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  1. RTRlaser

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    Gross PLEASE LET THIS BE A THING Since they only show the the turn-down bolt I figure they will only have this PU nagant for now. Since they show it with the scope and mount removed I imagine you could take the scope off of course.... As for the reloading idk. So long as you have to buy the clips and load them manually and pick them up or recover them after each reload then I think they could have a cool new aspect of the economy. I cant imagine them having 3 different animations for reloading one rifle.... not to include any "fast reloads" where you ram in 5 rounds from the clip, gash your finger open, toss the clip, fire the rifle.. cant extract due to a burred chamber... o wait nvm. To the sks statement that someone made... You do know the SKS irl is about 1/3 to 1/5 the cost of a fake PU right? A real PU would cost way more than an SKS I would rather the economy follow the real world economy... and the 91/30 PU has a totally different use case to the SKS. By your logic the SV98 and DVL-10 should be 10-15k rifles because your SKS shoots faster.... OR a pre-war dragoon lol. If we're going for looks you can't beat the late 20's Tula dragoons
  2. RTRlaser

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS: 25 X Tushonka 03 X USB 03 X GA 01 X Battery 04 X Salewa 03 X CPU 02 X Propane (and propane accessories) 06 X WD-40 100ml 02 X Marked Keys 01 X Morphine 32 X T-bags 1 X ZB-014 Key WTB: 08 X GPU's 02 X G-phones 06 X 60rd Polymer AK74 mags 02 X Wilston cigarettes
  3. RTRlaser

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS 3M armor, 95K
  4. RTRlaser

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB: 18 Tushonka(small quest cans) make an offer WTS: Morphine @ 20k each Car Battery @ 200k each GA @ 75K each Marked Key @ 250K each If you don't like the price, make me an offer. Will trade for tushonka cheers.
  5. RTRlaser

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB 22 Tushonka for the mission
  6. RTRlaser

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS Marked Key 200k Ru
  7. RTRlaser

    Perks of Pre-Order?

    As it is worded in the english purchase page. The are things your for buying the EOD version. NOT for just the beta. You should have everything even after full release and I've been told the EOD will not be available after a certain point. Other than the gamma, "unique ID", and the DLC pass, everything else should be in-game obtainable eventually.
  8. RTRlaser

    E.F.T. Reviw

    Is this your channel?
  9. RTRlaser

    Official Trading Thread

    I've traded with him before. He is treated me good. If you request a buy from a store you meet the stores terms for a purchase. Trading in game is no different. Either way, stay on topic. Let's not waste pages on this forum to complaining. That being said WTS 2 x propane 3 x roler A lot x 206 key WTB / WTT 1 USB for skier mission 6 x Morphine
  10. RTRlaser

    I try my hardest to love this game but I can't

    My survival rate is 23% which is fair considering I am new and I do a lot of hatchling runs. I wouldn't want to play this game if I always survived. I understand that it is a game but most of us, I think, invested in this game to get a challenging and therefore rewarding experience. If I wanted a game were I would survive most of the time I could play 7 days to die or Minecraft. The matchmaking for geared players doesn't make sense to me at all. I don't think they have any intention of making such a thing. The leg thing is annoying but again, its more realistic. And is a legitimate tactic. A wounded enemy can disrupt the entire team. Melee is a bit 50/50 now. But I think this is mostly server issues and may be resolved in the coming time. IDK what you mean by CQB per-say but you are always better to avoid CQB IMO. There is a squinting/ jolting effect when you get shot. It could certainly be more severe though. It sounds like the issue you have is with Hardcore shooters/survival in general. This genre may not mesh well for you in general. Also, remember this is a Beta and a lot may change.
  11. RTRlaser

    9mm too weak.

    Assuming one can control the mag-dump I would agree. A lot of shots on target, center-mass, should resolve most issues. But, when your mag-dump leads to a 0-37% chance to hit at 10m that is not really reliable anymore. My remedy would be to just use a 74u so when you mag-dump there are no questions left unanswered.
  12. RTRlaser

    9mm too weak.

    Looking at it in slow mo it looks like two shots may have hit chest. Mostly misses. Mag Dump < Timed well placed shots. The Makarov shoots a 9x18 which is a slightly hotter .380 auto .380 auto, while popular for "self defense" pistols, performs like poo generally. Granted the maky is better but Don't conflate 9x18 and 9x19 I know your concern but trust me. Headshots when well executed, work great with the maky. Just stay calm when you engage or switch to using the 74U or something while training. Especially small, slower projectiles like the 9x18 vs 9x19 or .45 acp etc etc etc.
  13. RTRlaser

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS 206 key x5 50K each 303 key x2 20K each Weapons safe key make offer Rolers x3 make offer Propane x2 100k each Waistbag x1 60k Slock (NVG) x1 200k Ruble Factory Key x1 make offer Portable key ... of customs x1 make offer WTB Morphine x7 USB flashdrive x1 Gas Analyzer x2 Keybar a lot Prices subject to change Prices negotiable Will only meet at shoreline I DO NOT DROP FIRST Add me in-game, RTRlaser
  14. RTRlaser

    Official Trading Thread

    1 ruble
  15. RTRlaser


    The spawn was the one near the Rock passage. Near the "hut" that has the gun boxes