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  1. icontheking

    We need Kill Cam

    and thats fine. But the devs already told us they dont want to implement that feature. So they dont want to see such thing in their game. They wont change their mind just because you would like it. It sucks but it is what it is. I dont want that feature because it would give me an arcade feeling i dont want in the game. I like the game because its brutal. This is my personal opinion and you have to accept it like I accept yours.# But again, this conversation is months old. Everything was said and the devs told us they dont want it. Please move on.
  2. icontheking

    We need Kill Cam

    But this is not World of Warships or a racing game. Some people and the Devs just dont want such an arcade feature in the game. Its good to have such a conversation but the Devs said no, so whats the point discussing for months?
  3. icontheking

    Ich komme einfach nicht weiter

    Keine Angst, das geht JEDEM so am Anfang. Mit hat es viel gebracht Streams von recht guten Spielern zu schauen. Einfach weiter machen. Ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen
  4. icontheking

    We need Kill Cam

    And how does this work? If I die, I'll gear up again and go into another raid. I dont know when the last raid is over. Or schould we get these clips like insurance? Please give us ideas, because "when the raid has ended" doesn't work that easy....
  5. icontheking

    Große Bannwelle

    Sollte es verboten werden wird es angekündigt.
  6. Irgendetwas in der Art wäre schon nicht schlecht. Habe schon paar mal jemanden in der Zone gekillt.....man war das n krampf den body zu looten
  7. icontheking

    Unbelievable game play NONSENSE!!!

    Of course it is. It is not finished yet. Open your eyes. It is much better then it was a year ago.
  8. icontheking

    everything in this game is bs

    lol. either I am a freakin pro in this game or he exaggerates.
  9. icontheking

    This game is too ********* hard

    but even if they fix everything it will be a hard game for a fps newbie
  10. icontheking

    Bug reports do no good

    They would fix all the stuff and as soon as new content would hit the servers, new bugs and glitches would occur. Creating and fixing is a process that goes hand in hand.
  11. icontheking

    Bug reports do no good

    The problem is the people who fix stuff are not the same people who create stuff.
  12. Warum nicht einfach deinstallieren und nach release nochmal schauen ob diese schwerwiegenden bugs gefixt wurden?
  13. icontheking

    Bug reports do no good

    They have a lot to do. But they cant do everything at once.
  14. icontheking

    Why I tell every gamer I meet not to buy Tarkov

    I tell every gamer I meet not to buy the game because there is no way. You can only preorder it.
  15. icontheking

    Think of a phrase for the Scav or PMC!

    "Like a butter" Best phrase ever