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    Morgen kommen die Patchnotes
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    @DARK3063 You´re just an Gamma/MagCase-Exploiter and this is nothing else than abusing normal player... That is nothing else than legaly cheating. There is no need for this exploit. This ist Escape from Tarkov, a hardcore shooter. Let me remind you something.... only 30% content is in EFT right now and it will become harder, more hardcore... And all SC mechanics will be changed. That is planed, so no one can stop this. Nikita has some thoughts about to remove the MagCase out of the SC. That means, no Gamma/MagCase-Exploits in the future. But also the Gamma/PistolCase-Exploit will be removed. But you think, this is just a cheap Call of Duty-Clone, there you jumping like a rabbit and have some magical Mags, there is no need to reload the mags. Some arcade shooter with no progress, no hardcore.... just a cheap BF, CoD or CS:GO like-arcadeshooter That is not the Tarkov, what Nikita and BSG want.
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    Discord --> https://discord.gg/VeZMNkj Primer is new. It's all about playing good games with good people. It wasn’t established 20 years ago like many other clans or communities. That’s good and bad. But, we think it’s mostly good. We’re not bound by outdated and trivial hierarchies. Actually, we don’t really believe in that sh*t at all. You must be 18+ You must have a microphone You must speak English (You're English need not be perfect) We do not tolerate toxicity You must respect everyone in PRIMER. No questions asked. 0 tolerance on cheating or scripting or anything like that. Z E R O. Dedicated support for streamers Streamers matter to us. We work with streamers on an individual basis so that we can accommodate their streams within the community. We promote streams, and guess what? People actually click through to watch. It's cool. You don't need to be a member to play with us. You can jump in and play alongside us, today. Like, right now. Become a member when you're ready. Non-toxic players to play alongside you. A complete lack of whiny children. See you out there, -Spin
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    Die Folgen wären noch verheerender: Meine Freundin hat am Samstag Geburtstag. Da würde ich am Freitag bis in die Puppen zocken, am Samstag wäre ich den ganzen Tag platt, die Freundin sauer und am Sonntag sind meine Buddies schon ein Dutzend Level voraus. Ein Horrorszenario... das können die nicht machen!
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    idk, i would just like some consistency to phase durations. 2 days of phase 1, then the weekend of econ+ raiders, then phase 3 monday, tuesday traders came back, but would have figured the 16th would start phase 4. i dont mind the SC remaining as it is for the remainder and or thru .12. some kind of timeline would have been appreciated, as many people still arent playing until phase 4 starts im sure. soon isnt a timeline. only getting fights in factory or woods gets stale, and even then sometimes you are sitting in matching for an age.
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    Hello all! I'm Blutdamon and I am the Field Specialist for TAW's North American battalion EFT Division. I am responsible for overseeing pretty much anything field related such as communication, strategies, events etc... We try and to mix things up every once in a while and do special events like "Protect the VIP" or run into labs with noting but a TT. I have witnessed that it is events like these that really bring the community together for a laugh and a good time. During raids, I typically stick to the back to the group and follow the squad leader. I record down everything that we do and go back and reflect what we did well and what we could improve on. The field leaders are the most crucial part in any raid. The decisions they make means life or death in most cases. I have been with TAW's NA EFT division for a little over a year and there is no other gaming community like it available. Everyone is encouraged to join whether you are a skilled player or a brand new player. The community is extremely helpful to any needs or questions you may have. There is typically always someone on playing no matter the time of day. If the community sounds like a good fit for you, please visit www.taw.net and apply!
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    Sooner than you think! (holds it another 4 months) 😎
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    At this point most games are unplayable. There is no reason why someone should be able to take more than 7 shots to torso from an AK and still be left standing. Mean while a grenade that is 20 feet away from you will end you at full stats. A mosin should not take 4 body shots to kill someone. A Grach should not be able to put 13 shots into someones chest for them to still be left alive. I don't know what happened since I originally purchased this game but something isn't right. It is no longer realistic. Or even the 12 gauge shotguns. Why is it possible to withstand 3 shells at less than a 3 meter distance and still be alive.
