exploration experience. Randomizing these spawns all over the map would encourage players to actually search the map and explore otherwise avoided areas, and I believe add so much more to a raid and overall richness of the game. Also, with the new medical system, and the importance of medication, any 'locked' room/container/cupboard that contains meds should really be rare meds such as a morphine or a grizzly... sort of defeats the purpose having a key and then finding a bandage that you could have gotten off any dead scav or unlocked container. Just my thoughts - Perhaps this is the intention down the line... Just wanted to put it forward...
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    Dear friends! Amazing news! We are Adding the new servers to reduce awaiting time in matchmaker. Already added some in the US, EU and RUS region. More to come. 4 servers were added to the US we will update as more comes through!
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    Hello, I have started playing this game during the previous patch and I had truly great experience. This new patch improved a lot of things but also brought a single major fun breaking flaw which I will point out on the example of customs raid. Customs timer used to be 1 hour 30 minutes. Plenty of time to carefully go about the map, check all places, get out. In this new patch, raid length was shortened to 1 hour and now to 50 minutes. Also more players can now spawn in the raid. Yesterday I have spawned as PMC and got into fight with three players (one after another) even before crossing the river. Came up on top but with blackened arm. Checking the timer when I crossed the river I saw I had like 35 minutes left. Not enough time to really do anything but try to get out... Eventually forced to slow down at some spots (enemies) and forced to rush elsewhere to save time just to get killed (which would not happen if I had time to do it properly). This is not fun... Generally the fun factor of the game was severely crippled by this change. I feel I´m being rushed (into *enter random generic multiplayer FPS game name* gameplay) for some reason; but I cannot imagine what the reasoning behind this is. I feel I can no longer play as I would like to. There is no time to be careful, no time to check areas on the map like I was used to. I thought this game was about realism, survival, exploration (checking and looting places) not about rushed runs through map. If this is a temporary change due to overloaded servers or because of some kind of testing, I´m totally fine with it. But if this is "permanent" (well beta...) change, I really don´t get it... Thank you for considering this. Semris
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    Despite what you have said, the game is in fact in Beta. I find that is quite obvious by the big "Beta" banner when you start the game, which you can also see in my signature.
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    Приветствую тебя боец!!! Тебе стало скучно одному играть, ты хочешь узнать как выживать? Ты постоянно погибаешь, или тебе нужен напарник для прикрытия?А то может и целаю группа для боевых действий? Тогда тебе к нам, в клан LEGION!!! Клан создан 19.09.2017г. из единомышленников по игре Escape from Tarkov, друзей и коллег по работе, мы сплочены, мы едины, играем часто, играем вместе!!! Наш девиз - Veni, vidi, vici Пришёл, увидел, победил Устав клана - https://vk.com/topic-153584685_35970452 Глава клана Mr.Kiber (@MrKiber) https://vk.com/alecsan Офицер вербовщик baruh https://vk.com/id268215488 Офицер ТаракаН https://vk.com/id50222551 Если тебе 21+ лет (возможны исключения), то что тебе нужно сделать: Заполнить анкету ( https://vk.com/topic-153584685_35962977 ) Если тебя нет в вк, то оставляй заявку тут, вот форма заявки и образец: _________________________________ Ник \ Страница в вк Прайм-тайм в игре \ из какого вы города Ознакомлены ли вы с уставом клана Готовы ли установить Discord Готовы ли помочь в развитии клана _________________________________ Mr.Kiber \ https://vk.com/alecsan 19.00-00.00 \ Москва да да да _________________________________ Если возникли вопросы, напиши вербовщику ( https://vk.com/id268215488 ) или в этой теме с упоминанием @baruh Подключится к каналу в Discord (Вербовщик скинет ссылку на канал в Discord после беседы)
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    Bonjours Enfants de Norvinsk, Aujourdhui je vous propose un article écrit par voter serviteur concernant le nouveau patch, bonne lecture ! Article Gamewave Merci a tous !
