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  1. Showcase of your Best AK74n

    i just rock my purple handguard AK
  2. there are definitely more than 15 scavs on customs lol. a lot of guys probs died on spawn side of river, or by dorms
  3. Hacker broke my game?

    Had the same, just killed a guy with NV, Fort, kiver and AS VAL, managed to get to by the gas extract then it just faded to black
  4. Easy Desync checker, drag ammo from 1 slot to another in your inventory, and see how long it takes to move.
  5. Quest Mega Thread

    Pretty sure it goes into a 'Quest' Inventory. If you make it out the raid alive try turning it into Prapor, pretty sure it will be there
  6. Quest Mega Thread

    Ive also heard it can spawn in the big boxes scattered around some maps, For example the big box on the island in the destroyed house on Shoreline.
  7. Skier fortarmor quest??

    Scavs can now spawn with Fort armour, best bet is to get out there and start killing, also be on the lookout for scav spawns later in the raid, as i've heard they have a higher chance of being better equipped. Happy Hunting and watch your six, Moridin
  8. Quest Mega Thread

    Fort armour can now spawn on Scavs, so best bet is to get out there and start slaughtering
  9. Extraction campers

    the red walls at factory exit can be shot through. only iffy one is the first door, second u can clear the entire room by shooting through the walls
  10. Extraction campers

    eg gas station exit on customs, always nade the inside before going in, and either nade or prefire the stairs down. Bullets and grenades are cheap compared to everything you have on you, so it isn't wasted
  11. Scav's timer

    with the scav timer so short it isn't unusual for me to see ~7-10 player scavs on customs at the 10 minute mark. this either leads to impossible PMC runs, or scavs having a deathmatch and camping spawns of other scavs, killing the game entirely
  12. What are your rarest items?

    managed to get 2 Docs case and a purple MOE AK Handguard so far. And a Stock AK Handguard that is all black