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    Combining IFAKs

    I just had this thought and was coming to the forums to make the same post. I think this should be a thing as well.

    maybe a fix to leg meta?

    We are in agreement when it comes to gun handling. But I still disagree about armor/ammo. I want it to be more realistic, not the bullet sponge armor currently is or the rubber that regular rounds currently are. Whichever you want to call it. And while your solution might eliminate those kinds of players, if armor stays the way it is and you can no longer kill with shots to the limbs then high level players will become walking tanks that low level players will most of the time stand no chance against. But I can see that we wont change each others minds so I'm going to agree to disagree before we start talking in circles.

    maybe a fix to leg meta?

    I haven't made that argument. What I've been arguing is that your suggestion would make it that way and so there are better ways of going about it. The most realistic thing to stop leg meta would be to fix armor/ammo, whichever. No one in real life aims for the legs because armor isn't as strong as its made out to be in this game and rifle rounds will actually penetrate it faster than is depicted in this game.

    maybe a fix to leg meta?

    I have and I know its not that effective but thats not what I said. I'm also not arguing that it shouldn't be put in the game because its not fair, I'm arguing that it shouldn't be put in the game because there are other, more realistic, ways of fixing the leg meta problem.

    maybe a fix to leg meta?

    "legs black and arms black out the way they have been. but get rid of this magical damage spread to the rest of the body. make it so that after it blacks more shots to it will increase bleed speed to a certain max." Limbs can only take so much damage before there's no more negative effect and with the way meds currently work, practically invincible. That along with the "you should need better equipment to take down better equipment. thats just common sense" is also unrealistic.

    maybe a fix to leg meta?

    Insults aside, I think i've quoted you just fine. I'm in agreement that leg meta should be addressed but your suggestion that limbs be made invincible would only make high geared players too hard to kill for anyone that doesn't have access to AP rounds. And also no, you bought into a game that promised to be the most realistic shooter to date then you make unrealistic suggestions and say that anyone who disagrees should go play a different game.

    maybe a fix to leg meta?

    No I get the need for a leveling system like the one in the game now. It may change with the coming of the flea market or a similar leveling system may be put in place, I dont know. But I also understand that bullets hurt people and any gun in the hands of a naked can be just as deadly as any gun in the hands of a geared player. This isn't The Division, being a high level shouldn't make you immune from all of those that are a lower level than you. It sounds like you may have.

    maybe a fix to leg meta?

    But your suggestion would make a player with a fort or an iotv and a good helmet practically invincible. I'm not saying that's your goal in all this, but that is exactly what would happen should your suggestion be implemented.

    maybe a fix to leg meta?

    Whichever it is, thats what you should be suggesting is fixed. Not making high level players invincible. This is the casual COD experience you accuse others of chasing. If you truly wanted hardcore you'd accept that ANY player could take down ANY other player regardless of gear or level.

    maybe a fix to leg meta?

    No that would be an issue with the higher level armors being much stronger than anything that currently exists today. Bullets still kill an un-armored target reasonably quickly in the game, but take an unreasonable amount of rounds to punch through armor. I would agree that leg meta is unrealistic but making some players basically invincible isn't the solution to that problem.

    maybe a fix to leg meta?

    I could be wrong, but I dont think there is any armor in the world that could stop an entire 30 round magazine of any rifle round. Except .22.

    maybe a fix to leg meta?

    Leg meta exists because armor is stupidly op. Instead of making limbs invincible too, if the armor were made to be more realistic I bet you'd see a decline in leg meta.
  13. One of these real life situations still remains valid. If someone grabs the barrel of their gun an elite PMC isn't going to just let it be thrown to the side. I would expect most people would pull it into themselves more, possibly dropping it under their armpit, all the while being able to get a shot or two off on whoever is trying to grab their gun. But even after all that if another player gets close enough to you, you're gun still goes up in the air. I still see no problem here.

    About the possible upcoming wipe

    Square 1 probably. Unless they keep the trader levels like last time.
  15. What is so wrong with how it is now other than someone wanting to complain about it? Most people would be shot before they could close the distance necessary to grab the barrel of a gun and throw it to the side. If someone did manage to close that distance, the person holding the gun would likely pull it in as close to themselves as possible, dropping it under their armpit if necessary. If someone in the game gets right up in your face, and please correct me if i'm wrong, the gun still gets pushed up in the air. So what's the issue? This well choreographed movie fight scene says it's like this so it must be in game as well?