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  1. could be useful, if there was a "easy mode". there isin't though.
  2. i dunno, where i live, spruce tree don't glow. neither does the grass. Also the stuff that is suposed to have decades of wear and tear plus recent abandonment now looks freshly painted and with new construction materials... perfect exemple starts at 1:30 looks good and proper in vanilla, then all nasty glowy and wrong color scheme for the type and atmosphere of game with reshade on. vanilla is "welcome to Tarkov" re-shade is "welcome to disney land"
  3. "hey, my bike comes with an electric motor. not my fault yours doesn't. it's not cheating!!!!"
  4. Krymz_

    Optimizations for older gpu's

    i actually get shitloads more frames at lowest settings now. optimisation ftw.
  5. instead of entry fee, I could see a "minimum gear score required" kind of thing. would also kill hatchets in the egg before they hatch (get it?! )
  6. my native resolution is 1440x900, but it makes my inventory look like this, and it's just aweful to manage. I have to change it to 1280x720 to get a normal inventory, but everything is a lot more fuzy and it's harder to spot enemies that are right in front of me. Would it not be easy to cram things just a little bit more, to get that one column which makes the inventory need to be draged from left to right, visible at all time?
  7. Krymz_

    Optimizations for older gpu's

    i got an MSI R7 370 4G. not sure how old that is, but it's having a hard time trying to stay above 50fps at minimum settings
  8. FEEL MOAR GUILT Dedicated servers where you can have pswrds and be selective about who plays in your server and who doesn't, could potentially help. What are you going to do about "kill X players" missions though?
  9. Krymz_

    Its a waste of time with insurance .

    I tried to escape from day time facto last night, lost like 7 guns/kits in a row, then finally managed to make it out alive. then I went on shoreline and killed 40 scavs in 4 runs to do 2 quests from prapor, and had already almost-completely refilled my stash of guns. And that was with a silenced saiga shotgun with slugs and a OPK-7 red dot, and night vision. I went for the lulz and it worked. If you are woried about in game money, you must be doing something wrong. I'm always over a million rubles, and I suck and can't even get access to good armor. yet I keep on playing...
  10. nope, bunch of fake kung fu. Guy trows imself on the ground instead of trying to stab the dude he's suposed to try to stab. it's all cohegraphy. this aint much better, but it shows that unless you are spiderman, aint poo you gonna do to a close guy who wants to poke you
  11. "great video" guy teaching self defense: first move is "open up your side where he is trusting the knife at, to grab his harm. lol
  12. Krymz_

    SCAV player vs SCAV player

    that's the thing, it "conflicts" with the code when you shoot back. You are shooting a scav too. I could see this get abused where you are free to go on a AI killing rampage after self defense, from the immunity of killing a marked scav. Server load i mean the more things the computer gotta compute, the more desync and weird registery. so in the midle of a firefight, it needs to reassign player's roles, and constantly check if the defender is denfending against the right scav player (confusion, missfire, ect). I dunno, maybe. I'm not a coder. but it's already better then just begging for karma.
  13. Krymz_

    SCAV player vs SCAV player

    says brainstorming, says to not talk about something.... coding as in "having a implementable idea that the coders can code as you said. Not "write code for the coders to copy paste". like duh. it's to avoid useless ideas like "scavs should just know".
  14. Krymz_

    SCAV player vs SCAV player

    OH i got an idea. If you shoot a scav, you become a "target". So it needs to be that if you become a target, anything that shoots at you does not become a target also. Scavs of the world, unite! you have nothing to loose but your T-bag