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  1. dapps

    Reduce gun accuracy

    wind or natural variation is not in game. yes ergonomics, stamina and recoil is in but that effects the gun performance. not the player accuracy. i think you may have missed the point at any given time, no matter the stamina/ergonomics/recoil/blah/blah/etc a fired round will land on the exact pixel that the PMC is aiming at. That's just not realistic at all
  2. dapps

    Reduce gun accuracy

    ok yes, don't reduce the actual gun accuracy, reduce the avatars. its BS unrealistic
  3. dapps

    Head, eyes

    this really is the most useless comment ever go read the thread before trolling
  4. cant believe this is still a thing in 2019 fix this already
  5. dapps

    Head, eyes

    just happened top me now. walking along at full pace and get one tapped "head, eyes" from 80m. such bullshit.
  6. dapps

    Head, eyes

    yes face hitbox is ridiculously easy to hit. the player is far too accurate as well. at the moment center mass means nothing and this is completely unrealistic. all military are trained to aim center mass. not headshots like some of the movies would have you believe.
  7. dapps

    Enhanced Movement/Interaction Mechanics

    So much this! We also need a step over action. i.e. in shoreline i ran into a room to evade a nade and my adversaries didn't know i was there (they killed my teammates) but i was stuck behind a bed and the only way to get out was to jump. obviously this made a crap load of noise alerting the others to my presence and thus losing what advantage i had.
  8. this is a desync issue if a hatchy gets within a meter or so of you and able to get a couple of swings off then you should drop. sucks that BSG have nerfed the hatchet to accommodate for the desync & the whinging that goes along with it... (yes, i whinge too)
  9. dapps

    EFT needs a kill cam and a report system

    No killcam. Done
  10. dapps

    Reduce gun accuracy

    additional unpredictability and inconsistency is exactly what is needed. The PMC is too accurate and promotes run n gun play styles. There are no allowances for natural variation and human error.
  11. The render distance in EFT is horrific. I dont bother using grass/trees as cover for anything ranged as you're at a massive disadvantage.
  12. dapps

    Reduce gun accuracy

    Exactly this. Thank you for explaining my point a bit better. Yes, completely agree. Not the guns, but the character is too accurate. Am very familiar with Arma3 and agree. Tarkov is meant to be hardcore realistic, but it is still adhering to the FPS masses and current mechanics encourage run n gun plat styles.
  13. dapps

    Reduce gun accuracy

    Guns are too precision accurate and headshots are too much of a thing. IRL we are taught center mass but in tarkov (and most other shooters) we have the headshot meta making center mass mostly obsolete Guns need some natural inaccuracy to accommodate for human error, wind, natural variance etc.
  14. dapps


    yeh this patch has been rough on lag since it dropped i guess that's what happens when you push a patch out to distract the community
  15. dapps

    What am I doing wrong game???

    shoot them in the legs. no armour. also headshots in tarkov are far too easy/important. if you're spraying someone with armour, they'll casually turn without penalty (due to no aimpunch) and proceed to line your noggin up and tap your face. all whilst happily absorbing your lowly PS rounds love tarkov, but the combat mechanics are way off as 'center mass' means nothing