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  1. Weapon Companies Thread

    I've come up with a few interesting options that could be added (one of them might be a tad hard to find a manufacturer for). First off is the famous Springfield armory, bringing us classics like the M14 battle rifle, M1911 (both already confirmed) as well as the M79 standalone 40mm GL (a perfect choice for USEC PMCs who want better accuracy and range then an rifle mounted M203 at the cost of taking up a whole weapons slot. Another good USEC choice for weapons/parts is Spikes tactical, who make plenty of aftermarket AR-15 platform rifles (in calibers from 5.56/223, .308 and even 9mm) and parts. Another slightly more exotic (game wise, IRL they are still common in Russia) is the precursor to the Mosin Nagant, the Berdan rifle (most seem to have been refurnished by FN) and are chambered in both 7.62x54R and some in various shotgun shell calibers (between 16 and 32 caliber). This would offer a nice, super economy single shot rifle/shotgun. On the topic of Nagant firearms (already have the mosin nagant rifle) would be the Nagant revolver, a great economy handgun with a long history in Russia, this nice little 7 shot could come in 3 versions, the single action model, the DA version and a special version (like the threaded PM) to mount custom suppressors (the gas system maes this one of the few revolvers that can mount one). Ok so this thing's super exotic (perhaps too much so for Tarkov) to the point I can't even find out who makes the damn thing (anyone who can find more info feel free to post it) and it seems to come off as one of those types of weapon thats completely "sanitized" of markings for good reasons (like the British Wellrod). The Device "D" is a mix of a single shot, integrally suppressed bolt action pistol and a silenced grenade launcher. I doubt that this would really fit the setting much (not sure if proper SF teams were in Tarkov during the contract wars) but I feel this thing could be a rather interesting addition game play wise It comes with the options for a stock, grenade adapter and even a bi pod. If this thing was ever added I feel it could make a cool niche weapon that's either a really rare find on the soon to be added (along with the UN and other scav factions) Russian troops (perhaps on scav boss style Spetnaz troops) or as a trade weapon (like 150 stocked at a time and requiring like 5 filters and a roller watch or something along those lines).
  2. Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    I wouldn't mind some furniture to go with that as well Or perhaps something a little more retro?
  3. Optics Companies Thread

    Not sure if this counts as an "optic" but since you guys already have Tapco on board you might want to look into their risers and carrying handle mounts These would be great for getting shorter optics to clear front sights (at the cost of greater parallax) and would also open the door for additional tactical options for both fixed and detachable carrying handle systems on ARs (like older AR-15s, Colt M7XX series and the M16/A1/A2s). Tapco also makes SAW style grips for ARs as well as the existing AK models (that we already have)â-ar-15-stock-set-black.html (seen here with some other parts they make) as well as buffer tube adapters for Saiga shotgunsâ-stock-set.html that open the door to a ton of customization options. Sorry if some of these parts are not optics, I wasn't sure if I should put these here or under weapons. On the topic of sights though here's some cool stuff from Truglow (again already a company you guys have on board) including some magnified optics ( as well as some longer raged magnified optics ( One final company for not just optics but gear as well would be NcStar ( that make innumerable products such as scopes and furniture to things like backpacks, vests and even "magazine wallets" (that could be used as a keybar/docs case/ weapon case just for magazines, something that would really come in handy when the new loading system is implemented and the inherent value of having more magazines increases).
  4. Weapon Companies Thread

    Ok something that's come up on the redit but I'm haveing issues tracking down the contact info is Roni, they make a large verity of rather exotic items but the one people have been talking about (both positive and negitive) is their series of glock carbine conversion kits ( These kits would allow you to take a normal glock and turn it into something similar to the Saiga 9 carbine (compared to the pistol configuration you would have a longer barrel for better accuracy, stock mounting options for better recoil/ergonomics, rails (for mounting everything from grips, lights/lasers, optics and even bipods)). I think that the whole stock mounted magazine holder would be a great feature for 1 really quick reload (similar to clamped,taped magazines if implemented) as well as holding a spare mag (at the cost of the added weight, size and negative ergonomics that come with it) for budget runs.
  5. AK night sights for the AK-74?

