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  1. -Tarkov Players United- Recruiting (new 100+ members post)

    Exactly!!!!! Great point my dude
  2. -Tarkov Players United- Recruiting (new 100+ members post)

    pm sent Marac and Welcome to TPU
  3. -Tarkov Players United- Recruiting (new 100+ members post)

    With the wipe incoming there is no better time to squad up!!!!!
  4. -Tarkov Players United- Recruiting (new 100+ members post)

    Still actively recruiting!!!! Click the link and learn how to escape!
  5. -Tarkov Players United- Recruiting (new 100+ members post)

    I dont think we have any current members that play from Australian servers but, we have several members from Croatia and all over the EU that dont have any issues. I know that that is very different from Australiam your more than welcome to check out our community and see if it allows us to play with you, if not you are still more than welcome to join and simple share in the community!
  6. -Tarkov Players United- Recruiting (new 100+ members post)

    December is here boys and PMC hunting season is open!!!! Squad up
  7. -Tarkov Players United- Recruiting (new 100+ members post)

    Dont forget that when you click the link to also post in the public section of the discord that you are awaiting recruitment!
  8. -Tarkov Players United- Recruiting (new 100+ members post)

    We are always willing to teach and help members learn, at one point we were all new to this game
  9. ------Tarkov Players United----- Open Recruitment! New post to celebrate that we are over 100 members strong What is TPU? We are a diverse group of escapers that all play with the same goal in mind....... "Load in as a team, wreck as a team, extract as a team, then profit " I was once a solo escaper struggling in the early days of alpha, rarely extracting, never having any loot, playing scared and avoiding pvp. It wasn't until that faithful day when I saw the first TPU recruitment post on this very forum by a member known as Workz that I truly learned what Escape From Tarkov was meant to be. It wasn't just the fact of running with a squad, it was running with the TPU discord squad, a small group of dedicated players focused on the bigger picture. It wasn't the loot......it wasn't the countless raids where we wiped the entire map..... it wasn't the fact that I finally couldn't remember my last death... It was the people, they were fully prepared and willing to help me learn how to be a better player, more importantly how to be a better team mate. We have everything here from beginner players who can't tell the scavs apart from the pmc's , to the ultra tactical alpha veterans that literally move through the raid in swat formation. We have members from all over the globe, USA to Croatia to Canada to Europe. So if your looking to join a team rather then just a discord, follow the link below, enter the awaiting recruitment channel and simple post a message in public and staff members will be with you ASAP, if you have any issues or problems just message me on the discord or here on the forums.... https://discord.gg/a428WWN
  10. im a lil confused

    thats exactly what happened to me, right click the slot in their hands and discard
  11. im a lil confused

    I ran into this last night, here is the fix right click on the weapon in their inventory and discard it, once its off their body then you can pick it up. killed a guy in customs last night with a drum pb and had the same issue, i could drag it into my inventory and it would snap back into thier hands. I believe it is a new form of a glitch
  12. flip items in inventory

    the "r" key or is it "F", one of the two lol
  13. Customs

    What he said!!!! Customs is the easiest map for me, multiple extractions and most times you make it past the gas station by shortcut door all the AI scavs have already been victims of scav on scav violence... Poor little AI scavs
  14. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Maybe I am lucky but I play EFT almost everyday for several hours and I never have issues with hackers, out of maybe 200 raids I have only seen one ....
  15. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Great work !!!!!!!