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    Character name Shal Description Shal is a strong person, has long brown hair, green eyes, short. His past Shal was a lumberjack before shit hit the fan, that's how he got so strong trough the years. Always loved guns, trained with a special defenses militia back in the day, but that was past him. The love for guns, always stayed. Always carried a makarov and a bump action shotgun to hunt in the woods and grab some fresh food. How did he get to Tarkov? He always worked in tarkov cutting timber in Woods. Predilections Likes french fries, and shooting, prefer hand guns, always thought they were cooler than rifles. A simple, deadly gun. Friends After some years working at the timber saw, met a guy named Lesk, funny guy, always had something to say, scholar. Lesk didn`t like guns as Shal, but they got along pretty well besides that. After a while Lesk was acting kinda strange, and then one day vanished. Wounds, and battles Took a shot in his shoulder while working for the special militia, and lost a finger in the timber saw Aspirations Just wants to live a simple life in the woods. The greatest achievement that character did When working for the special militia, saved a little girl from a crazy guy with a gun at the mall. He wasn`t really working at the specific time, but always carried his handgun, shot the guy right in the middle of his face. That was when he got shot in the shoulder. Strength 29 Endurance 26 Accuracy 25 Fighter
  2. Patch - Detalhes da Atualização

    Boa Dimittri! Vlw pelas traduções man!
  3. Bom, pelo menos responderam né, ja é um avanço! Tenho vontade de jogar, mas do jeito que está, é mais frustrante do que outra coisa
  4. Palhaçada ter que ter 20 posts, mas enfim, it is how it is ;/
  5. What secrets are hidden in this blackbox?

    This was implemented yet?? never heard of this!
  6. New Gear to come in future!

  7. Creating a character in text forum RPG

    Oh man, i love d&d, this is gonna be so cool
  8. New Merchant: The Mechanic

  9. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Kill all before they lay eggs!
  10. Oh boy, here, we, GO!
  11. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    Thank you for the South America Servers........................
  12. New servers added!

    South america servers! PLEASE!