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  1. Will there be graphical updates?

    Lack of AA makes my eye tired after 10 minutes of play in woods. Like millions of razerblades hopping in front of my eyes.
  2. Will there be graphical updates?

    I didn't talked about multiple graphicscard. I said, the whole system is suffers from the issue and a single GPU upgrade on client side will not solve it. Meaning, not the hardware is weak on our side, but the software has performance issues. But to address the problem require a lots of feedback from the players via logs and bugreports.
  3. Will there be graphical updates?

    Lads seems you are just keep rolling this topic with meaningless information. First of all, recommendation for hardware are baseline values. 2GB is just enough to keep the game on reasonable framerate. No tweaks or tricks can increase FPS significantly, no matter whatever you do. VRAM usage depends on resolution * texturesize mainly. Do not get confused about type. A 780 is just as good for 1080p /60 FPS in most recent games as a 980.This game can be run on GTX 660 or Radeon 7870 on high text and shadows, everything else low, 1080p with avg 50 FPS. Does it suggest the game will require a Titan V after optimization? There is no option ATM moment or trick to make the picture look smoother or run the game better. That is depends on the devs. Surely they will rol updates out fot graphics and physics as soon as they able to, but optimizing a game visula performance is goes beyond the performance of a sinlge GPU.
  4. Will there be graphical updates?

    No, you misunderstood me. What is your ingame resolution settings. If it's 1920x1080 then the DSR is not in use. If it's higher than 1080p, then it's impossible to run the game with 2GB of VRAM on twice the native resolution wiith 50+ FPS. I guess you have overlooked something. I got a 970 and on highish settings the game runs 70-90 FPS on 1080p. I don't have 50 FPS on 2 DSR.
  5. Will there be graphical updates?

    You have the game run 1080p in the graphics settings in game?
  6. Will there be graphical updates?

    There is no way you can play the game of 3 times of your native res higher than 15 FPS on all high settings with a 760. Or your monitor is 800*600?
  7. Possible Fix [Nvidia Users]

    Definitely has impact on the performance. I can't say for sure yet, I need to play a few hours to be sure, but seems it helped to elimiinate some of the chopiness. Thanks for the advice!
  8. I have noticed AI is able to shot trough any object or material with shotgun from any distance. Of course not trough the map. They can shot the leg, while I crouching on the railwaybridge and only my head is sticking out above the concrete block, both at the main road and at the old gast station on Customs. And today I got my legs blackened out as I was in in the ditch and I could barely see the head of the scav, but it managed to score my knees. Of course with a Saiga 12ga. I have read the fix about the collision got repaired trough fences,etc..and now seems it got fixed so well, pellets does not collide with anything. BSG, please fix!
  9. Rebalancing the pouch (Nerfing hatchling runs)

    The reason why we are stand against weapon is safe containers, because we want to rid cowards off. If someone has no balls to get in the raid with a gun, then they should play other game. Containers should be restricted to highly valuable stuff and medicines. A pistol or a rifle is not rare, player can have a Vepr or SKS in just two minutes if he enters the raid with a pistol. Why need to hide the gun? Why need to play with hatchets? Those who plays like this are morons, needs to find a way to make the game even more hardcore.
  10. New Interchange Screenshots

    I guess IKEA wouldn't like to see their customers slaughtered. They will hardly give their name to that.
  11. New Interchange Screenshots

    I always loved to wondering around in IKEAs. I can't wait to play this map. Awesome! Sure we need a map??? Once I got lost in an IKEA for real, took me ages to find the exit. So without map it would be more realistic.
  12. The servers are so laggy as we know it's unreal. Ok, the game still in early stage, I can understand. But when hatchling swings the axe 5 meters away from me, when I clearly see his chest got hit at least 10 times from my gun and I die, that's is unaccaptable. My teammate saw it and the player was really in a good distance from me. hatchlings just ruin the experience in this stage of the game, there is no any excuse to it. Take the melee weapons out for now!
  13. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guy, who just walked passed me right close at Shoreline yesterday and I have shot him back of the head 2 feet away with a Makarov, because he was deaf and blind at the same time and I took his DVL. And to that guy today at Customs back at the railways, who couldn't shot me with the SV while I was stand still and I headshot him with a Vityaz. great start of 2018...for me
  14. 12 hours time difference on same lobby

    Yes, we figured that much out, but if even we found a solution, the problem still consists on the gameserver.
  15. Unfortunately I don't have video about the situation, but we just found evidence of invisible characters. At Shorelin on the roof of the powerstation, my teamate saw the scav standing. I was right beside him and I didn't see anything. Then my friend started to shoot him with Saiga and I asked him, what is he doing? He said, he just replied the shot, because the scav shots at me! I didn't heared a ting other than my friends gun. Then, about 5 sec later, I suddenly started bleeding and one of my arm nearly blacked out. I don't think screenshot or video capture could explain anything more, I saw no scav, my teammate did and we were beside each other about half meter apart. This must be looked after ASAP. The only sign we experienced, we got a serious lag spike just a couple seconds before it, so I believe the scavs were loaded in. But the server definitely missed to send update to me. SERIOUS ISSUE!