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  1. Krymz_

    Forum RPG - Create A Character Contest

    what i mean is is it a text RPG like this this is actually what i was expecting. not a roleplay forum :\
  2. Krymz_

    Forum RPG - Create A Character Contest

    if it's a forum, is it like, an roleplay "game"? I used to participate in some RP forums back in the days. I don't really want to be doing RP though.
  3. Krymz_

    Forum RPG - Create A Character Contest

    I made a character, but there's nothing to do. no quests, no inventory, no cash, no game, only a forum for questions and whatnot.
  4. Krymz_

    Female Character Models?

    but your opinion is wrong, immersion means more realism, having more realism means having a girl here and there once in a while. I know it's extra work. It's nothing urgently needed, just a little something else to add. I don't see how rigs and backpacks need to be adjusted if the player model has the same size hitboxes. they already clip all over each other anyway :\ Could even be a mini boss, the only female in the game, excluding therapist. A smaller frame could even be adapted for a "young teenager" scav template and not just for females.
  5. Krymz_

    Suggestion: Quests Tie In With Trader Level

    I agree. more quests, more reason to explore the maps.
  6. Krymz_

    Suggestion: Economy Fix For More Fun...

    a quest like the plant the beacon, but with a longer timer, and you have to steal it from someone trying to defend it for X minutes
  7. Krymz_

    Suggestion: Economy Fix For More Fun...

    They could Specialize the traders even more, with more trader caps (like, 15 instead of 4), where prapor could be the Kalashnikov guy, Skier the SKS & shotguns, and so on. I would add more traders (an ammo trader maybe?!), a shitload more quests per traders in all maps in a lot of different areas. It would make the trader system more fluid and be different between players depending on who they work for, having missions that are made to make you go against players doing the quest of an other trader (going to the same area to do something, where an opposing trader also has a quest there, of matching "lvl"). Doesn't even have to be traders, they could just be NPCs that give quest and rep with the main traders. Some NPC from the different SCAV factions that can give you quests :O
  8. Krymz_

    player scav vs player scav vs AI

    yeah. Would help too as sometime you come upon scav that would not know that you killed any, but somehow, they know!!!
  9. Krymz_

    Female Character Models?

    The people on this thread are frikin ridiculous. Female is problem because boobs is the most virgin dumb ass poo I ever heard. An other one was saying "female scav would break my immersion".... WTF?!?!?! how? that's like where they should start to begin with so people don't get some kind of meta advantage by choosing a female character PMC. Just take that ugly scav, slap on a ugly scav girl face with a scav girl voice and voilà. female character. If their first female character is a big titted bimbo like every other next game, I'll be disappointed.
  10. Krymz_

    Suggestion: Shotgun Shell Reloading

    Just make it that if you press shooting you stop reloading and get ready to shoot. You should be able to aim and reload (maybe at a higher shotgun proficiency lv)
  11. you must be confused with CounterStrike. have you tried shooting your weapon from behind cover?
  12. Krymz_

    Happy Victory day BSG

    I just got an promotional e-mail about the Victory day deal coming up. I was so looking forward to it I just went on the website and bought the last pack left to buy, the EOD. Then I realized there was no deal on that price I just paid... Well, take that extra money as gratitude for your incredible sacrifices in world war 2 and killing those nazi scumbags. Happy Victory day!
  13. Krymz_

    Banned: The Sad Story of the 500 Cheaters

    anyway to ban people who use an artificial dot in their screen? all the popular streamers are DEFINITELY using this bullshit doing 100m+ spraying hipfire headshot bullshit consistently. I even got a friend who uses it because he can't stand other people cheating on him so he's like "i'm going to cheat too then" and spreads the cancer.
  14. Krymz_

    Object reference error

    went to users/appdata/temp/roaming/battlestategames/bsglauncher and deleted the settings file. Re-launched the BSG launcher, chose language, log-in, and then path, chose the path but then closed the installation pop-up as I was seeing it was checking file integrity in the background. going to see if it did anything and will update if it worked or happened again tonight. (it doesnt happen every raid, and not being the party leader forces the loadscreen after a few prompts, but you are stuck with the black menu bar in overlay until reset.)
  15. Krymz_

    Local Tarkov culture

    leningrad sounds way more cool than "Saint"-Petersburg.