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    This is getting ridiculous. Like they need time to prepare for the release of patchnotes so they announce it a day earlier. Seriously how much time does it take to write few lines of text, i could do it in 10 minutes and i don't type too fast. But ofcourse that gives them another day to delay the patch. Good job devs ;] This starts to look like "dayz syndrome", it's more and more delay between patches, players getting bored, the playerbase drops, game basically dies. Please don't go this path BSG, PLEASE.
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    @TheHappyMile je nachdem wie Lang so eine Patch-Session ist, stimme ich dir zu. 4 Wochen sollte man das testen oder verschiedene Sachen testen. So würden die Spieler mehr und mehr an dem heran getastet werden, was BSG und Nikita wirklich wollen: ein hardcore Shooter mit RPG-Elementen. Selbst wenn es bedeutet, dass es nur eine kleine Zahl an Spielern gibt, die es wirklich so spielen wollen, wie sie es sollen. Es geht nicht darum, Casual-Player zu verschrecken (bei mir schafft man es nicht, außer es entwickelt sich in ein CoD-Klon), sondern um ein einzigartiges Game zu schaffen.
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    Tomorroooooow is the patchnoooootes 😱
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    schon aber wir bekommen morgen die Patch notes also dauert es nicht mehr lang , die zeit bekommt man auch noch rum
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    Ich spiele glaub seit es Tarkov gibt fast nur Hatchling runs ich find das ziemlich Lustig ansonsten mal scav aber mehr nicht. Habe aber noch nie disconnected wenn ich mal ne karte gefunden habe oder Keys. Wenn mann im Container keine Keys oder Karten mehr sichern könnte würde ich glaub nich mehr viel Tarkov spieln Ab und zu mal Scav Runden aber mehr nicht Deshalb Battelstate Save the Secure Container Dann könnten auch keine anderen spieler mehr meine schlüssel und Karten kaufen aufm Markt die ich Reinstelle
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    Hi there. What do you think about: "light traps" - SCAVS and PMC can place light Bobby traps to reveal opponent's location while passing through it. Ultra long range flashlight - some have more than 5000 lumens and their range is up to 600m (Fenix tk75). Could be used by SCAVS, especially sentries on high places ; and PMC to set ambushes. Thanks for the read.
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    I hear you. Again, I do not look at EFT in its current state as an accurate representation of the final product. I am pretty sure everything we think we know about progression, loot, the economy, traders, etc, will be completely turned on its head at one point, and we will all have to rethink how we play the game. I am hoping and guessing BSG is looking to create an open or semi-open world in which surviving / escaping is the main goal, and where pretty much any weapon you initially spawn in with will be reasonably effective in achieving that goal, as long as tactics are applied accordingly. (I will rely on the content of this thread to more thoroughly explain this passage) If we assume that no one is "safe", regardless of gear, and that quests are not approached as tedious musts to achieve "better" gear in a death match type game, but are completed more dynamically and spontaneously as you are focusing on achieving the main goal of surviving / escaping, I believe it will provide much needed longevity rather than frustration. If players must turn to a magic container to overcome challenges within the game, the game is fundamentally flawed to begin with. I wouldn't mind, or be particularly surprised, if at one point the secure container were to be removed all together. IMO, what the developers need to get absolutely right is not some vague balance regarding in-game economy, gear, and quest completion. That's secondary. It's not "progression" that has players with 3000 hours in Arma 3 KOTH still playing that very simplistic game mode. It's the (bad performance, outdated graphics and effects aside) almost perfect gun- and gameplay for that particular mod. That is what BSG need to focus on. To get that part right. To get EFT to the point where just playing the foundation of the game, the first person shooter part, is what matters the most because it's FUN. The fact that the players abandon EFT as soon as they have acquired end-game gear is a pretty obvious tell. It's more about gear, progression, and "economy" than actually playing the first person shooter. It's supposed to be the other way around.
