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  1. Official Trading Thread

    Okay deal comrade I finish at 12 midnight will you be on
  2. Official Trading Thread

    50k? Fair?
  3. Killed by no one ?

    Most likely a flying hacker
  4. Region changes

    It will automatically assigns you to the closest server based on your ip it was stated before
  5. 9x39mm

    Yes thats correct but each serve a different purpose ones an assualt rifle the other is a sniper rifle the Spp is designed to be fired from VSS not AS so i dont think they will work they are compatiable thats it parts wise not performance wise.
  6. 9x39mm

    9x39mm is very rare and expensive its a special cartridge! For special forces use only hence the name SP= (spetsnajili patron) special caliber primary uses are subsonic and penetration they make literally no sound whatsoever made famous by AS Val and VSS Vintorez Also 9A-91, VSK-94, OTs 14 Groza 4.
  7. DVL 10 ammo rarity

    There's no point in sniping in Tarkov as of now never used it or seen anyone with it it's quite rare and very expensive! Try the 3rd trader forgot his name
  8. The Wolves | 21+ | International

    Okay i will message you!
  9. The Wolves | 21+ | International

    If your interested my friend we can team up! I am 35 I am from Turkey
  10. Official Trading Thread

    Got 1 if your interested?
  11. Official Trading Thread

    Need 2 GM counts willing to pay 100k for them?
  12. Виктор привет!

    1. Maciroski


      Виктор каде си

      Где ты

    2. Babimko