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  1. ziggie1st

    nades still not fixed...

    no the rude part is the way u chose to word your comments. u talk to people like they are stupid or dont understand ur a poor mod
  2. ziggie1st

    nades still not fixed...

    yeah i understand all of this what u dont seem to uunderstand is this is a frustrating game and people are gunna come and complain no matter what and the bugs juusst make it that much worse but one thing is for sure u dont have to be rude in ur answer/response to them SOMEHOW u cant under stand that
  3. ziggie1st

    nades still not fixed...

    yeah llets focus on content who cares how bad the net code and bugs are.....also no reason to be a smart ass. real nice
  4. ziggie1st

    nades still not fixed...

    so how come u all keep coming out with updates but u cant seem to fix the nades...i throw it 40foot away and i watch it flly there and then it blows up in my face..... bye bye fort, mt helm , kitted m4... was nice kknowing ya