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  1. ETA on Full release?

    Wow, you just accidentally outed yourself. crazy right I know.
  2. Bug found - Mission Failure and Menu Overlay

    Hit the "PrintScrn" button on your keyboard (next to scroll lock, above insert, usually), then open Microsoft Paint or Photoshop and just hit paste or CTRL+V, then you have a screenshot you can save. Now you don't have to rely on any in-game systems, this will take a screenshot of whatever is on your screen.
  3. EXTREMELY dissapointed

    Hey Valentin2984, It does have a pretty high learning curve right now (I assume by the actual release they will educate new players much better than they currently do), but if you can stick with it you will learn how this game works and eventually enjoy it and be happy you spent the money on it. When I first started, I had many of the same thoughts you did, and I come from a background of playing hardcore FPS games since they existed. Once I started figuring it out, this game became one of my all time favorite shooters in many aspects. I suggest joining the public Discord server ( and playing with others. There you can find some nice players who will show you the ropes. As in any game, there are a lot of toxic, shitty, or young players, though, so don't be discouraged if you run into one or two of them. I'd be happy to play with you and show you the ropes - how to identify Scavs VS PMC's, how to tell if a Scav is a player or an AI, where the extractions are, some of the best practices with the traders, etc. Just hit me up here or on discord: straafe#7840 Good luck!
  4. Lol, how is this possible?

