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  1. icontheking

    everything in this game is bs

    lol. either I am a freakin pro in this game or he exaggerates.
  2. icontheking

    This game is too ********* hard

    but even if they fix everything it will be a hard game for a fps newbie
  3. icontheking

    Bug reports do no good

    They would fix all the stuff and as soon as new content would hit the servers, new bugs and glitches would occur. Creating and fixing is a process that goes hand in hand.
  4. icontheking

    Bug reports do no good

    The problem is the people who fix stuff are not the same people who create stuff.
  5. Warum nicht einfach deinstallieren und nach release nochmal schauen ob diese schwerwiegenden bugs gefixt wurden?
  6. icontheking

    Bug reports do no good

    They have a lot to do. But they cant do everything at once.
  7. icontheking

    Why I tell every gamer I meet not to buy Tarkov

    I tell every gamer I meet not to buy the game because there is no way. You can only preorder it.
  8. icontheking

    Think of a phrase for the Scav or PMC!

    "Like a butter" Best phrase ever
  9. icontheking

    supermarket check counter anti theft system eas

    I think its because there is no power. Thats why there are those loud generators to power those flood lights.
  10. icontheking

    pve server

    PVE mode would be like a quest mode....everyone would go in there to make quests. No thanks. If you are not that good in pvp, dont play a pvp based game or try to get better. (everyone sucks in tarkov at the beginning) Sorry if this sounds rude.
  11. icontheking

    We need Kill Cam

    Really?! I kill a guy and he is telling his buddy where I am??!!!! No, thanks.........
  12. icontheking

    Sicherheitscontainer wird entfernt?

    Entfernt werden sollte der SC nicht, aber die Idee, dass man im Raid nur sachen rausholen kann, jedoch keine rein legen, finde ich recht gut. Ich nutze ihn sowieso nur für Schlüssel, Maps und medi-stuff. Dann lohnt es sich auch mal Hatchlings zu durchsuchen Würde die Sache auf jeden Fall spannender machen. Momentan muss man ja einfach nur schnell sein und Glück haben um nen Factory Key oder dergleichen zu bekommen... #blessrng
  13. icontheking

    im soo not good at this game !

    yea, getting over gear fear is the key imo. Since I'm over it, my stash is full. You also need to get used to die a lot. Dont be scared of dying. Gear comes and goes. And of course you need to know the maps. As soon as you know them, play more aggressive.
  14. icontheking

    Spieler Melden

    Bisher kann man noch keine Spieler melden.
  15. exactly my thoughts!