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    Panowie, zluzujmy. Oceniajmy obiektywnie działania BSG, testujmy grę i szukajmy WSZYSTKICH problemów, które się pojawiają na różnych specyfikacjach sprzętowych. Oczywiście z nadzieją, że feedback jest zbierany i firma coś z tym zrobi. Czy zrobi okaże się na starcie open bety... Dodam od siebie, że między procesorami i5 4440, a procesorami i5 2310 jest kolosalna różnica. Często testuje gry na innym PC i porównuje ze swoim - zdecydowanie słabszym.
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    - Это не убийство, - сказала я и посмотрела в окно. - Предосторожность. Напьёшься и кто-то из моих друзей увезёт тебя из города на машине. И если ругаться на улице будешь или ещё что - ну пьяная и пьяная. Стрелять тогда в тебя не придётся. Или вот пройдёшь одну за одной несколько дорожек и под кайфом уедешь из города, хорошо же? Соглашайся на любой из этих двух вариантов, иначе последним, что ты увидишь сегодня - будет пуля.
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    Personally, I like the ability to team up in numbers. think about the lore of Tarkov. It's quite possible for multiple PMC members to band together to increase their chances of escaping Tarkov. From a gameplay perspective, teaming up increases your chances, and so it should. Of course they have an advantage in numbers, but squads can also be confused, put into disarray and picked off quite easily too, if you play right. Squads can fall apart in stressful situations as their communication breaks down and their discipline fails. For example, several times I have left a body as bait and watched as a squad come over and take it in turns to loot - a grenade and a few taps of the trigger later and they are down. As a player potentially facing them, I LOVE the fact that when I spot a single potential threat I have no idea initially whether it's a Scav, a player, a lone player, or part of a team. If I take a PMC down, I am always on the alert for potential allies of his. It provides so much uncertainty, tension and thrilling moments. If there were severe limits on squad numbers, matchmaking or anything like that, it would be too easy to predict when you safe or how many threats are in the vicinity and ruin much of the suspense that combat can bring.
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    Anche volendo i programmatori non accettano accuse di alcun genere rispetto ad altri giocatori, hanno il loro sistema anticheat e si basano solo su quello e non su accuse della gente. Ad esempio capita di entrare in partita dopo gli altri giocatori, mi sa tanto che è successo a te, in wood se nasci nella fabbrica distrutta ci sono altri 2 spawn point molto vicini semplicemente il tizio nato a fianco è venuto nella tua zona e gli sei nato davanti. Ergo bum morto. Credo sia la spiegazione più logica. Anche perchè il tizio è un TAW ossia un clan internazionale pieno di iscritti, quì su tarkov ce ne sono parecchi, certo non è un deterrente, non si sa mai. I dev ti risponderebbero tranquillo se il tizio in questione fa uso di cheat tranquillo che verrà bannato.
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    OP, they have said they are looking into the server issues and we can expect updates to the networking side of things very soon. The network infrastructure and performance is the achilles heel of EFT right now, with matching times and desync being the two major and most common complaints currently.
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    Dear friends! We would like to bring to your attention very useful Beginner's Guide Beta for Escape from Tarkov, created by one of our most deserved emissaries - @Colonel Twerkins Watch it, gain experience and maybe you can survive in the vastness of Tarkov! "Waddup Brohams! Welcome to our handy, dandy guide to Escape From Tarkov Beginners Guide for Beta. I would like to say, that this guide, is in no way definitive, being that this will be for the Beta. I will try to update this as we go along". If you would like the PDF version of this guide, to copy and paste in your notes for reference here it is: http://bit.ly/EFTbeginnerguideBETA
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    This is not new, its like this every day in the morning because there is not a lot of people playing, later in the day when more people start to play servers get worse, long matching, lag, desync comes back.
