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    Okay ? You finished whining ? Feeling better maybe ? you know, no one is forcing you to dress heavy but that's at your own risk. Use the right ammo, aim for the legs and face will most likely win over any kind of armour, or simply just don't engage someone who is way more geared than you. Once again, no one is forcing your hand or your choices, you are the only one calling the shots and that's the beauty of Tarkov: being able to do what you want, the way way you want, but like everything in life, your choices have consequences. Ps: before talking big about how being heavy geared doesn't fit the lore, go read it first. It will avoid the awkward moment where you make a fool of yourself by showing you know jacks**t.
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    Отличная команда и парни веселые. В бою встречал
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    Всех Приветствую! Я Очень рад, что нахожусь с самыми адекватными и отзывчивыми ребятами. В великолепном сообществе GOODWIIL. Всегда поддержат и помогут в трудную минуту! Обучат и подкинут лутетский ) И самое важное комфортно катать в группах и всегда есть с кем побегать в рейды ))
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    Offtopic: Killcam, bei dem Spiel, in diesem Zustand? Damit eine Killcam wirklich sinnvoll funktioniert und brauchbare Information geben kann, muss alles andere funktionieren und das wird, wenn überhaupt, erst in JAHREN der Fall sein. Man schafft es noch nicht einmal, nach dem Raid, die bereits implementierten Informationen richtig wiederzugeben. Hört endlich mit dieser schwachsinnigen Forderung nach einer Killcam auf, das überfordert im Moment sowohl das Spiel, als auch die Crew bei weitem.
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    Ну что могу сказать, вы любите играть в Тарков? - Вам сюда! Ищите адекватных компаньонов? - Вам сюда! Нужна помощь с квестами? - Вам сюда! Хотите смотреть приятные стримы по Таркову? - И снова вам сюда. Нахожусь в сообществе с момента образования и ни разу не возникло желания куда-либо перейти. Так что ждем Вас в Дискорде сообщества!))))
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    Fascism will become when inequality of the right of one group is enshrined de jure.
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    That the euro-nazis were homophods does not follow that every homophobic is a euro-nazi. Homophobia is a natural, unconditional reaction of the body to ugliness, deviation. Same as the reaction of crows to crows-albino. After all, it should not be forgotten that the persecution of homosexuals for their beliefs is no different from the persecution of homophobic men. Both have the right to voice their opinion EQUALLY. If one is allowed a little more than the other, it 's racism.
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    almost all of the quests need reworking, most of them are dumb
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    Doch den Text hat @Leitbild ganz bestimmt verstanden, sowie ich auch, nur hat er recht, es braucht keinen Zusatz Thread für dein Feedback wenn es schon welche gibt wo es genau darum geht.... Ich bin auch deiner Meinung das die Kommunikation besser sein könnte, aber genau so kann man erwarten vorhandene Threads zu benutzen.
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    Camping is a tactic and part of the game. This isn’t cod, if you get killed by a guy waiting in a bush for 30 minutes that means you got ambushed and that you should have paid more attention to your surroundings.At the moment bushes are the only way to conceal in this game as grass rendering isn’t working on long distances yet. I agree isn’t easy to pass trough a bush irl and that they should wiggle but the game already balance this issue providing an already too high level of noise in return. I think they are a perfect feature as they are at this moment of the development, things can always be improved tho.
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    Hello, I want to report a guy for his unacceptable nickname please force him to rename or ban him. Thanks
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    The beta testing has turned into a Christmas Tree equipment fest, ppl just run with their stupid bullet proof visors, level 10000 vest and move agile like rambo, receive like a full magazine and don't even have a constant stun if they are hit. Reminds me of an arcade game like PUBG. I really hope this NO TRADE OFF feeling will not be pursued further in release phase: the game cannot put no handicaps on people that have for (in game) 3 + hours Or even minutes that kind of setup like RIOT POLICE\ Explosive Ordenance Disposal. Which is just ridicoulus bad designed, badly thought of ANTI COMPETITION. The game must put thirst and sweat and hunger on these users that just flee the challenge of firefight by making themselves bullet sponges. This is cheating the game and also the lore. You don't go inside a SCAVENGER AREA DRESSED like a Riot Police man, PMC do not set up themselves like Chirstmas trees... this is just a noob fest, arcade that is unplayable. No I don't need to change how I play, it's just that all players run these super heavy setups and it's just TRASH. Why even the developers do allow this? It's so unbalancing, it's just "ok let's avoid the skill based game" and base all on in game currency.,.. ok so let's fk the system by doing trading trash deals repeat and risne and repeat and rinse again and you have lot of money,,, now buy the Bullet sponge setup christmas tree ... and strangely be able to run like rambo, then just steam roll anybody that is decent and wants to play a beautiful game as it is supposed to be played. Remove that HEAVY setups from the game. You have destroyed the beta testing experience for me. This is trash. People will always TRY TO GO AROUND The rules: we are in the age of ULTRA INDIVIDUALISM. If you are not trustable here, why even supporting you ahead with more beta testing? It's my time after all. You already got my money, now please remove this bullet spong etrash.. lore breaking, skill based game breaking, all "(IN GAME) pay to win"... (currency in any game desotoys any game that is developed by devs that do not want to actually balance everything properly). You need to make ULTRA PUNISHING for someone to run with such a Christmas tree setup.
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    After the guy killed my mate the aimbot instantly flicked on me first bullet in the head. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCsOFnm33Fg&feature=youtu.be
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    it was bearable when it was a 1-way thing. people had to go through several bottlenecks. Other side of customs, do not have this problem. without making it too complicated. the people that will use it will be barely exposed to any fight. when you spawn as a 5 man team and use the exit. you rob other 11 people from the opputunity to challenge them. its like a handicap for people to do some some loot grinding. check this video out and imagine it being continuously used.
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    unacceptable whom? The gays won World War III and set up a trial in Nyrenberg with a charge against heterosexuals? As usual, in the barracks at the cock riot and I missed all the fun...
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    I disagree. I like the idea of getting more keys with max. amount of uses.
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