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  1. Server connection lost

    Same thing here!
  2. Server connection lost

    I just noticed it, will this fix it you think?
  3. Server connection lost

    Hello guys I was just wondering if there are more people experiencing this issue and if the developers are aware of this and trying to fix it. So since the last patch I get the "server connection lost" message a lot when I try to play a match. This occurs like 50% of the games I play and almost 100% when I play with friends. This all happend after the last patch, before this I never had an issue joining a match. Also the performance went down A LOT. I'm pretty sure that I can say that I have a perfect gaming rig and connection but there is still lagg and other performance issues sometimes. Are the developers aware of this? Is it being fixed? Thanks for the replies in advance!
  4. Friend's PC can't handle EFT

    Thanks for the replies guys! I was unaware of these issues. It is strange that I don't experience these and my friend does..
  5. Friend's PC can't handle EFT

    Hello everyone So my friend recently bought a EFT and upgraded his pc with it. Here are his specs: - 16G RAM - ASUS GeForce GTX1050 TI 4G - I7(somewhat) CPU Still with these specs (almost exactly the same as mine), he can't run EFT smoothly on even low graphics. (He plays with lag) We're pretty sure that the internet connection isn't the problem but what could it be? Now the GTX1050 GPU doesn't have a plug to plug in the power from the supply, my GPU does have this option. Another thing is that he upgraded everything except his motherboard. Does this have something to do with his lack of performance? Thanks in advance!
  6. Can my friends laptop run EFT?

    Hello everyone, I recently bought this game and it's running smooth for me. Now my friend wants to buy it too but we want to be sure that his computer can handle it. These are his specs: Intel i5-5200U @2.2GHz CPU, Nvidea GeForce GTX 950m and 8G RAM. Keep in mind that this is a laptop. We want the game to run smooth, not the whole 60 fps but at least playable. Anybody that can help us? Thanks in advance!