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    Patch notes coming tomorrow guys, getting closer to picking some winners! 😁
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    Escapers! Tomorrow, on the October 15th, we celebrate our 5 years anniversary! We are passionately and confidently moving forward, growing and improving. We are full of ideas and plans, and mostly thanks to you. Thanks to everyone who supports us, your patience and faith in the project perfectly motivate and give us energy. Without any exaggeration - the Escape from Tarkov community is the best, with you we create the game of our dreams! https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page In honor of our fifth anniversary, we announce a 25% discount on all types of pre-orders Escape from Tarkov. Start of discounts: October 14th at 21: 01 GMT End of discounts: October 16 at 20: 59 GMT And the best present for all of us would be the 0.12 update, which is on final stages of preparations for release. TRANSLATIONS: Italian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Italian Emissary and Moderator @dinosamir Turkish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Turkish Emissary and Moderator @Dimitri468 Portuguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Portuguese Emissary @Alexandre_5 CZ/SK translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our CZ/SK Emissary @Snork_Svk Spanish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Spanish Emissary and Moderator @NoisyCosmos Dutch translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Dutch Emissary and Moderator @Vaeriah Polish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Polish Tech Support Specialist @Damiano
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    na ja... der pre-patch-event läuft ja im moment auch nicht so wie angekündigt! Oder wieso haben die Trader jetzt auf einmal wieder normale Preise und normale Verfügbarkeit nach dem die server down waren? So Final war dieses Statusupdate dann eben doch nicht oder hat jetzt, nachdem ja die 2 wochen +/- ein klein wenig um sind an Bedeutung verloren. Und da ja keinerlei neuen news kommen seitens BSG Official, zeigt einfach wie unproffesionell sie dieses Thema handeln! Diese ganze 0.12 geschichte zieht sich ja jetzt eigentlich schon seit 11.5 hinaus. 11.7 war ja nur ein "kurzer" zwischenptach mit wipe um Zeit zu schinden weil ja alle nach wipe geschrien haben!
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    Campers are cancer of this game.
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    Область применения : Геймплей Пояснение предложения : Необходимо установить быстрый бросок свето-шумовой гранаты и дымовой шашки по примеру осколочной, на кнопки H и J, соответсвтенно. Преимущества : Увеличит вариативность ведения боя, что улучшит динамику геймплeя.
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    Hallo zusammen und super Thread zu dem ich auch menen Senf dazugeben möchte. Es geht, finde ich, gar nicht allein um die Sprints und um die Ausdauer. Es sollte ein Realismus-Shooter sein. Wer einen Zementsack auf dem Rücken und eine Waffe vor der Brust trägt, kann nicht wie ein Eichhörnchen über Autos hüpfen, völlig unmöglich. M.E. sollten hier noch mehr Unterschiede gemacht werden, vielleicht tut sich ja irgendwann etwas in der Richtung.
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    Пацаны ваще ребята, че тут сказать - ну могут!!! а если серьезно, то я в клане с конце мая 2019 и еще ни разу не думал куда-то валить. Очень приятная атмосфера, много розыгрышей лута и бабла))) как-только пришел, мне через 3 недели подарил один из старичков свой ГАММА-контейнер!!! Но состав не прям юношеский, а это и к лучшему, залетайте!!!
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    da hast Dur recht, in echt kann man ebenfalls mit Marschgepäck kaum sprinten und muss pausen einlegen. Ich bin allerdings davon überzeugt, dass auch später die wenigstens Spieler mit so einer Ausrüstung rumlaufen und die Skills im Dauerzustand hochhalten können. Diese sollen ja abnehmen wenn man länger nicht spielt. Wie gesagt, persönlich finde ich die Nachteile bereits jetzt sehr gut. Aber es geht sicher immer noch besser
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    Getting hyped for that .12 update, come hop in with us while we get out gear straight! ❤️
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    @Audi-A-Yeet you need to accept the rules and post again when done. https://discordapp.com/channels/146573551246245888/531506332902227987/531564557672644608
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    Дружеский коллектив примет в свои ряды адекватных, коммунмкабельных играков.