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    Was möchtest du damit aussagen? Das du dich ärgerst weil du die Unterstützung, die du für die Entwicklung des Spieles investiert hast, verfehlt hast? Niemand kann "richtig spielen", denn es ist eine Testversion in der natürlich Sachen kaputt und schief gehen. Zum Release wäre dein Argument eventuell gerechtfertigt, sofern das Spiel dann nicht den Versprechungen entspricht. Zur Entwicklung des Spiels gehört auch, das man neue Features einbaut, alte umbaut und eventuell auch welche verwirft. Aktuell wurden grafische Einstellungen hinzugefügt ("New setting of image sharpness (Sharpen) the Graphics settings"). Und auch wenn das viele so sehen, wie man oft am Satz "vorher hat es funktioniert" erkennt, ist Softwareentwicklung kein Prozess bei dem man immer nur Schritte nach vorn macht. Man hat keine Basis auf der man einfach weitere Sachen hinzufügt und alles andere funktioniert so wie vorher. Idealerweise ist das bei einer Releaseversion so, aber auch da nicht immer. Aber insbesondere während der aktiven Entwicklung wird diese Basis immer wieder verändert und das ist auch gut so, denn ohne ist die Umsetzung neuer Features nicht möglich. Und ja, dabei gehen Sachen kaputt. Man macht also auch mal Schritte zurück. Solange es aber mehr vor als zurück sind ist doch alles in Ordnung. Wenn die aktuelle Test-Version Probleme macht muss man andere Lösungen finden. In dem Fall die Grafikeinstellung nach unten schrauben. Und falls auch das nicht hilft und es für dich unspielbar macht, okay. Dann schreibe einen möglichst detaillierten Bug-Report, setze für diese Patch-Runde aus und versuche es nach dem nächsten Patch noch mal. Deine Specs sind schonmal ein guter Anfang, aber es würde sicherlich noch helfen wenn du z.b. dein OS (Windows, Linux, Mac etc.) hinzufügst, was genau deine aktuellen Grafikeinstellungen sind, was du für welche ausprobiert hast ohne das es eine Besserung zeigte und wie deine RAM-Nutzung ingame aussieht. P.S.: 8GB RAM sind etwas wenig. Selbst die Mindestanforderungen, welche vor Jahren mal auf der Website ausgewiesen wurden, sind 8 GB. Wenn du aber beispielsweise Windows auf deinem System nutzt, verbraucht dieses um die 2-4 GB RAM, was ~4 GB für Tarkov übrig lässt. Und je weiter das Spiel entwickelt wird, umso anspruchsvoller wird es. Denk mal darüber nach wenigstens auf 16GB aufzustocken.
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    Hi to whom this may concern, I just made a post a bout this on reddit, but I would really love the abillity to stack helmets for more customization options and for squads so we can see who is who or to just cover up our faces because I don't like the USEC face that much. Below is some examples using a beanie + mask or Kiver + Mask, I didn't have a balaclava so I couldn't photoshop that + the helmet but it would surely look amazing. Hope you like my idea, I'm sure it has been suggested somewhere, sorry if I missed it.
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    That's what i meant, it's a lot of fun to work with the player scavs to set up ambushes vs PMCs.
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    Name: DVL-10 Diversant ("Saboteur") Type: sniper rifle Country of origin: Russia Produced: 2010 - present time Variants: M1, M2 Caliber: .40 Lobaev Whisper, .308 Win Action: sliding breech bolt Feed system: box magazine Customization: muzzle devices, sights, front support, pistol grip DVL is a lightweight, compact and silent sniper rifle designed to work with new and existing subsonic ammunition for solving special service and combat tasks requiring exceptional precision and operational range. The existing models in the market could not comply with the required characteristics, primarily in operational accuracy and range, and that is how DVL concept was born. © Lobaev Arms
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    Ведётяс набор в клан - Delta Force [Delta] Или [DL]. Требования - 17+ (Бывают исключения), Иметь игру (Не ключ на выпуск), иметь Дискорд , опыт не важен (Имеется Учеб Корпус). Вк - https://vk.com/jokerghoЖелаем приятной игры!Ждём всех.
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    just played 2 rounds. first one as a scav - spawned in and got killed instantly - super fun. then went into customs, saw a hatchling, unloaded my shotgun onto him, and bam - killed by mighty desync that HAS BEEN HERE SINCE DAY ONE. alpha, beta, call it what you want, the fact is this game is broken with what it seems like an unfixable desync problem. im giving this game a rest now, maybe check back when the rest of the shoreline gets here. a good tip for you all, do not make this your main game like i have...you will get burned out. to me, this is absolutely super boring atm, and i think it is time to get onto my single player games that i have been hording and not yet have played. peace and love to you fellars. see you in the near future.
