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  1. bobbobersin

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Not a weapon per say but what about the 1P29 optical sight? http://www.smallarmsreview.com/display.article.cfm?idarticles=3562 This sight is made in Russia by the folks at the Novosibirsk instrument manufacturing factory http://www.npzoptics.com/. This will fit on any AK/OP SKS/VSS/PP-19/Saiga-12 (and any other weapon with the same style side rail mount) and would fit in really well with Tarkov. It's similar to the English SUIT sight (mounts on the FAL) and later SUSAT sight, both made by the Thales group https://www.thalesgroup.com/en. These would be great additions and additionally, Novosibrisk makes a metric crap ton of other fun and interesting products that all would make great additions to the weapon modding pool http://www.npzoptics.com/products/.
  2. bobbobersin


    Ok so I was browsing the reddit and found a post saying the shotgun is done but waiting on the code so it can properly load rounds into it without being buggy:
  3. bobbobersin

    Photos from Battlestate Games office

    So in regards to the gun board (if these will all be in game) we have 2 different M1911s, a Beretta M9/M92, an RPD, RPK, some sort of exotic AKM, USP/MK23 SOCOM, Kriss Vector and either another M1911 or what might be a browning HP RGN and an RPG-7. I'm hyped about this
  4. bobbobersin

    Weapon Companies Thread

    The PMM isn't an upgrade in the traditional sense (like putting a rail on an AKM or M4A1) as it it is an upgraded PM (similar to how the AKM is an upgraded AK-47, an AK-74M is an upgraded AK-74), I know what you mean by having more upgrade parts but the PMM isn't something you can just make by swapping out parts of a PM. Something that would make more sense when it comes to this concept would be these aftermarket PM laser grips and a more ergonomic (and potentially faster) magazine release (I'd love to see these in game) https://pmgrip.com/lg.html Or the FAB defense replacement grips https://www.fab-defense.com, and while on the topic these guys make a ton of exotic parts from Glock pistol conversion kits to aftermarket AR buffer tubes (they already have at least 1 stock in game but they make dozens and dozens of different parts from pistols to rifles.
  5. ok I think I found the issue, sometimes the drive spawns in wonky and you need to go prone and mess around to pick it up, if anyone is having this issue try going prone and leaning till it gives you the option to grab the part.
  6. bobbobersin

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Monty #4045
  7. I'm currently having the same issue, has anyone else found a fix for this? Going to try and loot the first drone again and see if it works
  8. bobbobersin

    How to install the DTK-4M muzzle brake

    Is the 5.45 model in game yet?
  9. bobbobersin

    Weapon Companies Thread

    This was posted on my phone, here's a picture, sorry for the slow reaction
  10. bobbobersin

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Something that would be nice to see in the future would be the PMM, an upgraded PM that can use 10 and 12 round magazines (not sure if they can use the older 8 rounders or if the older PM can use the newer mags though). These things are kind of what the Klin is like to the keder (IRL the PM can't handle hotter 19x18 loads very well just like how the keder can't use some 9x18 while the klin). These are made by Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, the same guys who make the PM so it shouldn't be that hard to get it in game. http://www.military-today.com/firearms
  11. bobbobersin

    20 gage slugs for Toz and any other future 20 gage shotguns

    Slugs currently do more damage at range, are more accurate at range and it has been stated that blunt damage will be implemented for large caliber rounds, particularly shotguns. Slugs also have much better pen then shot (not very good but can do a number on lighter armor). If you don't see the point of slugs in the game you clearly haven't been experimenting with them as they are the highest flesh damage singular rounds in game (unless your count multiple shot pellet hits on a target). Clearly you haven't been playing since the buff at all so I don't think it's fare to say they are pointless (and if you watch the podcasts they have talked about the blunt damage for a good month and a half).
  12. So I know we have slugs for the 12 gage shotguns in game at the moment but will it be possible to get some 20 gage for the toz? I don't know if there will be other 20 gage shotguns as well but it might be nice to have them either way as an alternative to buckshot (plus when mag tape comes into play it might be good for "budget" loadouts (1 mag for slugs, 1 for buckshot with different tape color)). Here's an example of some of the types on the market: https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/category/ammunition/shotgun/20-gauge/3-slugs.do
  13. bobbobersin

    working stripper clips?

    So I know that eventually these will be in the game (SKS and more then likely the mosin and M1A/M14) to quickly load up internal fixed magazines. Something that I feel would also be a good feature is that you could use them to top off detachable magazines as well. The M14 for example can use them to top off a magazine and even the SKS with a magazine adapter can use them as well: The reason I bring this up instead of waiting is that it would save time down the road if this concept isn't implemented out of the gait. I know it will be a while till we have working stripper clips in game but feel this will work well with the reload update as well. You can also use stripper clips to top off magazines much faster then by hand. There's also lots of mag loading tools that (although would take up weight and space) would allow for much faster reloads, not instantaneous loading but faster then with your bare hands. One thing more of a question then a suggestion is how will weapons with disintegrating belts work in game? Will you need to buy fresh links (might be useful to balance out the belt fed weapons by making you need to spend more to run them in exchange for their firepower) or will that not be a thing? I know it's rare but some weapons today still use reusable belts such as the PKM but most either only use disintegrating belts only or have them as an option as well. When it comes to that I don't really know what to suggest but want to bring it up to provoke ideas on it that could be useful in the long run.
  14. bobbobersin

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Something that recently came to mind for some interesting weapons would be TsNIITochMashhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TsNIITochMash. They make the SR-1 already in game as well as weapons like the KS-23 the PSS handgun with integrated suppressor SR-2 SMG SR-3 carbine and the PKP machine gun (a successor to the PKM, also another firearm that would make a good addition) Pretty sure these are already confirmed with screenshots of the models
  15. bobbobersin

    Weapon Companies Thread

    If I recall this is planed to be added eventually