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  1. TarkovCitizen517935

    Phantom damage.

    just desync bro no problem here.
  2. TarkovCitizen517935

    Matching times

    population is very low now because of all the cheaters. Its no surprise.
  3. TarkovCitizen517935

    EXTREMELY dissapointed

    The game really isnt hard once you get used to it. I barely even play and have millions in rubles and tens of thousands in dollars, i dont even gear up with more than an MBSS, scav vest and an AK half the time.
  4. TarkovCitizen517935

    Scavs are too much cheeki ಥ_ಥ

    TLDR - Scavs are too cheeki. aka they either dribble on their shirts and let you stab them in the face or they 360 no scope you from half a mile away with a shotgun.
  5. TarkovCitizen517935

    Scav aimbot making me want to quit until fixed.

    I am genuinely FAR more cautious around scavs than I am other players. The scavs are either garbage or ultra spetznaz 360 noscope shotgun snipers.
  6. TarkovCitizen517935

    Getting killed without hearing shots or swings of a melee weapon

    Its either desync or a hacker, the official verdict is that it is desync since theres definately nooooo wayyyyyy a hacker has ever gotten past their security software.....if you listen to the admins/mods/bsg crew.
  7. TarkovCitizen517935

    New Merchant: The Mechanic

    I hope he sells some new servers to BSG
  8. TarkovCitizen517935

    Insurance is completely absurd

    Agreed, You should not be punished for having a real life, many gamers have jobs, families etc. This is a "hardcore" game, thats about skill as much as levels and money. So why punish people who arent "no lifers" because they have less playtime to sit and wait for insurances. Insurance doesnt even work like this in real life, do you think the insurance company sends to guys to your neighborhood after your house gets robbed to look for your things? You should just be paid back a portion of the goods in cash.
  9. TarkovCitizen517935

    Next big update or wipe

    iv heard 18th jan banded about but no idea if theres any truth to it.
  10. TarkovCitizen517935

    **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    I agree, just to keep them out of the rest of the worlds servers warping around and lagging stuff up. Also 2019 release? Hype will be dead by then after a year of wipes putting people off playing.
  11. TarkovCitizen517935

    spawn camping

    This has happened to me twice, only once recently, on woods.
  12. TarkovCitizen517935

    Red Skill Bar

    Worry about it after closed beta, all this is getting wiped soon(tm)
  13. TarkovCitizen517935

    New player and AI WTF?!

    I need to start videoing then because iv never had a problem in any game like i have with these scavs. far far more difficult than players.
  14. TarkovCitizen517935

    New player and AI WTF?!

    have you been to the northern extraction point? These seem to be the ones that give me trouble specifically.
  15. TarkovCitizen517935

    New player and AI WTF?!

    I'm a pretty new player, level 4, and have been for a while, even escaping on my main only gets a couple hundred exp? Anyway, I have been trying to play Shoreline, going for the AI scavs at the northern extraction point. Are they intended to be able to 360noscope you with one shot? I have literally crept around a corner to see a guy facing the other way, started shooting, watched their mid section contort round and one shot me. Numerous times this has happened in this location, not that im walking up to them, i creep or crawl, but by the time iv shot my second round with the pistol im dead, one shot fired by them, doesnt matter if they have pistols, rifles or shotguns. Am i the only one who finds the AI insanely overpowered?