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  1. Krymz_

    Will you ever fix leg meta?

    i did just under 3k dmg to the scav's boss armors with my 153, shooting them in the head and chest did duck all. (scav run with 153 buckshot). I don't know how their math works, but i'm pretty sure their armor doesn't have more than 2k points combined. so idk, fix game plz.
  2. Krymz_

    Will you ever fix leg meta?

    there's players playing for immersion, and others playing for other reasons. Unless we get personal servers to manage (like in squad or counter strike), we can't choose who we play with. You can't choose not to play with people who find the best thing about this game is the loot (hatchets), or that just want to wreck other people's day (extract campers/glitchers/hackers), and so on and so on. I'd like a server with only lv1 gun that are buyable, and the rest would be all tradable for random crap items. a stronger barter economy would be great.
  3. Krymz_

    Will you ever fix leg meta?

    they could fix leg meta by not having you die and just be prone and not able to move as you bleed the duck out because you got no more legs.
  4. Krymz_

    Where can this guy have shot us from?

    to your left, where both of you are not looking. just from the sound. actually, might even got teamed, as it sounds from the right behind you when you are in your inventory, and then from the front left as you get out of it. Seemed you went in a corner, and they just flanked you.
  5. Krymz_

    Trial code needed

    sent you two keys via PM
  6. Krymz_

    FastMT Headset and other comtacs

    why can't we just have wireless earbuds
  7. they've been trying to find a solution to this for a while. They don't want to make people who have high end PCs to have to wait for the potato PCs.
  8. Krymz_

    How can i kill someone with a crown??

    the only pay2win in this game is like, if you can afford an High end PC, not if you get a EOD edition or not. like when you loose 5-20 fps when you get close to an area that has a player in it near. or how you loose a bunch of frames and start to stutter everytime you start trying to kill something.... like everything is fine at 60fps+, then you hear someone around the corner, go to peak, and as you see him, mega stutter. and you obviously die except that 1/100 time where you got lucky.
  9. Krymz_

    do leg shot kills not work on bots?

    we need more dinamic damage response. sprayed an AI in the face/chest/arms at less than 5m, and he just flipped me off, walked through the door and fired a quick burst straight to my face on first try. When i get shot and Try to shoot and move, my gun goes all over the godam place, it does not do nice controlled bursts exactly where i want it to go. They are better than ducking streamers.
  10. Krymz_

    7.62 like blanks???

    why is shooting someone where he's not armored smething that should not be? i don't get it. at all. some leg protection could be interesting, if such a thing exist.
  11. Krymz_

    NEW YEAR EVENT in Escape From Tarkov!

    stoked for the new content! Happy new year! 2018 has had quite the sour ending for you guys, hopefully things go better for next year!
  12. compasses show the magnetic north, not where the "extract" is....
  13. Krymz_

    kill 20 players

    usually when i get this quest, i've had the "kill 5 usecs" not completed for weeks, and when i see this is what is next i stop playing and wait for the next wipe. haven't played in weeks, just not interested in gearing up only to die to some cheeky in a bush at the extract, because playing fair is not in that person's personal values lol I don't care to ruin player's game by camping like a hooker at a street corner. or to hunt them down for no reason other than they are in my game. I find that super fucked up. Maybe if it was on factory so that it doesn't take 45min to MAYBE kill 1 or two guy, if lucky and not getting camped as i cross the map twice looking for players.
  14. Krymz_

    EFT Video Content Contest!

    can't wait to see troll videos of a bunch of bad teamates, desyncs and so on But also can't wait for top knotch original content