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  1. Help with Improving my play

    Having similar issues. It seems impossible to kill anybody in this game, with the exception of hatchlings and AI. I see youtubers and streamers kill armoured players with 4-5 shots using weapons such as the Makarov, and meanwhile it feels no matter how many times I hit a player, they can completely absorb shots like a bullet sponge. On factory yesterday, a player took two Makarov mags and still managed to sprint away to the extraction point; despite the majority of shots being leg shots. I can clear AI in offline mode from factory, relatively easy - It just seems like some players are unkillable.
  2. My first decent factory raid.

    No idea whether this is considered a 'good run' by some people, but I'm extremely happy. Thought I'd share. Never has my heart raced so fast playing a game. I could literally hear my heartbeat whilst opening the doors to extract, semi-expecting somebody to be camping the extraction point. Turns out using offline mode to practice pays off. This was a scav run, although I did kill scavs during it. Anyone else got screenshots of their first good run? -BA EDIT: The only thing I spawned with was a scav vest, a duffel bag and the Grach. Everything else is from the raid.
  3. Simple Canadian New To The Game Eh!

    Also a new player. Might not be relevant, but just in case, thought I'd give you a bit of advice based on personal experience. le tips Get a factory key. It'll help HUGELY in the long run. Don't be afraid to lose your gear. It's easy to regain. If you do hatchet runs, zig-zag the scavs. They're terrible at tracking moving targets. Level up peacekeeper first, if you can. To my knowledge, Peacekeeper provides M4's and Grizzly FAKs. As much as youtube may say factory is the way forward, forest/customs is. You'll earn more loot from customs and woods than factory. Factory is a campers' playground. Have fun.
  4. When will the weapons finally get balanced?

    Eh, I can understand the frustration here. I've not used grenades all that much, but when I have it's been an entirely hit or miss experience. The RGD usually does a bit of damage, but it's never been enough to kill a player. The F-1 on the other hand, I quite like. To what I've been told; the reason you get hit from such distances is something to do with fragmentation, and it really makes you think before throwing. Purely because of the risk of injury to yourself. I've had legs blacked out due to the F-1 after throwing it 25m away from the top of factory. I can really understand the devs in terms of the multiple hit sidearms and melee weapons. Having sidearms with the same damage stats against unarmoured players as the higher tier weapons removes incentives to use the higher tier weapons. I'd choose a cheap Makarov over an M4 for factory if they were to do similar damage, and whilst I play as a hatchling frequently, I'm quite happy the melee weapons aren't a one-hit sort of thing. I'd be frustrated as hell if I were to be using gear collected from my last raid, to be one-hit by a hatchling in the back of the head. The game has a steep learning curve which is similar to that of ArmA III or Squad. The low damage of the lower tier weapons provides an incentive for the new players to level up traders, earn the higher tier weapons and improve their chances overall. Improving damage stats on the sidearms and melee weapons would remove that incentive - at least on maps such as factory. Grenades, on the other hand, despite my original argument, are broken as hell.
  5. Any help?

    That's pretty neat, although the whole spawn camping thing is really making me quite reluctant to do anything other than hatchet runs at the moment. Appreciate the trader info.
  6. Any help?

    So before I start, I'm just going to mention I'm practically brand new to the game. I'm aware of the absolute basic concepts, not really much more. I've not really had much luck with this game as of late. I bought the game last Thursday, logging somewhere under 12 hours. I've watched as many videos possible before I started playing, and I've read through the forums quite a bit. I've done everything from semi-geared runs to bare-bones hatchet runs. So far, I've managed to get an extra 50,000 rubles on top of the 200,000 starting funds you begin with. My issue is that the past few games, I've been spawn camped 7 times out of 10, and the three times I'm not spawn killed, I've ended up having the AI one-tap me at close range, I've been killed by players just outside of my spawn point; and on the rare occasion I DO manage to leave spawn and get loot, I either escape with up to, and no more than 10k in loot. I never seem to be able to get any worthwhile loot from players or AI, as most of the players are doing hatchet runs, and scavs always seem to have nothing on them but a hatchet, maybe the occasional Makarov. The best loot I've had was an AK-74, which I've managed to mod, get mags for; along with basic body armour. I got all of this in a single run, and since then I've seemingly gone downhill in terms of success rate. Where am I going wrong here? On an additional note, what does levelling the traders up do, exactly? Does it allow you to sell the items you loot for more or get better items? Regardless, thanks for the help.