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  1. Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

    These are all speculations. Basically it means nothing. What we know is that 1 map is coming for sure and open beta is some where planned. Hideout supposed to come end of 2017, but never came. Looking at back to updates since august 2017, we prolly get nothing. My speculations are we get first either new map or texture streaming, then we get more AK versions, SCAVs get more hats, PMC get modular rigs. The we get patches filled with "server optimizations", with server still being broken. Then in mid or late summer comes OB and maybe with it a hideout.
  2. I am still getting stuck in this loop, but after hotfix it atleast kicks you back to main menu.
  3. Hello, Looking players from EU to play with. Don't need be clan or team, just peoples who time to time wanna team up and have co-op fun. Nothing serious. You can add me to your discord friendlist- Desmes#8040 or PM better way to contact you. No idea how you can add me ingame friend list or what I have to share to be added to friend list in game. I don't play always EFT and neither don't have to you. Just looking players to have in contact list, so that when both of us are in EFT, I or you could message and ask:"Hey, wanna team up?" .
  4. playing as Scav is pointless.

    Ordering scav sounds really cool, but it prolly is "Sounds good, doesn't work" As scav I have prolly died more from bullet of player scav than from PMC. As a PMC you know everyone is your enemy, as SCAV you have only partial idea who is shooting you and who is not and many abuse scav state to get close enough to you just to get simple kill. Just yesterday SCAV wiggled at me, I wiggeled back, turned my back to him and he shot me. Moral of the story is to shoot every lone scav you see, rather think he is scav who wont shoot you.
  5. How long into the match can PMCs and SCAVs spawn in?

    Playing offline mode, there are 20+ scavs in customs. Mostly I see around 23-25 scavs before I reset or get killed. I have heard that scavs spawn in waves- first wave is at the beginning of the round (obviously), 2nd is around 30 mins into raid (some have told). 2nd wave is supposed to come better gear and thats the key finding fort armor for quest. Again all this is told by player, that they stay longer in raid for 2nd wave of scavs with better gear. Never seen 2nd wave in offline mode and never been that long in one. There is 0 confirmations that they spawn this way, only rumors coming from player. 2nd wave scav could just be 1st wave scav, that patrolled into place you already cleared.
  6. Next Wipe

    Don't think so. It only 3rd week after wipe and previous wipe took like 2 months? I would put my money on wipe being at the end of December. I heard they wanted to release hideout at late 2017. December would be last chance for them to stay true to their words.
  7. EFT vs PUBG

    Well yeah, if you scope it to smaller level then you cant really compare EFT and PUBG. One is last man standing while other is open world survival game. One is more simulator while PUBG more arcade (Never played PUBG, so this might be not valid point). Making scope wider to level where you ask:"What is more polished", "What is more fun to play?","Which justifies buying it?", then you might find some cons and pros for each game.
  8. Game needs ballistic adjustment for realism.

    Interesting to read about bullets, but don't forget that this is game. Going for crazy realism....I mean "health bar etc is from MW, COD and Battlefield - I got into EFT for realism"...well if it was realism, you would have only 1 life. once dead you are not able to play EFT no more, you cant log out, your char is always online and so on. Health bars are ment to compensate lack of information. Like irl we feel when we are hungry, but for game we can't feel that our character is hungry. I have played game without bars, instead they show it via text or in some other way. Doesn't really matter if with bars or without bars, out come is same. Developing alternative solution to bars, like emotions of feeling hungry, bleeding or anything else, would be useless waste of time. I also have shot guy multiple times and be not able to kill him. Case 1: aimed guy into head and to body with AKS as he ran away. Guy ran into hangar, batched up, killed me. Stats showed 7 hits landed 40k damage. Head shot I prolly missed and other shots were into arms and body and he prolly had body armor. Case 2: Shot guy running with AK. He was able to kill me with axe. Post death stats showed 10 hits landed and 47k damage.
  9. This game is too hard.

    This game is much easier and more action packed than some other survival games. In some games you walk hours just to get shot dead from who knows where. Here you either get killed in spawn and waste no time on walking or get out of spawn and get some action before dying. Not a mention, you can keep some items and guns are not so sacred.
  10. 35s into game and dead...

    Today I had unpleasant experience. Usually when I spawn into game, I have this "stuttering" time like 20-30s where I am basically disabled, because game is still loading something. After that everything is smooth and running fine. Today I got killed while I was in that "stuttering" time, aint it stupid? You don't get even fighting chance, you just die. Is the spawn killing like some trend that starts after you have achieved certain level, if so that something that should dealt with, as I understand we are going to have this kind of map system for a while and if you keep getting killed without not being even able to move, then whats the point. If spawn killing is so popular, they could easily implement 30-50s safe time after spawn, where people cant shoot at you. With that time you could easily find cover and have at least fight back. Otherwise there is no point me to join into game with gear and then there is no point me to even look for gear if I am going to lose it while loading a game.
  11. Server / Map Functionality

    Under map description there are 3 thing - time, breeze/hard/insane and player count. On images on 2nd and 3rd reply there are breeze, right now I think there maps have hard and insane. What does those mean? AI difficulty?