    Your sure your not a tad confused? There were 3 different "mainstream" AK-47 patterns, the type 1 made in 1947 to 1949, the type 2 was produced from 1949 to 1953-54 (overlap with the newer type 3) and the type 3 was made from 1953/54 to 1959, the AKM (what most people will call a 47 and is part of the 47 family) was first made in 1959 and is one of the most common out there. In comparison there were more AKMs made then type 1-3s combined but these were not just little test batches and where mass produced (in smaller numbers then their successor). It's a tad annoying when you see people calling an AKM a "AK-47" but to be fare it is an evolution of the 47 and is part of the 47 family of rifles (the other familys being the 74 (which includes the 74U and the 74M in addition to many other variants), the AK 100 line and the latest AK-12 and 15 (think they are part of their own line but it's kind of early in their life cycle to pin them both down in an established line depending on if they take off or not. TLDR: people constantly mislabel different AKs as AK-47s but there actually was an Assault Kalashnikov model of 1947 made in 3 types that evolved into the much more common AKM. The main reason it's called a 47 in retrospect is the invention of later evolution of the AK family and although they were never directly called 47s at the time later on this was used to differentiate and also classify what would lead to a whole distinct line (different from the later 74s, 100s and the new AK-12 and 15) retroactively.
  6. Weapon Companies Thread

    I know we already have Kalashnikov (almost half the weapons in game are made by them or based off their designs) but there's a rather new handgun they are making that might be cool to add, the PL-14
  7. AK night sights for the AK-74?

    I think there was a slight oversight when the AK night sights where added. Curently, you can put the front sights only on AKM based rifles but not the 74 (not sure if they work on the U model IRL but I know for a fact the rear wouldn't work (possibly on the UB but unlikely) but you can put the rear sights on the 74N. IRL these work on both the 47(AKM) and 74 families as well as the AK-12/15 (it's not listed as an option but the pattern of the front and rear sights is about on par and should work in theory (would need to test this but I don't have access to either of these lol). Here's some evidence showing they work on the 74 line I'm fairly sure this was just an oversight and hopefully it can get fixed in a later patch. (Important note, will not fit RPK sights so just a heads up if/when these are added)
  8. General questions on weapon implementation

    I think it would be a good idea for adjustable stocks to both change recoil, size and eye relief depending on their positions. Something also that would be cool is the ability to store stuff on pouches on weapons (shotgun shell holders on stocks, one of these stock mounted magazine pouches (this one's made by condor and even being able to store small bits and bobs in weapons with compartments in the stocks and grips ( skittles need not be included but would be fun none the less :D). Something also cool and practical would be the ability to clamp magazines togather (would increase storage space but speed up reloads) and could be done with clamps (, built in studs ( and even tape ( )
  9. Weapon Companies Thread

    These guys make some cool stuff, they also made the Springfield X-D family (no hyphen but it makes a damn emoji if I don't) which would be a really nice handgun to add.
  10. Weapon Companies Thread