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    Hey ! I had the same idea 2 days before as french .
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    My game runs fine and I'm probably on lesser specs than you. If you think the game is a joke and you don't feel like helping test the game in a constructive manner, you don't need to be here. No ones forcing your hand. You're literally just being antagonistic with no critical feed back outside of "it should be in alpha!!!"
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    Hello everyone, I was doing a run with my duo partner orcslayer61. We were on the Shoreline (~6am/morning server) and we hopped over a fence by the Gas Station. The moment I landed, my stomach was shot while my character didn't react audibly to the damage. I checked my health and saw that my stomach was at 12/60 HP and bleeding. I had asked my friend what happened, and he suddenly dropped dead from the same issue. We didn't hear any gunshots, didn't see anyone and our characters didn't react to the damage. I was wondering if there was any server related issue that didn't show up on our client side or if anyone else ran into the same issue. On our death screens, we were both killed by unknown346. Thanks for anyone who read or replied.
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    Not sure if anyone else has brought this into the forum already. If yes, I do apologize for the repeated content. *** Suggestion: PvP Arena Is there any plan for this? I'm sure that having an arena for squads to compete between each other in the hardest CQC mode will be way too welcome and appreciated by all people who seek this type of challenges. Open world for loots and CQC for a quick adrenaline rush. Additional Suggestion: Maybe no loots there, so people is forced to play original mode to get better gear, to sell, and all that. Dying in the CQC PvP will cost loosing all but winning will just provide XP no gear gain. Having the option to make a custom game for this particular mode is awesome (as in Rainbow Siege). You have the chance to play with multiple friends or a invited contender. Well, is an option. You guys think about it. The reason for this started after seeing an online video of EFT where two squads got into a fire fight and that... I can only say that was intense. *** Maybe enabling small locations, buildings for these CQC could work. Please consider it. If it is a future content, then excuse me for not been aware. Thanks in advance. Great job so far. Keep making improvements.
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    Questgeber: Therapist / Quest: Sanitary Standards, p.2 beim bedätigen des Accept Butten kommt die Meldung..."704-Quest is unavailable"
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    Hatchlings are KOS in my eyes, they deploy with no risk, and I'm not going to reward that playstyle.
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    -Но я... Не надо, прошу.-Кейт перестала сдерживать себя и разревелась.-Не убивай, пожалуйста.
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    Dzięki za racjonalne podejście do sprawy i podzielenie się spostrzeżeniami, mam już dosyć czytania bredni niektórych osób jak to im wszystko zawsze ładnie działa i nie mają pojęcia o co chodzi... Tu nie chodzi o potępianie gry dla zasady - wiadomo, że trwają prace nad optymalizacją ale jak widzę posty osób, które na podobnym sprzęcie z uporem maniaka ciągle twierdzą, że jest wszystko w porządku to szlag mnie trafia bo nic nie jest w porządku tak naprawdę i nie wiem gdzie oni mają oczy... Natomiast pozytywne opinie osób ze sprzętami typu I7-7700K, 16GB RAM i GTX 1080 są moim zdaniem bardziej szkodliwe niż pożyteczne bo oni mają duży zapas mocy i nawet wersja alpha, która działała totalnie źle u większości osób przed przejściem na DX 11 i Unity 5.6 działała u nich dobrze no ale na Boga - takie komputery to jest nadal rzadkość u nas w Polsce, a jeśli BSG ma zamiar wzorować się na opiniach takich osób jak @Kotton i reszta ludzików z USA z komputerami za grube tysiące, gdzie wszystko działa im zawsze płynnie to cała reszta osób ze słabszymi konfiguracjami PC zostanie z ręką w nocniku... Szczerze wierzę, że gra zostanie w końcu poprawnie zoptymalizowana dla każdego z nas i będzie w pełni grywalna...