    Can someone lay out what happened here and how it happened? I've been a hardcore FPS fanboy for a long time, and hate the mainstream FPS games where you have to put a couple dozen bullets into someone for them to die. Hence, my love for hardcore FPS games and my love for Tarkov. Yesterday, though, I felt like I was in Battlefield or Call of Duty or some poo. I spawned in as a Scav, had the AKS with 10 round mags. Cool, I can make anything work. Within about 5 seconds a hatchling with no armor on and just a hatchet comes running at me as is fairly common. No problem, I open fire. I swear I hit this guy with almost the entire mag, but he somehow still gets to me and pops me in the head. What the duck? Sure enough, in the results screen I have a hit count of SEVEN. I hit him with SEVEN out of 10 bullets in the mag, and he somehow doesn't go down. Can scavs spawn with like rubber bullets loaded into their guns or something? Why is the damage from 7 bullets so low it can't take out a naked guy? What happened?
  5. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    That mentality is a problem, but the second half of your sentence isn't remotely true. You have no idea how many of the EFT players support a ridiculous idea like this, and just because there are 2 or 3 loud ones in this thread means nothing. There might actually be more people on my side in this thread right now than otherwise. If anything, in general people dislike being forced to use invasive anti-cheat software just to play a game. I have seen some steam games go from "Very Positive" to "Mostly Negative" in a matter of days after they forcefully implemented invasive anti cheat software. Don't spread misinformation or make up comically inaccurate statements, and don't speak for "almost ALL/99.8%" of the players, it continues to make you look like you don't really know what you're talking about. All this after delusionally pushing fallacies as fact. You're on a role, my friend. Also, to refresh your memory, we're talking about having software that can potentially be used for cheating on someone's computer, not "having cheats" on their computer, and not even using that software while playing Tarkov. There have been a multitude of examples on this thread about how software like this is used for other purposes than cheating in Tarkov. Twisting words, yet again, does not help your cause. Try again. Lol'd.
  6. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    TL;DR - The idea of banning people for cheating who have not cheated is stupid. Don't be stupid. I completely understand that, and that is an understandable aspect about playing in those leagues. You need to understand, though, this is an incomplete game, a closed beta. People that buy it and play it are referred to as "testers" not "players" by the devs, and certainly not pro players. It's a completely different scenario than what you have compared it to. The "If A then B" argument is a common propositional fallacy called "affirming the consequent." In general, it's good to stay away from fallacies as they hurt your point more than they help it. That being said, I completely understand why some communities might require or have stricter rules on what memory editing software you are allowed to have, especially in the competitive sphere - but, as pointed out with the fallacy, this doesn't apply at all to a closed beta game open to anyone. Someone needs to stand up for players' rights against this torch and pitchfork mob mentality spread by those who don't know any better. On what Google collects compared to anti cheat software, this is again a common fallacy and an argument where you are basically saying it's OK for one entity to poo on your rights and privacy because another entity already might be doing it. I hope you can see the holes in that one. Right now, I do not believe the Escape from Tarkov developers ban people for having CE or other software only installed on their computer, I believe that they ban people who are actively using that software at the same time Tarkov is running. This is the proper way of doing things. I just noticed that in this thread a mob of fools was forming saying "Ban them all!!!!!!! Even if they only have it installed!" one player literally even called it a "just in case ban." It's a mind-blowingly ridiculous stance and someone had to call it out as bullshit, and that's the only reason I'm here. I would hate to see the devs thinking everyone was OK with something like that and then implementing it, as in the end it would reflect poorly on them and their game - something I don't want because I think this game has the potential to be my all time favorite shooter. I am not sure what point you are trying to make, and I am sure you have wonderful credentials. I am a software engineer for a living and I think you might have the wrong idea about what's expected out of the average user of a beta for a video game. As a beta tester (especially one who pays for the right to play), the players should never be expected to modify their system in terms of uninstalling any unrelated software. They should expect bugs, crashes, etc, and they should report those things, but of course they shouldn't be expected to uninstall any software or modify their system. In fact, the devs don't want you to do that at all. By opening the game up in a beta to players the devs want to see how it runs in many different environments, systems, and set ups. They want to find out if any software conflicts with their product and what it might be, they want to find out what causes bugs and glitches. If every player cleaned their system up to the "perfect Tarkov play testing environment" like you did, valuable information, data, and analytics would be lost about how it will run on the average end user's system on release, and the quality of the final deliverable would be far worse.
  7. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    I'm sorry it upset some of you, but my position on banning players who have not cheated is still right whether you like it or not. People who have not cheated should not be banned for cheating, it's kind of silly that some of you, including an Emissar, hold such a childish stance on that. I 100% accept your opinions, but I was just objectively explaining why you're wrong. What we can agree on is that cheating is bad and cheaters should be banned. I want cheaters to be banned. I don't want innocent players to be banned and their money stolen from them. I've also provided an example where someone might have the software on their computer you want them banned for having, that don't even use it for cheating (modifying an old game simply to make it run on new hardware). Software Developers who also enjoy this game may have questionable software installed on their computers to test the security of programs they are writing as well (I am sure many of the Tarkov Devs are well versed in many of these applications and have used them in order to research and understand how they work. Ironically, I can promise you some of the devs have used CE and probably have it on their computer). If I may ask, why do you want these people banned from Escape from Tarkov? These people have never cheated in Tarkov and have no desire to cheat in Tarkov. Is it OK for a small number of innocent people to be banned as long as mostly cheaters are being banned in your view? Basically a small amount of collateral damage is OK in your view? Please explain so I might better understand why you hold such silly beliefs. This guy gets it:
  8. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    This sounds perfectly reasonable. What isn't reasonable is the "just in case" ban or the "they haven't cheated yet, but they have bad software so let's just ban them now before they can" ban that people were talking about earlier. Like I said I doubt this is actually how it is, but the fact that people are pushing for it is kind of concerning and I would hate to support any team that adopted such a mentality.
  9. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    If the cheat software is running while they are playing Tarkov, that's fair game to ban, but some people in this thread earlier were talking about simply having it installed on their system (and NOT running), which brings it into a grey area where it may not be a justifiable ban. In fact, you came back to that same point in the end of your post, there is a huge difference there. There is absolutely zero justification for a "just in case ban," and that is a laughable thought. You may need to think a bit harder about that one. This is not true and I laid out a very simple and relatively common example above twice already. Even if there is software that is literally only used for cheating in newer games (Let's call it "cheatinnew3DFPSgamesonly.exe"), if it has never been used for Tarkov and is never running when Tarkov is running even if they are cheating on a different game with it at other times, they are still innocent and there is no justification to ban them from Tarkov until they commit the act of cheating. Crossing that line sets a poor precedent and reflects badly on the developers - though again, I am not sure it has been taken that far, but people on this thread including Emissars have been touting that exact idea. I would imagine the current anti cheat system requires the bad software to actually be running right now, and I hope it stays that way. Your logic, if applied to the real world, would be to charge everyone who simply owns a knife to be convicted with assault with a deadly weapon and thrown in jail, even if they have never used it for such a purpose. Everyone who owns a car should be convicted of vehicular manslaughter simply because they have the means to do it. Everyone with a lighter should be convicted of arson. You get the idea. It's preposterous.
  10. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    I wasn't he person you're quoting, but it's really sad you feel that way, especially as an Emissar. It's disgusting. If you read my post above you can see that sometimes people who have no interest in cheating have software that may be flagged as "bad software" to simply make older games work on newer hardware and other things like that, nothing to do whatsoever with Tarkov or cheating. The fact is, it is not right to ban people who haven't cheated, even if potentially unwanted software is detected. The fact that you disagree shows a lot about you. Put them on a list or whatever you want to do, but he isn't a cheater until he's actually cheated, in my opinion. Detecting what software they have on their computer is also a privacy issue, regardless of what nonsense is put into the privacy policy or agreement, a good anti cheating system can detect cheaters without making desperate moves as scanning someone's computer for installed software. Making moves like that shows weakness and poor direction. I am a developer for a living, so this is why I have these opinions. I am 100% for eliminating cheaters permanently, but if you're losing the battle against cheaters bad enough that you start banning players who are both supporting a closed beta development and literally haven't cheated a single time, you are in the wrong and need to rethink your approach (in my opinion). I don't even know for a fact that any players have been banned unfairly, it may have never happened and the anti cheat methods are pure and just, but I do know if they are banned they are locked out of the forums and have no means to become unbanned, so if it happens the rest of us may never know, and I don't like that, especially since all of us are supporting the developers and it's closed beta. If even a single person is banned unfairly, then BSG has committed theft to someone who is supporting them, and that's just plain wrong.
  11. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    The talk about "If he has bad software on his computer for something else, he will probably use use it on Tarkov at some point so it's fine to ban him for just having it even if he never used it on Tarkov" and "Once a cheater, always a cheater" is sickening and stupid. I know people who use software that might be flagged as "cheat software" just to make certain older games run at the correct resolution for his new monitor and things like that. They have no interest in cheating or hacking, but just for having tools like that on his computer he can be banned on this game? I don't think anyone should suffer a ban unless they actually cheat - it's that simple - unless they actually use some software like that on this game. Banning people for just having a certain program just installed on their computer is ridiculous and completely wrong. The moment they try to cheat in Tarkov they should be banned, but not before. Any ban before that is banning someone who has literally never cheated in this game, how is that fair?
  12. Klíče do BETY - Soutěže a giveaways

    No awards for answering first? My friend was so excited to play
  13. Klíče do BETY - Soutěže a giveaways

    When are the keys given out?
  14. 我来自太平洋西北部。 我喜欢Tarkhov,因为我一生都玩过硬核FPS游戏,并将它们的各个方面融入到一个游戏中。 这是完美的FPS游戏,我不敢相信更多的内容来了! 我认为即使现在是测试版也是惊人的。