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  1. Shimazusan

    Bans for using forbidden software

    Who the duck cheats with a 150$ edition. Stolen accounts?
  2. Shotguns are overpowered at the moment or just broken because of the face hitbox that was added. Scavs drop at 100m and start spraying buckshot into your direction hitting your face with one or two pellets that kill you
  3. Shimazusan

    New AK variant screenshots

    Very nice
  4. Shimazusan

    New AK variant screenshots

    Next patch means this one or next next?
  5. Shimazusan

    Dog Tags ruined Friendlys

    Yup. For me the dogtags dont matter. I kill you because i can and i dont trust anyone except the people i know and play/speak with. You wiggle, i shoot. You freeze, i shoot. No survivors.
  6. Shimazusan

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Shimazu#6151 Please verify
  7. Shimazusan

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    Wrong. They can continue sprinting until they stop. Then they cant start running again. Even with 2 blacked legs you can sprint until exhausted
  8. Shimazusan


    Found several Kivers and Kolpak Unlucky
  9. Shimazusan


    ALT + F4 does not make you invincible. My buddy had a bugged gun yesterday and could not reconnect after using alt f4. I killed him, took his loot and extracted with it. The runner did not Alt + F4.
  10. Shimazusan

    Green Smoke ?

    The green smoke marks the extraction as a active extraction point. As long as you spawned on the correct side. You cant spawn at the normal woods spawn and extract at the bunker close to the crashed plane. You would be able to extract 30 sec into the game. If you manage to reach the bunker form the new spawn and see no smoke, the extraction is not active in this raid and does not work. You will have to go to the metal gate this time.
  11. Shimazusan


    Its not about finding different keys, its about finding 3x 204 and 1x 206 in a single drawer....why not some "real" loot
  12. Shimazusan


    Key spawns need a rework asap. Yesterday my buddy looted 16 keys from the double factory drawer. mostly 206 220 and 204. Spawn some nice loot again please
  13. Shimazusan

    PTT Key?

    i use middle mouse button and have free look bound to left alt. Side buttons are for scope zeroing up and down.
  14. Shimazusan

    I cant loot weapons

    I encountered a new problem. My buddy looted a saiga-9 from a scav but for me he still had it in his hand but if i try to pick it up it just pops back into his hands. I was even able to discad it to the ground but could no pick it up either.
  15. Shimazusan

    Ban for forbidden software using 

    Thats the ban list for only 2 days? Damn