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    Hi guys and gals! I'm Benedikt and I am the Staff Officer for the European battalion in the TAW EFT division. I joined TAW exactly 1 year, 8 months and 21 days ago (yes I may have slight OCD) and was serving in their Oceanic battalion during my long-term studies in China from which I have just returned last year. As a Staff Officer (SO) my duties mainly include: member and staff management, finding the right people to fill leadership positions within the battalion, being the tipping vote if my Commanding Officer and Executive Officer disagree on an important decision and handing out promotions(my favorite!). I am always lending an open ear to any issues members may be facing, or if they just wanna have a chat for old times sake. I have played many different games in the past starting on windows 95, but have never felt soo much fun (and despair) in a video game as with EFT before. In the beginning it was hard to say the least, but since I joined up to TAW I have found many friends to play with (and rage against!). They provided me with the tactical training I needed to become my best in EFT and also the occasional accidental friendly nade in my direction (talking to you here Nikiran) During squad-play I am usually the guy up front and consider myself the spotter/scout. This might have lowered my survival rate as I am also the first guy getting shot, but i never rage-quit because if my death leads to my friends knowing where the enemy is then that a win in my book. (my gear gets secured after they inevitably kill the guy anyways) A funny little example i like to bring up: got one/tapped in the head in one raid, told the guys I was with "this wont happen to me next raid", took out a Killa helmet for the next one and got one tapped again...lol (but both times we won the fight because of my "spotting") I am really looking forward to the upcoming patch and if you are also looking for a dedicated clan to get your A-game up in EFT then TAW (www.taw.net) is definitely the right place for you! See you soon on the battlefield! (hopefully in my squad and not on the loot screen) Benedikt
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    Ein paar Peoplez hier sollten sich selbstständig machen. Es beruhigt ungemein wenn man von morgens bis mittags Lehrlinge ankeifen kann! Ich bin immer grundrelaxt wenn ich heim komm! @t0mmy1735 Meine selbstgebauten Patchnotes sind noch nicht fertig aber soon!! 🤓 ✒️ 👌
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    Greetings! Im Kazen, Executive Officer in the european batallion in Escape from Tarkov Division in TAW. 27 year ''old'' norwegian fps enthusiast. I have playing fps games since i was a kid, and played competitive/pro in games before joining TAW 1 year and 8 months ago. Like Nikiran, i was also part of the training staff a year back, helping train new players in the game. As the Executive Officer, i am Nikiran's right hand man. I basicly do anything im asked by my CO, and bring ideas up for debate to change for the better of our community. I have recently picked up streaming and recording to try create footage primarily targeted for TAW members for educational purposes on things that can make a big difference in game. Work in progress. In raids, i am quite flexible in my playstyle, where i can adapt to most players. But if im leading the raid, then its usally agressive-tactical raids. If you are looking for a community to join, try us out by applying at www.taw.net Be seeing you around soon, friend! Kazen
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    "The only question and you know it - when? Let's say that we need 2 weeks approx from now. It could be more or it could be less but slightly. There will be pre-wipe events before it for sure." Coming up on three weeks now. I really hope it will be released within the weekend! Really looking forward to this. I would also like to se another update from the team aswell.
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    Hello there! My name is Nikiran and i am the Commanding Officer in the European Battalion in Escape From Tarkov Division in TAW. I Oversee all the operations and daily work that involves all our members and staff. I am the all around guy that helps every level in our division achieve their objectives. I have a great bunch of guys who are working very hard on creating the best and most friendly environment for our members. One of my many task is to follow through with ideas and the training of members on all levels. In TAW its very important that everybody is taken seriously and welcomed. I have been in a lot of training positions in TAW and have held may trainings teaching old and new members about Squad Leading. I have trained people in Mil-Sim, planning, communications and in game knowledge for multiple years. I am also always seeking new ways to improve myself as well. We have a great community and take activity very serious. The mandatory trainings is a great time every week where we meet up and have a chat about the week that has gone. After that we have a great training and debrief on what we can do better for the forthcoming week. ACTIVE is the key word in TAW. Everybody is welcome in TAW. If you feel like this could be a place for you then apply on taw.net. Have a great one Niki
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    Hope the update start SOON™℠®© This events are worthless.
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    P H E W. Now that that "awesome" pre-wipe event is over. We're back at it again! https://discord.gg/VeZMNkj
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    The traders are back.
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    Go to the rare loot spawns! its not hard. Hatchlings don't automatically spawn closer and give you no chance. Yea they move a little faster but guess what? Your bullet will catch them.