    Got a lot of good ideas today for potential companies. Currently defunct the Military Arms Corporation produced the infamous M10 and M11 sub machine guns (more commonly known as the MAC-10 and MAC-11). Although these weapons are old I feel they might make an interesting platform analog as a sort of USEC Keder. I don't personaly know of any PMCs that actively use these weapons but there are a ton of variants ranging from closed civilian semi automatic models to various select fire versions (with plenty of aftermarket parts and several indiginous copyies built by different nations). The main selling point for these weapons is they would offer a nice, lightweight, low cost, low trader level SMG for USECs and the fact they they are chambered in both the .45 and 9mm round respectively would each come with pros and cons (fire weight, stopping power, ect.) (there's also a .22 conversion that could be fun for shits and giggles and would drastically lower recoil and bullet cost if these rounds are added to the game( there's a ton of weapons that use this round or have conversion kits). There are even models chambered in .380 which would be kind of a neat civilian round to have (not sure how common it is in Russia personalty but this could open the door to a verity of unique civilian pistol caliber firearms. I would also recomend Keltec (, these guys make everything from subcompact pistol carbines (sub2000) to handguns (too many to list) as well as shotguns (KSG series) and even rifles (RFB). These guys sell their stuff all over the world and wouldn't be surprised to see these in Russia (can't verify if they are common, I'm from the US) as rarer civilian spawns and some of their products like the RFB and KSG as low to mid tier USEC trader items. One final mention I have to make would be the Ithica 37 famaly of shotguns. These unique firearms eject shells out of the loading port (from the bottom) and come in a ton of diffrent sizes and models with hundreds of diffrent aftermarket parts. These are made by the Ithica gun company, who also produces a ton of stuff from M1911s to the famous deer slayer" line (Ithica 37s with rifled barrels that make awesome slug guns). This company is near and dear to me (have family from Ithica and both my grandfather and uncle collect their firearms) and produces weapons for civilians, law enforcement and military/PMC use. I'm not sure how common their products are in Russia and personalty feel they might be pushing it a little to fit into Tarkov but I could see some of their civ platforms being rare "exotic" scav/civ weapons as well as their mil spec products fitting well as lower trader level USEC weapons. Another good source for some exotic but believable PMC wespons would be South Africa's Amrstel srtiker. This thing's a tad on the exotic side and made by several companies (I would recommend the classic made by sentinel arms Steyr ( makes a ton of cool products like the AUG, TMP, Scout rifle line and M9A1 (not to be confused with the Beretta M92/M9) for both civilians and mil/PMC contractors and can bring some cool stuff to the game. On the topic of Beretta (, there's everything from the M12 (nice mid tier trader SMG) to the ARX-170, AR-70 (the rifle the in game fulcrum bayonet is built for originally) and the M92/M9/M93R ( a unique take on the machine pistol concept that uses a folding stock and grip, M92 magazines and a semi/3 round burst fire selector) in addition to countless other examples. I know the Glock 17 and SIG P226 have already been added but there is a whole line of glocks (18,19,23, ect.) and SIGs (from the P210, P227, P230, ECT.) that can easily be expanded on. I feel these would make a nice (and rare) PMC weapon but that it might be a tad too exotic for Tarkovs setting depending on who you ask. The final two companies I would recommend are IWI ( and norinco ( Both these guys make a ton of diffrent products ranging from the Tar, Galil, Uzi, Jericho and Desert Eagle (this one's controversial for many reasons) and the Type 54, Type 81, QBB/QBZ line, Type 63 as well as unique copies of other firearms (from AKs (type56) to M14 and ARs (CQ line) and even the SKS (several including the "D" model that feeds directly from AK magazines (different from the existing SKS detatchable magazines). Both these companies sell to PMC and civilians and a licence from either could result in dozens of firearms and variants available in Tarkov. Another few companies that make tons of products are FN ( (think you guys already have them for the SCAR and FAL but I would recommend the F2000 as a high trader level rifle and the Browning HP line of handguns in addition to some of their other lesser known products like the SLP shotgun line) and their famous machine guns M240 and M249 (they go by diffrent names all over the world)), Smith and Wesson ( for their many handguns like the M&P and massive revolver lines and Bellini ( for some of their unique rifles (like the R1 line) and shotguns (SPAS-12 and 15 are sort of exotic but could make a neat USEC analog to the MP-153 and Saiga shotguns respectively) like the M2, 3 and 4 (also known as the M1014 in US inventory) and the 828U over under. I might throw in a few more ideas for this in an edit or another post later. These guys make some cool stuff, they also made the Springfield X-D family (no hyphen but it makes a damn emoji if I don't) which would be a really nice handgun to add.
  11. Peacekeeper Spa Tour pt2 Not Completing?

    Just did this and no dice, is it just an error you can redo or am I stuck till next wipe?
  12. A Rich Topic about Guns :D

    We need some of that glorious hi-point action (the handgun version of the TOZ) and we might even be able to get this salient arms kit (we already have salient glock parts confirmed)
  13. Weapon Companies Thread

    I think they might be defunct but what about ZM weapons, maker of the LR-300? This would be cool to add due to the lack of a need for a buffer tube (comes with folding stock and in theory you could bout that cool basilisk stock on it as well in addition to a bunch of other unique stocks). (can't seem to find their web sight, think they might have gone under recently).
  14. PMC shouldn't tilt weapon up when someone gets close to them

    This can even open the door to working bayonets
  15. is there a chance it's desync? I feel that that might be the issue and on the topic of this what about dynamic dead similar to RO 1/2 /Riseing Storm 1/2 or verdun/tanenburg. If anyone isn't familiar not only do dead bodies scream and cry as well as twitch and move (unless shot in the head or when finished off (also a good idea for a function to silence dieing scavs/PMCs to attract less attention), which both adds immersion and game play fetures. You could also add gibing as well (kind of off topic but something that comes to mind with these ideas) and blood pools/trails on bleeding/dead bodies.