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  1. Fellogen

    New form of insurance

    Good to know that. I never heard about it so my bad. Looting by scavs on it own would be great, but them using it even better. I hope that ppl that say this game is to hard will not make it not being implemented in to the game.
  2. Fellogen

    New form of insurance

    So recently I came up with an idea about how to make insurance better. By "better" i understand that it's still a ussfull tool for all players to sometimes save the gear but mostly to make it a bit more realistic and therfore making the game harder. So for now when we die to a player, mostlikly he will take our gear. But if we die to a scav....Yeaa its a chill moment cos we all know that if you die to scav your gear is almost for sure going back to you. My idea is to scav take your gear/loot. For now this is almost retarded. Lore that is behinde scav says on its own that scavs are hungry for more loost and stuff. So why they are a mindlles dummys that only shoot us. After they kill a pmc they should take your gear. To this you could also add abilty for scav not only to take your gear....but to use it. A scav kills a pmc with a m4 kiver and fort...Now try to get that poo back. Also this would make less hatchet runners. Usually they can easaly loot whats left after some firefights. But let them try to hatchet a fully geared scav. This feature would make game a lot more realistic and harded for not only solo players but also squads. For sure it wouldnt be easy to make such feature but who knows...
  3. Hi guys, it's my second post on this forum, I will try to keep it short as possible. In summary overall gameplay of the game is great but i'll try to point few things that as I read on forum where not mentioned a lot or not given attention they need. Game visuals and graphics overall. I will not talk about the quality of what EFT is as a shooter, bcs it's just ok. Things that are important is view distance and grass. I play on the lowest settings (not the best rig) and the more I play, the more skill i get in the game, the more i can abuse that, what EFT, or more likely what unity enging ofer. If you know how to position yourself corectly you can have an advantage over other players. That comes not from the position itself but from what you can see and what your oponent see. For example standing on top of the hill you can see almost everything, even without scope. Your oponent on the other side see...nothing. I think you all know what I'm talking about. That time when you where killed, while walking in a forest with grass around and getting shot by someone and having no clue where the duck that bullets came from...yea thats mostlikely bcs of that he can see you on the flat ground with no grass just one shade of green color that makes you even more visably then you can imagine. Quests I like the whole idea of them, the concept etc, but... We try to see EFT as a shooter but also as RPG that we hope to be also an MMO. For now I play this game as a shooter with guns that you have to loot after you kill someone. Almost all things in the game you can buy for dollars or rubels. Quests in game like EFT whants to be have to force players to do things that normaly they would not do, not bcs they dont like to do it, but simply bcs the PVP aspect of the game gives you a lot more for now. So whats my point. Make more gear....guns, nades , armor that we cant buy, only trade. Then you can use quests to either force us to do specific actions, and as a reward you can get those items used to trade for things like we have now (AS VAL). This could also lead to less hatchlings. You could still go all rambo and PVP and get the loot/money you whant, the devs can make weekly quest to give other ppl options to get the item they whant via some actions other then simple killing. I know I'm a bit chaotic, I whant to keep this topic as short as possible. What do you think guys...can we have some sort of a daily/weakly quests that can give us some balance in gameplay and ways you can achive all the things the game will offer. SCAV raids When I begun to play EFT i thought that I need to play as a scav to get constant increase in loot/money. Then they lower the timer from 1h to only 30 min...But even before that as i got more used to the game and how to play the game as a casual gamer with occasional fps drops, I felt that scav runs are unnecessary Now I get to much from raids as a bad player. Ive added a screenshot just to show you how easy is to get all the guns , I even w8 for some AS VAL and SV from insurance. And thats only from like 2 days mostly, and I'm sitting on around 50k $.I hope that the devs will go in other direction with scav gameplay and what they can give you. I have to say that all ppl that complain about scav vs scav violence are right. Noobs that say it should stay as it is know should stop playing this game. Whats the point of aiming for the headshot from 1m away...how is that realistic at all? If they dont whant karma system that will punish scav vs scav violence, make scav randomly agressive against scav players that even aim at them....in RL you would shoot anyone that is aiming his gun at you. Just dont let kids abuse passive npc scav behavior. Social aspect of the game Im good with no in game chat or any other way to know against how many ppl or even who you are against. But.... what about that i would like to know after raid, all the names of ppl that i killed or even play in that raid. Ofc it should be after the timer of that raid reaches 0 (so any of your teammates that are still in raid could not get any info about who is still alive). There where many games that i would like to talk to ppl that i killed or maybe try next time to team up with them. Now you can only know who killed you and thats not eanough for me. Also thx to that better players (not me for sure) could give some good advice to those they killed. Ofc there can be much more ideas how to improve the social aspect of the game,although I only wanted to touch the topic, and maybe start some conversation about it. Ok, so let me end it here. Sorry for any grammar mistakes, english is not my native language.
  4. Fellogen

    Is getting weapons/money to easy?

    I'm curently a dedicated solo player. The loot from first pic is after I wiped a 3 man squad, so i throwed away all my gear (yeaa insurance) and took what I could. Second one as a scav was all from a pmc that i killed, but whats important to most ppl, the armor was from one scav at that house in woods map.
  5. Fellogen

    Is getting weapons/money to easy?

    Both pics are from 1h split. First one is as a pmc, second just a scav run. So the problem is with that, how easy is to get all the loot, with all of this scav run, getting iteams via insurance etc. I'm a typical casual player, also with a bad for EFT pc (i5 4570,gtx 970,16gb ram) and still i can get all tons of money (have about 40k dollars and 500k rubbles). My point is, if we dont start "forcing" from developers to not go that road of realy easy to achive gear and money....bcs what will all this mean after some time? If the game becomes to easy even for casuals like me, just think about all those really dedicated players. PS. This is my first ever topic on this forum, and also don't flame me because of my bad english, it will get better soon.