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  1. Escapers! We are proud to announce that today one of our Polish Emissaries, Reconic was promoted to become a Official Community Representative for Poland. Reconic has been a emissary for months, he created many official translations, helped to guide new players and answered many questions on the Forums. Our Polish community keeps growing and we hope that Reconic's promotion will help it grow even more. Congratualtions, @Reconic, that promotion was well deserved!
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    A new GM approaches - Twitchley!

    Welcome to the text RPG team, Twitchley!
  4. Blackb1rd

    Welcome to Hell EfT videos series by Veriitas

    Escape from Tarkov Parody Cover - "Clint Eastwood". Gj, @veriitasgames !
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    1,000,000 and Counting...

    Please, note that, the one who commented with the most amount of them all will receive an additional key of the Left Behind preorder, but not a press key. Press accounts are only for the press.
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    August Discounts!

    Summer sale is extended for another day! It'll end on August 6 at 23:59 MSK. Hurry up!
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    Welcome to Hell EfT videos series by Veriitas

    Another EFT parody cover by @veriitasgames - this time inspired by Coldplay's "Fix You"
  9. Escapers! We continue a new weekly heading "Guess what the place is?" We suggest you guess which place from #EscapefromTarkov is shown in the picture. The correct answer will be posted at the end of the next day. So, on what location is this place and where? TRANSLATIONS: German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Official Community Representative for Germany @Cyver
  10. Escapers! We would like to present to your attention an excellent series of videos created by the genius of a player named Veriitas! To create such videos, you need not just technical skills and time costs, but above all - inspiration and a passionate love for our project - Escape from Tarkov. Thank you, Veriitas, sir, for your wonderful work!
  11. Come up with a description for this picture!
  12. Оверквоттинг запрещен правилами форума. Прошу вас больше не цитировать всю статью - могут последовать санкции.
  13. Стенограмма аудиоподкаста с Никитой Буяновым Благодарим за подготовку стенограммы модератора официальной группы в VK Макса Ульмана! - В начале года вы говорили, что вы уже начали предварительную подготовку к переходу на новую версию Unity 2018 и что в этом вопросе вам активно помогают специалисты из компании-разработчика движка. Скажите, пожалуйста, на каком этапе вы находитесь сейчас, чего вы уже достигли и какие перспективы новой версии Unity?
  14. Today we have added the storyline of Grayhair, and his group of scavenger friends and underlings. Prepare yourself to join the Grayhair's gang to break through the cordon of Tarkov, guarded by the millitary troops. " - Why are you alone? Why didn’t join somebody? You should do this. You wouldn’t last long in such a way. Listen, I have an offer for you. I was told by one friend that the breakthrough is being arranged. Through the checkpoint. And in this regard the people are gathered. Greyhair whips them under his banner. Have you heard about him? I see, you have. I’ve also heard different things, like he’s almost the devil in flash. But I also heard that he had given to the citizens the food warded off the hired guns. So… Come with me, you’ll see, we’ll break all at once. The chance is small but it’s still a chance. You keep silence for a long time. Finally, San Sanych gives up and goes to sleep. You cannot fall asleep thinking over the offer. On one hand, you don’t want to tie in with the motley crew of Greyhair, but on the other hand, this man is right. The chance. There’s not many chances now. You decide to try". TRANSLATIONS: French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Official Community Representative for France @PIG-Mathieu German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Official Community Representative for Germany @Cyver Turkish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Turkish Emissary and Moderator @Dimitri468
  15. Сюжетная линия Диких "Седой" добавлена в текстовую РПГ по мотивам Escape from Tarkov! В ней вы будете пытаться собрать силы, чтобы вместе с бандой Седого пойти на прорыв кордона Таркова, охраняемого войсками. "- А ты чего один? Не прибился ни к кому? Это ты зря. Так долго не протянешь. Слушай, есть у меня к тебе предложение. Мне тут шепнули по знакомству, дескать, прорыв намечается. Через КПП. И под это дело людей собирают. Седой собирает под свои знамена. Слышал о таком? Вижу, что слышал. Я тоже слышал всякое, что он чуть ли не дьявол во-плоти. Но и другое слышал, что он отбитые у наемников продукты людям раздавал. Так что… Пойдем со мной, глядишь, толпой прорвемся. Какой-никакой, а шанс. Вы долго молчите. В конце концов Сан Саныч машет рукой и ложится спать. Вам же не до сна. Вы обдумываете предложение. С одной стороны, связываться со сворой Седого вам не хочется, но с другой – этот мужик прав. Шанс. А их сейчас немного. Вы решаете попробовать".