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    is the map terminal open ?

    Your friend has played a terrible joke on you.. lol
  2. Usmarine1984

    PVE - Multiplayer?

    As we all are encountering is that its every man for himself when loading into a game where both AI and human players will kill you no matter what. Going in as a group will start you out separated as well. Does anyone know if there will be servers that will allow a Player vs. Environment (Human vs. AI)? Does anyone know if the group system will allow for spawns nearby? As much fun as it is to play with others, sometimes kill them or be killed by them; this can get annoying at times when dealing with hackers. I find that it would be alot of fun to be able to go into a multiplayer server fully geared and not have to worry about being instantly killed by another player near spawn from the beginning (hacker or non-hacker) Any thoughts?
  3. Usmarine1984

    New sights

    WOW! The talent of Modeling these is simply amazing! Keep of the great work !
  4. Usmarine1984

    The weather in Tarkov

    I agree, the weather they have implemented is amazing and feels real! I had a side question relating to the weather in regards to night time. Does anyone know how the AI "see's" you at night? I've tried a few offline night missions where its practically pitch black, I would creep up on a SVAV as quiet as possible, they would kill me before I could see them.. Any thoughts? But back to the weather, Great job with the Weather Devs!
  5. Usmarine1984

    When will the hacking stop

    Although there are some hackers out there, and yes I have been a victim to it as well, I'm glad they have AI that are pretty hard that can kill the hackers lol