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  1. dapps

    Remove Flea market

    flea market is great in theory but it breaks some of the core mechanics of the game. instead of spending time in raid trying to find things many of us are just trawling the market to hand in the gather quests. i swear they've also reduced the loot in game making it even less relevant to go in game to gather your wares.
  2. dapps

    Silent crouch running needs to stop

    they should punish streamers who exploit. ducking hate the streamer paradigm, BSG give in to their every command.
  3. dapps

    hatchet buff

    played scum when it first dropped, was exciting for 2 minutes. not interested in the BF series, thats just run n gun bs. for me tarkov has just lost its shine. was great before it started gaining in popularity and they jumped at every word a streamer has. duck streamers. tarkov is not meant to be good for viewers, its meant to be good for the players.
  4. dapps

    hatchet buff

    yeh i think im over tarkov now anyway last patch really wasn't fun for me but i persevered. now i'm struggling to get into this patch it all
  5. dapps

    hatchet buff

    for the love of god fix the hatchet damage and add aim punch back in for melee hits hit a scav 4 times in the back of the head with hatchet and he still shot me... never mind the fact that he was happily reloading whilst i was hatcheting him in the face because thats not unrealistic at all this does my head in - so absurd
  6. dapps

    Current state of the Game?

    its broken as duck gone massively backwards last two patches try again in another patch or two
  7. dapps

    Grass rendering at more than 50m

    will never happen
  8. dapps

    Ban Wave

    lolz... this is pure hype. delayed ban waves means the likelihood of those scum buying EFT again are higher hence why it's not an ongoing thing.
  9. Surely in 2018 we can have a game that renders grass at a distance. Maps like woods and shoreline are useless as cover is not rendered after 50 meters. Even Arma had a way of sorta dealing with that in 2009.
  10. dapps

    Scavs now have laser beam aim?

    yeh scavs also have leg meta. so many times they one shot your legs. just one of the many reasons I'm rapidly losing interest in EFT
  11. dapps

    Remove Run Through System!

    the run through system definitely needs a revision. i've been in raids for almost the full 50, killed a scav and still gotten run though... like many of the concepts or design choices BSG have implemented they are mostly for the right intent but need more consideration.
  12. dapps

    Armor does too much.....

    armour does not do too much. the hit box of the face is way too big and i regularly get one tapped wearing fort + fast mt
  13. dapps

    speed hacking streamer?

    speed hacks and esp are so common now.. pathetic
  14. dapps

    Anyone play anymore

    press the "start looking for group button"
  15. dapps

    Armor does too much.....

    one/two tapped 3 times tonight. fort + fast MT armour is not such an issue. its the head hitbox the size of a fridge thats a real problem