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  1. dapps

    high end guns mean nothing

    you gotta be kidding. i get one tapped regularly with a top level helmets on. armour means duck all.
  2. as the title says. has there been any comment on the constant screen freezes? there are comment about network improvements or optimizations etc but nothing specific. which typically means its not fixed. its gotten worse and worse since late last year. it was once slightly noticeable when ADS but now its more significant when players are close or scavs are spawning obviously those are the worst times for it and its killed me many times
  3. dapps

    Are players just being salty ?

    ran into the same hacker twice tonight. funny the OP says he's never seen any and he's from sydney. there is a group of streamers (who haven't streamed for while) just play each night using their hacks laughing about it in discord. fracking low life pieces of dirt
  4. dapps

    Can anyone explain this?

    cheats are very prolific at the moment
  5. dapps

    Australian Servers are dead

    well was fun for a day or so but now everyone just rushing spawn points and camping choke points... spawn point pretty much determines your win chance now
  6. dapps

    Australian Servers are dead

    yeh shoreline i am lucky to hear another player shoot at all let alone run into one. but yeh ping lock is there for a reason the REAL issue is two-fold: 1) the 2 minute maxed queue times - i understand the reason but it's too lean and only made worse by the following point: 2) they farked up again by announcing the reset many weeks out. they either don't announce it or they announce it months in advance... it's not hard guys, 1 week notice is perfect timeline for people to go burn their stash! note: 100% boss spawn on customs has made that map loads of fun in the lead-up to reset
  7. dapps

    hatchet damage

    Thats a good idea and would add to the realism but disagree hatchet is way under powered. Had a couple of instances recently where i manage to sneak up on a player (or scav) and get two hatchet hits to the head but they survive. That needs to be fixed. No one should survive a hatchet to the head. Ever.
  8. dapps

    hatchet damage

    heya devs.. love tarkov. infuriating at times, but awesome. it's fairly evident that a lot of attention to detail goes into this game so keep it up now that the gun pointing up in the air thing when a hatchy comes close is fixed, can we get the hatchet damage increased back to something more reasonable. it's way too underpowered now note; im not a regular hatchy runner, i do it very rarely but feel it needs a fix now the gun pointing up to the sky BS is fixed, thanks
  9. dapps

    Linux support?

    If you want to play EFT, get a PC.
  10. dapps


    1st vid yes def speed hacker. 2nd vid doesn't work 3rd is just a legit kill. Even though the streamer cries out 'one tap' he got hit several times.
  11. dapps

    We've got a problem.

    Yeh look, the game is just broken. Ran into two separate speed hackers tonight. BSG are clueless when it comes to hackers.
  12. dapps

    Players that can not be killed

    Had a similar issue last night with a player on shoreline. I emptied 60 rounds of BS (felt like it was BS) and my mate emptied 60 rounds of 995. He one tapped my mate. I eventually killed him but crap like this just ruins the experience. Yes, beta. But come on...
  13. dapps

    Desync, why is it still a thing.....

    I honestly do not think it will ever be much better than it is. Most of the changes seem to be from more corner cutting (i.e. scav number drops, reduced object rendering etc) than actual netcode improvements. If it could be fixed it would have been fixed by now
  14. dapps

    Stand/Prone no damage bug

    so many bugs being exploited making the game a BS fest... all the issues reward CS run n gun style ruining the core experience. this is not improving at all and i honestly doubt it ever will.
  15. Post wipe are some of the best times in EFT