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  1. Help a noob out?

  2. How do i join text RPG

    its gon be cool rel ciool
  3. Text RPG is full sigh

    its gon be cool
  4. Making people buy and love EFT!

    I tried recommending eft to some friends and ended up realizing how this game is kinda broken:) . But nonetheless its a great concept and i hope it wont flop
  5. Looking for romanian players to form a clan

    salut numele meu in joc este davidepic11
  6. Quest Mega Thread

    what room exactly?
  7. Some dude threathened me with a ban

    So i found a random person in the list with the online players and added him and sent him the following message : "hey buddy" . Sadly his response was "just for sayin ive reported you to the admins" Any reason i might have gotten reported ?