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    As the victor of the raid, no doubt you killed everyone you came across and ransacked their corpses of all valuables, thereby walking out with far more money than any 3x3 grid could ever provide you :^)
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    Merhaba sevgili oyuncular, Yarın, 15 Ekim, BattleState Games'in 5. yılını kutluyoruz. Tutkuyla ve güvenle ilerliyor ve büyümeye devam ediyoruz. Fikir ve planlarla dolu bir ekibiz. Tabi ki bu konuda sizlere teşekkür ediyoruz. Bizi destekleyen herkes teşekkürler. Projeye olan sabrınız ve inancınız bizi motive ediyor ve aynı zamanda enerji veriyor. Abartı olmadan Escape From Tarkov topluluğu en iyi topluluk. Sizler sayesinde hayallerimizde yatan oyunu yaratma imkanı bulduk. https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page Beşinci yılımızın şerefine, Escape From Tarkov tüm ön siparişlerinde %25 indirim sunacağız. İndirimin başlangıç tarihi : 15 Ekim, 00:01 MSK, İndirimin bitiş tarihi : 16 Ekim 23:59 MSK, Ve hepimiz için en iyi hediye, 0.12 yamasının yayınlanmasının son aşamasındayız!
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    Prepping for ol' .12 tonight. Join us: https://discord.gg/VeZMNkj
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    You've never wiped before? That's disgusting...
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    Promocja zakończyła się. #Locked
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    This feature is going to make players ignore quests, and prioritize hunting each other. Camping will increase by 200%. The mag box is now 100% useless. Hatchling runs will increase by 200% because any area worth something is now going to be camped 24/7. Absolutely no one is going to go after the keys anymore with a single piece of loot on them. The player population will drop by 36% within the first month, because the players that can't "get good" are just going to rage quit because it's going to feel like their getting bullied by the players that already completed the quests. I predict the companies total revenue will drop by about 56% after this bad image will stain the game forever just like how in rust people don't like playing it anymore, because they know they're going to get gang-raped by a clan of 30. This change is going to be very ducking bad for the longevity of the game. And when I mean camping I don't mean fully gear buff dudes camping the zone. I mean a bunch of ducking assholes that might as well be considered lesser beings than bunch of scavs, laying in bushes with scoped mosins, and sks's. I predict post-apocalyptic levels of game ruining camping, that will turn your streaming tarkov experience into a Mosin run hell hole. I suggest this change to secure containers be held back until a solution that doesn't involve crippling the game is found. Welcome to Space Mexico.
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    Завтра, 15 октября нам исполняется 5 лет! Мы увлеченно и уверенно идем вперед, растем и совершенствуемся. Мы полны идей и планов, во многом благодаря вам. Спасибо всем, кто поддерживает нас, ваши терпение и вера в проект отлично мотивируют и придают сил. Без преувеличений - комьюнити Escape from Tarkov самое лучшее, вместе с вами мы делаем игру мечты! https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page В честь нашего первого юбилея мы объявляем 25% скидку на все виды предзаказов Escape from Tarkov. Начало скидок: 15 октября в 00:01 МСК Окончание скидок: 16 октября в 23:59 МСК А самым лучшим подарком для всех нас станет 0.12 патч, подготовка к выпуску которого находится на финальном этапе.
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    Ув. разработчики, добавить слот на персонажа под компа, что бы после одевание его, на экране сверху появлялась шкала компаса с градусами, это бы облегчило ориентирование в командной игре, и так сказать добавило бы реальности ps/ ---> вон видишь там, у куста на 275° тело шевелится
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    Mamy przyjemność ogłosić premierę drugiego odcinka serii filmów „RAID” opartej na grze wieloosobowej, online, FPS zatytułowanej Escape from Tarkov. W filmie reżyserii Anton Rosenberg publiczność poznaje świat gry i konflikt zbrojny, który miał miejsce w regionie Norvinsk, specjalnej strefie ekonomicznej na granicy Rosji i Europy. Głównymi stronami konfliktu są dwie prywatne firmy wojskowe ( USEC i BEAR ) rozpoczynające zacięte walki, w tym również walki z lokalnymi gangami o nazwie „Scavs”. Bohater znajduje się w okupowanym mieście Tarkov, z którego wyjścia blokowane są przez siły pokojowe ONZ i rosyjskie oddziały wojskowe. Uwaga: Film przeznaczony jest tylko i wyłącznie dla osób powyżej 18 roku życia!
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