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  1. Underbarrel Grenade Launchers, For or Against?

    The issue is the difference between squad and this game. In squad, everyone has the game gear and limitations. In this game, the game does not limit you. it allows you (and your whole squad) to bring ridiculous stuff like 40 grenades to customs and blow up every corner of the map. In this fashion, the game must limit players by limiting availability of items, and economy of items. That's how it works, it's very similar to an MMO, because it basically is one.
  2. Underbarrel Grenade Launchers, For or Against?

    If you make it such extreme pricing, players will only complain it is impossible to buy, and then when they do get killed by one will say it unfair to new players who cannot afford such items. Making them loot only (and making players have to actually search for loot like the game should be designed to do) disregards this problem. No one will ever buy any at 100k except to show off, really. Not for any practical reason.
  3. Underbarrel Grenade Launchers, For or Against?

    Paywall will not work for Tarkov in it's current state. In the future we will see how easy it is to farm money, but at the current moment I am sitting on 2m+ roubles and nothing to spend them on, I buy 50 frag grenades and take them to a customs raid for fun, or give money away to friends.
  4. Underbarrel Grenade Launchers, For or Against?

    Simple answer to the problem: Make the UGBL avaliable at a decent price, not extremely expensive, and have traders offer the less-lethal (smoke, flare, stun, etc.) variants at fair prices. Then make the ammo for the UGBL rare and only lootable from in-game loot spots like ammo boxes and such that you have to hunt for. Even if you find ammo, you will only have 1-3 rounds so you cannot spam it all day, you must choose when to take it. Maybe also make the ammo not stack, similarly to frag grenades, so that it's a space hog too.
  5. health system rework

    I've posted this a couple times on the forums here now, but I'll try to quickly reiterate my suggestion for how the health system should work, a very minor modification of how damage is applied that changes the entire "game" of limb targeting. Now we all know that Fort Armor is the main problem, but it is only part of the problem. How limb damage should be applied is that when you shoot a limb, any damage taken to the limb after it is "blacked out" should not instantly kill you, it should travel to the adjacent body part and transfer damage to the adjacent body part. The example I will use here is simple, you shoot the same leg 7 times in a row on a stationary target. When you shoot the target, say for our example the first two bullets black out the leg. The third bullet hits the leg and all damage is transferred to the stomach. The fourth bullet, still transferring to the stomach, blacks out the stomach. The fifth bullet, still hitting the leg, transfers up to the stomach, then to the chest since the stomach is blacked out. The sixth bullet nearly kills the player, and the seventh finishes them off. For the next example, I spray at their chest with an AK-74U. The first bullet hits their chest doing half of the chest health. The second and third bullet hit their arm, blacking out the arm. The fourth bullet hits their blacked out arm and transfers damage to the chest, finishing the already wounded body part off and killing the player. Very simple mechanic change, very major change on how players target body parts. Now you are rewarded for putting multiple bullets into a target, but not necessarily rewarded for shooting someone's leg out. It also somewhat de-incentivises just shooting people's kneecaps out, because it would take less bullets to spray down through someone's paca armor with AK ammo.
  6. The MP7 SMG- A perfect candidate for the game

    Oh god, some kind of crazy basement-made grease guns... Give me twenty.
  7. shotgun speed loader

    Would also love to see this:
  8. slugs rework

    Most of this is already accurate. The slug does 75 damage which is enough to instantly black out any limb in one hit, kill in one hit to the unarmored chest or head. They're not very fast do to their calibre, so they will be less effective at range... that's just how it's going to work. Due to their slow speed, you also have to lead targets, even at sub 100m ranges.
  9. Whats with the RAM usage?

    Except I wasn't talking about live assets from the render scene, I'm talking about resources which are being generated by scripts, such as object icons. They take up a lot of space in RAM currently. From loading the main menu without opening the stash, to opening my stash, and all traders, can go from less to 1GB and end up as high as 6GB of ram without ever opening any maps. This is a simple problem of these generated assets not being marked as needing to be unloaded from memory and destroyed after they are being generated. A memory leak implies unmanaged resources which are taking up more room in an unintended and uncontrolled fashion. These assets can easily be purged from memory with proper application of marking them as "dirty" for garbage collection whenever the items leave the scene.
  10. Whats with the RAM usage?

    @Jezeppe It's neither a memory leak nor what you describe. It's simply that the application does not yet do proper garbage collection for unused assets, so it does not unload them when no longer necessary. An example is that for every unique item in your stash, each one in the traders, and when you loot people, boxes, etc. in game an icon is generated from a 3D model then loaded into ram. These are not unloaded when the item is no longer available to the player, and stay loaded indefinitely. This is again, not a memory leak but a problem concerning garbage collection of unused real-time generated assets.
  11. Chiappa Rhino

    Once it stops being news it needs to be somewhere where people can find it, no?
  12. Chiappa Rhino

    Well it should have been moved from News to Weapons department, probably.
  13. @Blackb1rd When is the EFT/BSG panel for GDC? I don't see it on their schedule anywhere.
  14. Servers and location

    I believe there might be a server browser with Free Roam, but not for raids. That is a random matchmaking system based on Region.
  15. EFT USEC banner for twitch.

    That makes sense, because they made all their heads really big on purpose. It's some weird style.