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  1. Krymz_

    How to lose Addicted player :) (clear post)

    remember that trailer, where the player is creeping his way through factory, with scavs around trying to look for him. now it's just running sounds and gun shots
  2. Krymz_

    getting killed by bs instaheadshots

    they know someone is going to shoot them eventually. Their but is so clentched, they get to dodge bullets just by sound of the gun shot lol
  3. every streamer has a zoom application thing to see as if they had a scope and to see your moving pixels which they would not normaly see with naked eye. They all put a ducking dot on the middle of their screen too, and whatever else they can get away with like reshade to make players shine out more than intended by the devs. and that's just streamers. like 1% of players. so many other players who you can't know if they have an unfair advantage over you... or when they rush the corner full auto, because they know about peeker's advantage and whatever....
  4. Krymz_

    getting killed by bs instaheadshots

    the only thing you can do in this game is learn what you could've done better, and forget it ever happened, otherwise you start being a hatchetman or not playing because too salty/scared. i've seen this at least once in every patch so far...
  5. Krymz_

    getting killed by bs instaheadshots

    VERY OFTEN, I'll get some crazy frame drop, the sound will skip and the game will duck around with my nerves, and everytime it's like When I'm about to go in a dangerous spot where i'm pretty sure there is at least an a.i. around (i.e. let's get into dorms.... LAG LAG LAG LAG LAG... oh you see someone? too bad you your gun shoots as fast as your FPS!)
  6. Krymz_

    Make Kiba Store great again !

    wow, the guy is complaning that one time he had bad RNG so the devs should give him always good RNG for anything he tries, cause otherwise why would he try anything.
  7. Krymz_

    Player Scav rework suggestion.

    maybe some better scav emotes that are not cryptic russian or a barely discernable forearm movement, or just some good old VoIP
  8. Krymz_

    Player Scav rework suggestion.

    I was thinking they should make the scavs as a second character, with it's own stash. It could have it's own specific scav trader to get scav gear for raids. They could have access to all the guns that are less commonly used and no "good guns" like m4s and such, and set up kits that make sense (i.e. : makarov+TOZ combo, as oposed to the one i get sometimes, the pp-19 kit with 20 bullets total for the raid...). Or it could still be just RNG what pre-made kit you get. and then the item you get from scaving you can keep to go scav again, or send to your PMC. you would not have a magic container that keeps items in a trandismentional portal that only you can access, so you could not use your scav as a "free upgraded hatchling", and your inventory space would be quite small so you could not accumulate a bunch of items, as they would be meaningless for the scav. Some scav quest could be nice. maybe we could have the dealmaker, fence, and whoever else, as traders, but mostly for quest. I don't know how feasable it would be, but something like "kill 2 PMC trying to clean up the resort", or "kill 5 PMC on factory". Could also have some fetch quests like the Skier task Chemical part-1. Completing these missions would make your scav level up, not grinding in game. Maybe the quests would be what unlocked a map for your scav, and you had to "kill at least one PMC and extract" to do the quest, get some small reward, and then be able to choose wich next quest to take, in a choice of random "kill X ammount of PMC + extract", each map having a higher or lower kill count, but different rewards for completion, so completing a higher kill count would give like nice boxes of ammo or gun mods or whatever, while lower kill count quests would give meds and general quest items (i.e. 2 tushonka+ 2 light bulbs+pack of smokes+1 water). It could help toward making player scav cooperate more, maybe. but you would be stuck to that map until you finished the quest or canceled it to choose an other one because it was too hard for you or you want to scav somewhere else to get a better rewards or whatever. Leveling up would get you hier tier of RNG raid gear, a general stat increase, ect. Maybe A.I. scavs would follow you around more if you are higher level than if you are a level 1 scav pleb. So tier 1 scavs would be the usual pistol, toz, broken guns with 10 rnd mags, 133s and such, maybe a small bag and a bandage... like now Tier 2 could include not broken guns with 10 rnd mags, 153s and such, white armor sometimes, Tier 3 could include automatic 9mms and so on, paca sometimes, tier 4 could include normal ak47s and sks and so on, better bags and meds, ect. Those tier tables would just have different %chance of getting, so a tier 4 scav could still get some 133 runs, just a lot less frequently than at lower tiers. Just a bunch of ideas.
  9. not having acess to armor is the most cringy part of being level 1. because a makarov will one tap most unprotected heads winthin 50m, so you can pretty much do anything, as long as you know your limits.
  10. yup. do a couple scav runs, safely (i.e. don't run at gun fire sounds), and you should get yourself at least a couple of AKs.
  11. Krymz_

    In raid collection of Intel

    only if you understand russian though lol
  12. Krymz_


    like I said in an other post, keyrings are plentiful in every gas station I go to in real life. I don't understand why it's such a rare item in the game.
  13. Krymz_

    Rarity of keybars and docs-case

    I don't understand how gas stations are not filled with keybars. Every gas station I ever went to had a "display" full of them. It's kind of weird how I can't just tie up all the keys with a string and have that be a keybar.
  14. Krymz_

    Female Character Models?

    just watched a video of a girl starting a shootout against a bunch of guys, but it must have been fake news, only men shoot gun at men! the backwardness in this thread....