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  1. New players

    Character name Alexandre_Volki Description tall, green eyes, wears a red tuque and a red scarf year round. His past after finishing college, he started a trip across the old continent. Back-packing from the Atlantic to the Pacific, he was in Tarkov when the contract war started. How did he get to Tarkov? he walked there, getting rides here and there. It took him a long time too. Predilections Playing music, making food, electronics and a little bit of mechanics. Friends He found a crew of 5 punks he befriended. squats unoccupied houses and scavenge for goods with them. Wounds, and battles nothing serious yet, a couple fists fights here and there, nothing major. Aspirations To live, laugh, love, and hopefully make the world a better place in the end. The greatest achievement that character did Travelled from France to Tarkov on his own. Strength 24 Endurance 27 Accuracy 29 Engineer
  2. i woke up wondering what the global political situation was like in the time and region that the game takes place in. Especially with regards to North Korea, the middle east, Russia and the USofA. Has the tension escalated to global war? or is it just like now to concentrate on a particular story that is more local to Tarkov and Russia and less international in scope?
  3. Honest Question about Hatchlings

    once there are consequences for dying, like a timer for deployment if you die, or ailments that don't magically disappear when you extract, more AI around the few "loot" areas.... Hatcheting will only be a viable option because you ran out of ammo in raid.
  4. Always campers in every building

    it's like, if it happens to you more then 2 times, and you don't learn&adapt, there's no hope for you uninstall.
  5. text RPG always scared me, in the way that I'm always afraid it's not going to understand what I want it to do.... I'm definatly trying this one though!
  6. Constant Disconnects

    on shoreline, everytime I log in I'm fine for X amount of minute (with minor rubberbanding), until all of a sudden I get a lag spike, and my fps gets really good all of a sudden, but everyone is just standing still and have immunity, but they can see me walking around and they are not where I see them at all... I gotta kill stuff on shoreline, but the game wont allow. Tried a couple things from browsing the forums, hopefully it helps. (added exception to firewall and also )
  7. Magazines being lost when reloading

    sometime I get glitchy vest parts that will glitch and duck anything I try to put there or that was there. I don't know how it happens and it's annoying AF.
  8. "Server Connection Lost"

    happens to me everytime on shoreline. got loads of PMC to kill in there, but I'll never get it done cause all I can do is play 5min of "solo" while the rest of the players see me and shoot me, but if I see them they are not moving and tanking all the bullets I can trow at them. sometime it will disconnect me/make me die from desync death instead. and then i keep getting "server connection lost" every 5 min if I don't die. EXTREMELY infuriating.
  9. Skier chemical part 1

    hatcheteers are ruining this game man... and quest items should be able to be taken from players...
  10. Dog Tags ruined Friendlys

    it's not a Tarkov problem, it's a human problem. For some reason the POS strive and multiply on the internet, and the good folks with brains that want to have a different dimension to the game then just run-gun-loot have to deal with the scummy humans that populate this earth. I've had a couple of amazing runs by teaming up with a random hatchling wiggler on sight in factory. We killed two guys in the top office and got a gun each. I was scared as F when I was trying to communicate to the guy to take the pistol I left on the corpse.... I died later in the mission, but he found my dogtag and sent me some msgs. I should try to do some runs with him again. Oh and he was bear I was usec
  11. extract camping nicks

    got caught there one time, after a very long and hard factory fight. pissed me off so bad.
  12. geared players

    wow, humans are cancer. If a hatchling is not trying to run at me, I'll try to do some basic communications (wiggling). if there seems to be some intelligence behind the player, I'll let him be. but i'm still not going to trust him...
  13. I'd bunker down in a mall. Make it mine, booby trapped everywhere. Make my own crew of scavs. Survive.
  14. Redesigned Head Gear Slots

    could we get differently colored masks and such? saves having to create brand new cosmetic items for the short term.
  15. Compass?

    just a digital wrist watch with a compass integrated to it, when you press "o" it makes you do a similar animation to checking your inventory, but just brings your watch into focus (and maybe shows in the top corner under the time, whatever direction you are looking at when pressing the button.)