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  1. m107man

    Glock 21 45 Auto

    Good god PLEASE DEV's!!! We need a great .45 in the game and this would be an awesome start! I Know everyone is going to say "1911" but my god the Glock 21 is the best .45 ever made!
  2. m107man

    Honest talk

    Did y'all not even read it? And no one is more of a fanboy then me considering I spent over $300 on this damn game. I just hate cheating period. And want to see what people think about it.
  3. m107man

    Honest talk

    Follow up on this, i would love to see more public shame for those that did hack and were banned. (for those feel good moments) Also it would be awesome for all the players that died from the hacker to get the gear he took and have it returned like insurance.
  4. m107man

    Honest talk

    If i die i die in tarkov i don't care, its apart of the game but when i get killed after killing 2 fully geared plays by a teleporting hacker it makes it no fun, the play base will die if this continues im not going to try and shame anyone or make accusations against people but i was on construction in customs and all 5 of my teammates died by a person teleporting infront of us with an RSASS and aimbot. I and i know many others have experienced hacking and cheating i know the devs are working very hard to make this game perfect and right now it is near perfect i just hope to show the devs the types of hacks i have experienced to try and negate those who try and use a certain hack. the types of hacking and cheating i have seen: Flying, Teleporting, aimbot through walls (My friends experience), Gun glitch after patch(dont know how that still works).