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  1. bad sound engine..

    I have the same experience as Esso. Ive also noticed that if you arent too close to people you can walk or even sprint not far from them without them hearing you. ( because ambience?) Or maybe sound is bugged but i think its fine most of the time actually. I also hear bush sounds and stuff but got used to it kinda. think of it as real life, maybe a bird flew or something
  2. The new patch just buffed Scavs by %10000000

    I played a few games only so far, and i noticed they are not stuck in the same places anymore. Still managed to kill several without problem. Really like that they are not stuck anymore if thats the case, + diffrent patrol routes.
  3. Petition for Unity to Fix FPS Drop while ADS

    Signed and shared. 13 to go
  4. Woods PMC run 71k exp

    Played a round on woods the other day , and it happend to be my best round uptil now. I actually streamed it and downloaded the video but the quality sucks, which is my bad for not checking settings before streaming. Video is messed up but im posting it anyway. Also is there a way to improve the quality of a video? (Guess no) Anyways for those who can bear watching all the pixels here you go : Action starts at 24:45 ca.
  5. Task Force Bravo

    Hi , first post and its gonna be quick ive been looking for people to play with since none of my friends play this game, so this sounds interesting. Im 29 and too much free time. What timezone are you in? EU, im bad at timezones, i live in norway. CEST? What experience do you have with EFT? I started playing in the start of august. Currently at lvl 40. moslty solo. Have you played team orientated and competitive games? Yes, CSGO, PUBG, COH2 etc.