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    Fils et Filles de Norvinsk ! Ceci est un message urgent... Nous sommes en train de travailler à l'élimination des raisons auxquels l'anti-virus interprète le launcher d'Escape from Tarkov comme un virus. Cette tâche est l'une des priorités des développeurs en ce moment. Nous soupçonnons que les Scavs ont quelque chose à voir avec ça... Gardez un œil vigilent, la victoire à tout prix !
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    Wenn das nicht bei allen ist dann sollte es ein Server Problem sein. Kann auch was mit dem Loot zu tun haben. Der scheint mir seit dem letzten Updaten während des Laufenden Spiels zu Spawnen, da immer wenn ich irgendwo bin wo es viel Loot gibt, es zu einem Kurzen FPS Einbruch von 1-3 Sekunden zu kommen. Im Wald oder auf der Wiese gibt es keine Probleme und höchsten mal ein FPS einbruch ( ausser Shoreline, dort läuft alles scheiße).
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    Po patchu 10K expa to wielki wyczyn :-)
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    Dziękuję za pamięć Szczerze... jest lepiej? Znak zapytania jest efektem, iż nie wiem czy każdy się ze mną zgodzi... oczywiście z osób które miały podobne problemy prędzej. 1. Rozegrałem około 3h (prędzej było to nierealne z powodu problemów technicznych z samą grą) w godzinach kiedy właściwie nie dało się grać. Okolice 19.00 - 21.00 / 14.00 i o dziwo... udało się nawet pograć... 2. Jeżeli chodzi o ładowanie gry - nie miałem przez ten czas crasha. Wsio się ładuje bez problemu. 79% przechodzi, nie mam już ścinek dźwięku, które zwiastowały działanie alt + f4... 3. Pobór pamięci - według mnie w normie bo nie miałem żadnego freeza PC. Nie sprawdzałem w menadżerze. Mówimy oczywiście o mapie customs na, której nie mogłem prędzej grać. Wykorzystując pomiar pamięci (komenda fps 1) na Customs od początku rozgrywki mam "płynność" w ruchach postaci. Prędzej miałem ścinki i power pointa póki wszystko się nie załadowało. Aktualnie tak nie jest więc... 16GB naprawdę nie jest obowiązkowe a wystarczy żeby twórcy za priorytet ustawili optymalizację. (Oczywiście nie czepiam się nikogo z tymi 16 GB RAM bo prędzej czy później stanie się to normą... ja po prostu sądzę, że powinno to być później) Przeprowadziłem pewną obserwację. FPS u mnie na Customs kulają się od 40 w górę do 60. A dodam, ze ustawienia udało mi się zmienić na medium. Gra kiedyś była niegrywalna na LOW a teraz jest grywalna na MEDIUM. Wracając do obserwacji... Oglądałem ostatnio Kottona - FPS na początku Customs 120 (pamiętajmy o jego konfiguracji komputera) - po podejściu do akademików 60... Wnioski nasuwają się same. 120fps i regularny spadek do 60? Sądzę, ze 60fps to nadal stabilna rozgrywka ale, że aż o 50 % spada wydajność? Mam wrażenie, ze update polepszył się wydajność na sprzęcie słabym. Na plus chyba podziałało skrócenie czasu przebywania na mapach oraz dodawanie nowych serwerów (o ile to prawda). Mogę się mylić, wejść zaraz do gry i dostać crash więc jeżeli tak się stanie dam o tym znać. Może taki był target update? Słabe wydajnością PC. Nie wiem... mam obawy, że może tak być a czemu obawy zostawię dla siebie na jakiś czas caleb59 - Racja, patrzenie na dalekie dystanse, które mają dużo obiektów oraz obejmują większy obszar tez u mnie powodują spadki od 10 do 20 fps. Oczywiście, jeżeli w takim momencie pojawi się oponent... mam kulę w głowę. Także wygrywa sprzęt. Wspomniałeś o spowolnieniu - mam identyczne problemy. Poza tym pingi na serwerach nadal duże x)
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    Особенность механизма СКС при использовании отъемных магазинов. Затвор должен быть в открытом положении что бы можно было извлечь магазин.
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    Yea, later at night servers become better to when kids go to sleep and there is not a lot of people playing. Nothing new here. Will se on the weekend how the servers will perform.
