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  1. Pretoryan

    The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    This feels so completely random... Like a band-aid for the lack of balance in prices/drop of loot... All the low lvl players are happy even tho they cant afford poo, all of the higher lvl players are screwed. And when this event is over, we will be back in the same place 2 weeks after the wipe because it's still possible to enter shoreline with a hatched and walk out with a mil rubles in loot. I don't get it anymore Bsg... Been around since July 2017, and so far the extension of shoreline is the only noteworthy patch/update I have seen...
  2. Pretoryan

    Q&A about 2018 development plans

    Just a simple question, do you plan to release this game before 2020?... Who even asks these trader and clothing bullshit questions, when overwhelming majority of people on the forums (who are not just hyping the game) are asking and are worried about legit tech bugs, sound quality/issues and a whole parade of other poo that is being hidden under 50 new attachments a week...
  3. Pretoryan

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    It will get to the point where it's impossible to reach it. If you expand the game that is already this big, with all the existing bugs and problems... where does it end? And mind you, I`m simply asking for a honest reply, not doing anything to prevent them from "doing their thing."
  4. Pretoryan

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    A lot of these things sound great, but there are also a lot of on point comments about different issues and how a lot of these promised changes will bring a ton of new bugs and problems. I tried to find a reply on this question in the thread but I couldn't so I apologize if it was answered before but - When are we going to actually play the released EFT? With this road map there is absolutely no way that we are seeing it in 2018. And from that it looks like to me, we will get a 2019 date, that will certainly get pushed into "Q1 of 2020", with a realistic release in like November... I am frustrated because I love this game, and I think that your desire to push it into perfection (being this huge) will make it end up like a lot of its predecessors, and I would hate that.
  5. Pretoryan

    ** Server Matching Times

    It would be great if you guys could implement any kind of interaction during the whole loading period. I play with a couple more of my friends, and between matching, other guys loading loot - awaiting players and alike, its about 6 - 8 minutes on average of literally nothing happening. For example, Dota lets you stay in the main menu while you are in the lobby, so you can at least poke around, check items and what not. Some sort of an either information system on the gear you are wearing, or gear in the game ( for example comparison of bullets, which ones are better and why?) would be super helpful, because now I`m only staring at my character, who looks even more annoyed than me at just waiting around Anyway, good to know about the new servers, keep up the good work
  6. Pretoryan

    The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    My main concern, in a bit more text than I originally planned - (Yeah its a Wall, but I really hope you can stomach trough it.) First, it would be great to get any kind of information along with this number of 400. I of course understand the decision to not publish any names and I agree with it, but it would be nice to actually give something back to the players. To show that this process is not just something happening behind closed doors that we will have to put faith in, but actually is a way to work together and eliminate cheating of any sort from EFT. There have been numerous topics where people have pointed out the fault in these "ban waves" and have in majority expressed their concern for the well being of the game due to such "after the fact" solutions. It is up to the Devs to chose which and how their systems will work, but as just one of many people here who decided to invest their money into a project still in development (aka Beta, Early access), I believe that we as a whole (experienced FPS players, Tarkov escapees and alike) can offer valuable info to the designers and devs of EFT, especially on these issues we've encountered in numerous other games. Why is this important? Because one of the main reasons I decided to play EFT, is because its brutal and hardcore. Literally hours of farming, can be gone in a matter of seconds if you decide to turn your head from the screen and lose focus. It provides a high sense of accomplishment for getting through the raid and a heart pumping experience during one. This is why, when these Cheaters are supposedly (supposedly - because there is no real way to know for sure if a person who cheated and killed has or will be reprimanded) banned, you are left with just a hollow feeling of that Silenced M4 and NVG you used to have. There is nothing that even acknowledges the loss of time spent in the game, as even on the forums you are simply told that "its worked on" and as myself did with my first report post (my bad, did not understand this was a rule) get warned for trying to report one. There -needs- to be a system, which provides at least some sort of satisfaction or in-game compensation for the players who have been wronged by cheaters, or less than a handful of events like these will leave somebody with no desire to go out and scavenge yet again for GM counters, chains and other rare items. This can really span from things such as profile accolades if you happen to have died to a cheater that got banned (a purple heart equivalent?), or in-game rubles compensation so at least there is a level of caring shown from the game for allowing for it to happen in the first place. Because lets remember, even tho cheaters are a plague in 90% of the modern games, they are in no way a thing to be "expected" or something players should simply "deal with". This is my personal opinion as a Game Designer, but I believe it stands on its own as sort of an objective truth. If this came out harsh at any point, please forgive me. I absolutely love this game, I see the future of survival FPS in it, and its something we have waited on for a looong time. I know this is still beta, but beta is one of the last stages of development and if there is no conversation between the players and devs on these issues, I`m afraid for the game's future. I want it to be great. I am sorry my post turned out to be this huge, please understand it is only based in concern for a game I really like.