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  1. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    I envy you, how you guys are even playng in this patch , because apparently i cant
  2. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Rest In Pepperoni, kids!
  3. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Not sure if i became a vampire and my eyes are burning...or just the reshade you are using
  4. Insurance is completely absurd

    Thats what im tryng to tell the OP, instead he want a even more relaxing experience with the game because he have 6 wifes and kids.(as if insurance itself is not an already easy going mechanic for those type of players) Thats not a problem of the developers, you know what you signed up for when you purchased the game.
  5. Insurance is completely absurd

    Nah, they should make the insurance even more easier to get. :rolleyes: (im kidding ofcourse)
  6. Insurance is completely absurd

    Hmm no, apparently it is you and the other buddy missing the point again, i maybe explain myself in a bad manner because im not english and im kinda bad at it.(and i will probably explain the deal bad again but ill give some tries) The devs had this idea to add (later) the insurance to help the casuals get theyr stuff back, but the devs also had this idea " hey look, alright we are giving you this magic insurance mechanic, but as a pros/cons you have to log in to get your stuff back, we wont give this mechanic away so easy". Now, you see the point? the point is, the yare giving us insurance but at the same time you have to work your ass off to get it back, simpel as that, and as i said before, be grateful enough that there is a n insurance system already, if you dont log in in time, thats it, you died afterall and you should have lost all your stuff.
  7. Why do single players start at 40m or 35m?

    Thats because the minimun requirement to start a server is 6, and then ppl join later until 12-14 (full). This need to be fixed and servers should only start when the server is full, i am against this policy to start later, if you start later in the raid you are most of the time toasted because people rush the spawn points/ choke points and you gonna have it the hard and unfair way. In short words, ppl should start at the same time fair and square, same opportunity to rush choke points and set up your tactical positions.
  8. Insurance is completely absurd

    Full loot mean when you die you lose everything, your pants, your shoes and now your dogtag too yeah, people loot everythign from you, but then again, there you go you have the BS magical container where you stuff all your crappy dogtags inside, thats what "full loot " mean. (damn did you ever played a pvp mmo where ppl kill you and remove your underwear too? thats called full loot baby.) But after the magical container, people kept cryng, and there you go we have another magical insurance, where magical scavengers are sent by prapor to pick up your stuff if nobody looted you, keep in mind there was no insurance before but devs wanted to help even more the already dumbed down playerbase(i assume the more it get popular, the more the playerbase cry), because apparently the magical nuclear proof Gamma container was not enough. Do you even understand what i was talking about? because judging by your response you completly missed the point, insurance HELP you get your stuff back, that mean the game have been dumbed down, who cares if you die, you get your stuff back by your best pal eventualy, or even worse, you can drop all your stuff in a rat hole and get your stuff back, because why the hell not im a scum, im the one that wanted the game dumbed down, i know im gonna die, im gonna drop everything before i die trololololol xDDDDD. Oh, and now the dogtags, to be honest i was a core supporter of this idea, first because it is realistic and help with immersion, it help to understand with who you had a good firefight with, and most important i wanted it to be some sort of karma compensator, example you are a Bear, you take USEC dogtags and give them to Prapor for a huge boost in your Karma levels, some sort of " hey i have piled up 10 ears from the native indians, give me my paychek and morale boost". I didnt expected the dogtags to be so rewarding and exploited, but keep in mind this is just a placeholder mechanic and they will get worked on, possibly for bounty hunting and karma boosters.
  9. Insurance is completely absurd

    So, instead of cheer and rejoice by the fact that there is an insurance system in this game (which is total bs if you ask me but whatever) and you might have a chance to get your stuff back when you die, you complain and want the game even more dumbed down and easy. This is a pvp game with full loot, hardcore and meant to be unforgivin and not for casual players with 6 wifes kids and 100 jobs, thats why alot of ppl spent over 100 dollar /eurose to finance this project when it was pre alpha, so be grateful there is an insurance system and stop complaining, devs are not going the way the casual players ask, otherwise they will let down all the hardcore players that financed this project. Ah, i miss the good old days when there was no insurance.
  10. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Looks like the scene of a pub fight in downtown Liverpool.
  11. Can someone trade me Fort Vest? 70k

    70k what, dollars or roubles? i want dollars, i can even give you two.
  12. Cerco key prova

    Hai ancora un giorno di tempo : XXU5Z-E42I8-JF7Y8-4425U Enjoy bro.
  13. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    a bit late but happy new year to all the boyz!
  14. SCAV's and their unstoppable grenades...

    honest opinion, i think the scav damage is buffed, they shoot pellets from 50+ meters and your body system get painted red really fast, sometimes even two shots you lose limbs(always from sideral distances), when i shoot from point blank range with shotgun to other players, they need more bullets to die (sometimes they dont even die after 2 hits point blank, maybe they die later because of excessive limbs loss, but the ystill live). And for the grenades, when scavs drop RGD grenades and they hit you, you are dead 90% of times...as for me (player) i literally dropepd two RGd's on a tomahawk guy and they both exploded 1-2 meters max from him...he was stil lwalking (probably black legs) but still alive. I have no other explanation but to say that the scav weapons are buffed to deal more damage.
  15. Degtyarev Video Report

    " recorded sounds for subsequent implementation of weapons in Escape from Tarkov." Clear as a sun shine. Hi by the way Max. o/