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    @Dimitri_Vegas Also mal abgesehen von dem üblichen desync ist bei mir alles top. Und ja du solltest über min. 16 gb nachdenken wir leben in 2017 du hast eine 1070 aber nur 8 gb Speicher wtf die 50 Euro für weitere 8 gb wirst du ja wohl haben. Und der beste Satz "ich habe 140 Euro für das Spiel bezahlt und kann es nicht spielen" es war deine freie Entscheidung entweder 40 oder 140 Euro für ein Spiel in der Entwicklungsphase zu bezahlen, keiner hat dich gezwungen also entweder wartest du bis das Spiel fertig ist und wenn es dann immer noch nicht richtig läuft kannst du dich beschweren. Oder du nimmst es wie es ist und akzeptierst das du hier eine "beta" spielst! Mfg
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    Ran Through isn't just time related (like most people think) if you do little to nothing inside a game and stay for the event duration you will still get a Ran Through at the end, doing anything from looting, killing and healing will award you with XP, get a decent amount of XP and regardless of how fast (or slow) you leave you shouldn't get a Ran Through.
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    Salut j ai un soucis depuis la maj je n entend pas certain tir quand on me tire dessus est ce quelqu un d entre vous a ce genre de soucis
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    I came here to make the exact same suggestion so ill just comment here and hope the devs notice lol. It would go such a long way for the customization. There should be a face and a helmet slot. I wanna protect my gead AND look cool
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    C'est "Torus", pas "Taurus" Mais oui belle action sinon, j'ai vu ça en direct c'était excellent
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    Es liegt immer noch an der selben Stelle bei der Palette, es ist aber fast nicht möglich es zu bekommen. Legt euch auf den Boden und dann ganz langsam in die nähe des Eimers kriechen dann klappt es.
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    THE OC SERVERS ARE TRASH DESYNC! FIX YOUR BLOODY GAME. BUY MORE SERVERS INSTEAD OF DIVIDING THE ONES YOU ALREADY HAVE. 3 of my mates have decided not to buy the game because of the impression my mate just got from it after buying it yesterday. gj devs
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    Область применения : геймплей Пояснение предложения :Заметил что сократили время рейдов -это плохо. На таможне, побережье и в лесу должно быть 1.30, минимум 1.15, на заводе 45 минут. А то приходится не хабар искать , а бежать к выходу. Недавно ходил с другом на общаги, пока дошли, полутались осталось уже 16 минут. Кроме того когда играешь один часто не торопишься и ораву пропускаешь вперёд, я допустим не хочу идти воевать, хочу бродить иногда постреливая, а вы заставляете бежать быстрее к выходу, как будто конец света сейчас наступит Преимущества: нормальный рейд, нормальная игра для всех, а не только для тех кто умеет убивать все и вся.
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    Das ist es doch gerade. Da machst du eben nicht mehr viel. Tarkov hat "realismusanspruch" - was auch immer das für ein Computerspiel heißen kann. Deine Beine sind Matsch und dein Bauchorgane sind zerschossen. Da stirbst du eben nur noch nen qualvollen Tod. Abgesehen davon finde ich solche (oder nicht ganz so schwere Situationen) in denen ich es gerade noch evtl. zum Exit schaffen kann sehr reizvoll. Da gehts eben nicht mehr ums ballern sondern ums schnell sein. Hat auch was.
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    Podés unirte al discord de la comunidad hispana de EFT https://discordapp.com/invite/mNHqFmN
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    To AlGreeen who killed me while I still had the spawn location in the lower left, as a scav, I hope you have daughters who think Kim Kardashian is a good role model.
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    ...players are just allowed to team-kill you for literally no reason as you're spawning in? The lack of a punishment for team-killing is quite ridiculous as a scavenger or PMC. A severe deduction to experience and money would be better than nothing. There's pretty much nothing that's more annoying than being killed as a scav by your own team after waiting an hour to use your scav. I hope this is fixed, and some form of punishment is put in place to keep the trolling to a minimum. At least add VOIP to the game so that we can actually communicate, or text that appears above character heads as an anonymous speech bubble... just something...