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  1. Helmets...

    Very! well put mate
  2. Balistics

    You can inspect it and see the velocity of the round, typically the higher the velocity the more damage it will do more damage
  3. Thank You

    Little Cringy, 95% of games will have a better Dev team than DayZ, its not new to have a new game being updated this often, but it is great that they do update it often
  4. Fix the Aimbot?

    It is a rage post yes, Why is it when I see a scav roaming through a forest, I go up to try and kill him, he goes through 2-3 trees in front with bushes everywhere yet he will full spray land every shot through all this cover, day time and night time, its dumb
  5. The ability to cancel an animation

    It is the better move to clear the surroundings, but I shouldnt HAVE to, if I want to just run in get to that door, and I hear someone, I should be able to turn around before he can run all the way down the extraction point
  6. I never really found it to be an issue until I had great loot, but I went to an exit and it takes like 3 seconds to get through the door, if there is an ability to cancel that I dont know about please inform me but I lost fort armor and a lot of weapons because of someone camping exit, yes its my fault for clearing it but he only had a pistol, I know for a fact I heard him halfway through the animation, but couldnt move or anything, I know for a fact that I would of killed him because I had superior armor, weapons everything, I just couldnt do anything like a dead fish, please think this through or somehow make it work cause that was really bothering
  7. Cant Reset Game Profile?

    So my friend, just bought the Edge of Darkness edition, I remember when I bought my game I had upgraded no issue, but I had the standard edition for about a week or more before I upgraded, He got the standard edition, and then got the Edge of Darkness the day after, So does it have a lock on the account because its so new? cause he reset his game profile from the launcher and on the website and it did not give him the new gear or even reset his account, any ways to help fix this? is there a way to even fix it?
  8. A LOT OF ISSUES THAT I AM HAVING 1. Guns Disappear 2. Loot Disappears 3. Desync 4. Random Crashes 5. Edges your feet get caught on even though its 0.000094 inches high 6.Upgraded my package, lost all my gear, levels, Cash, 7. Audio is broken, I shouldnt be able to hear or be heard if im 6 meters below concrete 8. Hit Reg, plenty of times I have shot people and they have not died, (Headshots) 9. Exit doesnt exit sometimes 10. Splint doesnt do anything 11. im assuming the servers are peer to peer or have a VERY low tick rate 12. A lot more problems I have yet to experience Yes I am rage posting cause I lose so much gear/fun/playtime etc Just because of these bugs 99% of games I get in are desynced to all hell, 95% of the time loot/guns disappear when I kill someone
  9. Where is the hit reg?

    I have been in so many situations where I should of killed an Ai or a player, I have CLEARLY shot them in the head whether it be a pistol, Ak, Shotgun and the Hit reg just phases through them, I dont understand, please fix I know for a fact that I am better than average when it comes to shooters and there has been PLENTY of times where I should have had a kill
  10. My Issues

    I love this game, I bought the most expensive package, but I cant play the game? The Desync is beyond broken I dont know how it made it through, maybe you should make a test server, game crashes left and right, Upgrading packages deletes rank of your player and ALL traders, Packages promise good standings with Traders whatever that means, I didnt notice a difference between any of the packages, maybe its not in the game yet? if its not I hope to god it isnt cause a little bit of false advertisement if I aint mistaken, What annoys me the most is that when you crash at how long it takes to load back in that you spawn in dead either with your PMC or Scav, its absolutely dumb PMC not so much but having to wait an HOUR for my scav character because YOUR game crashes all the time, and its not even all the time but it does add up, I've lost about 5-10 hours alone of just scav playtime I could of had, I dont understand it, upgrading packages should keep your level, gear, cash, trading ranks etc, and you cant argue that it would get in the way of the stuff I had before, because depending on the package upgrade You sometimes double/triple your inventory space, I love this game and I want it to be a thing, but it bothers me how much I LOSE whether it be time, GREAT gear, it bothers me, please fix the stability before content cause I want to stop LOSING gear/playtime I could of gotten
  11. I was told by 2 of my friends that when they upgraded their game package, that all of their items in their inventory was deleted along with the fact that the trader standings got reset, why is this a thing, why dont you fix this INSTANTLY along with his player rank, WHY does it do this?
  12. Thousands of times I have been caught on the Smallest EDGE or LIP, Lets say 1-2 INCHES off the ground, and for some REASON My character doesnt know how to LIFT up their FEET, resulting in me not being able MOVE or ESCAPE, Please fix this stupid issue