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  1. New Interchange Screenshots

    Going to an IKEA IDEA store was stressful enough even before we brought guns.
  2. New Interchange Screenshots

    Don't want to come across as mean, but why should you keep progress/gear when you aren't risking any gear etc when playing offline? If you would gain experience and/or gear in offline, then you would be able to use that to your advantage in online (e.g. lvling up traders and buying high end gear without risking anything while doing so and then use said gear against players). And no, if you want an offline shooter then EFT is not for you as BSG have stated that the offline mode will only be available in the beta, once the game is live then it is online only.
  3. New Interchange Screenshots

    Because Offline is for testing weapons etc. Not to gain items or levels. Edit: And that map looks dope! I heard it will have 40 players, is this true?
  4. 1PN58 NSPUM (Night Scope)

    Oh, I wonder if that will be a budget night vision. Instead of spending 200K on a night vision that is always on we get a "cheap" scoped version.
  5. This happened to me this morning, never happened before. My pre-work scav round and scav was constantly strafing to the right.
  6. Countercheating measures

    That won't work in the live release of the game. The cheaters will gather gear and move to secondary accounts, sell gear for real world money or use said gear on their non-cheating accounts giving them an advantage over legit players. When the game goes live (or preferably before that to show us legit players that the cheats we have endured during alpha/beta was worth our time) the cheaters needs to be insta-banned, not in ban-waves, not after reviewing the data for a week etc. Cheaters must be stomped out and banned the minute they activate the cheats when the game is live. I am giving the EFT team the benefit of the doubt as the game is in beta, and I am accepting that they need to gather information during the beta, but if the same 'tactic' goes into live this great game is sadly doomed.
  7. Scav on Scav

    Eroktic Gaming suggested a thing in his video that I have posted a few times in here, not taking credit for the idea. Add an hour to the scav for scavs killing scavs (and move the timer server side). Killing two Scavs would yield 4 hours and so on. That way, if you see a random pistol scav, you may not want to kill that scav if you get an extra hour to the scav timer. But if you see a high-gear scav with a helmet etc, you may go and backstab that scav for the loot (and the risk of not even making it out). That way they would preserve the realistic game play of Scavs being scavengers, e.g. opportunistic killers that will kill their neighbors if it benefit themselves, but more often than not they would band together to kill PMC as in general PMC's have the prime loot in raids. Edit: This of course will work even better once we get VOIP.
  8. Countercheating measures

    Sorry missed your previous post. But then we are in an agreement. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt as this is a beta. But if the same tactic goes to live, then we as players and them as producers are screwed.
  9. Countercheating measures

    I want to correct you on one thing. Ban waves does not work in a game like this. Bans needs to be handed out upon detection. This is a beta, so because of that I am not having any problems with devs gathering information and doing ban waves when they have enough information and to delay any information they gather. But, if delayed ban waves will be a thing in the live version of this game. Then the game will not have any future as a persistent PVP game. The game will only be filled by cheaters then as real players will move on and spread the word on forums etc how cheaters run wild.
  10. Karma System - I know, I know!

    I say like I said in another thread, which was a more general thread. Best way to punish scav killing is what Eroktic Gaming suggested in his video, and it wouldn't impact any type of realism. If a Scav kills another Scav, the player gets another hour added onto his Scav timer, if he kills two Scavs in a round, add 4 hours to his timer. No realism hit, just a penalty that affects the player itself and may make less rewarding being a Scav killing Scav. And the good thing with a system like that (time penalty) is that Scavs are supposed to be backstabbers and if I see a scav with lets say a helmet and armor, I am gladly taking that 2 or even 4 hour hit, because it benefits me in the long run. (Provided I even make it out, which is another risk factor you have to consider, not only backstabbing for the sake of the kill, but also risking that penalty and not making it out). So, it is still viable to be a traitor scav, but you have to take the penalty vs the reward. Killing a random pistol wearing scav for a 2 hour hit - maybe not. Killing a fully decked out scav for the same 2 hour hit - yeah why not? Scavs are Scavengers, but being a Scavenger does not mean going on a murderous rampage killing everyone you see, these Scavs lives in the same area, so they would in that case be killing neighbors, friends and family. Would some Scavs do this, yes if they saw some other Scav with a ton of gear, they probably would risk that backstabbing to get some. So a system that penalize the player with extra time between scav runs would force the player-scav to weigh the pros and cons of killing the scav walking by you or not. Edit: And I state in the opening of this post, I am not taking credit for the idea, I saw it in Eroktic Gaming video and I felt that it is a great idea that should get some attention.
  11. Countercheating measures

    The auction house I am basing on that if you go into the traders, you see 'Dealers', 'Flea Market' and 'Auctions' on top of the screen. So some sort of player based trading will take place. Then add the fact that you can team up with someone who drops loot on the ground. Edit: And with the above being said, I don't mind them collecting data during the beta stage. After all it is beta. And we will have wipes etc going forward between patches, so waiting with bans for proper banwaves during beta - that is ok. But once it goes live, we can't have banwaves, it has to happen instantly.
  12. Countercheating measures

    A cheater may farm gear and sell it on off site item trade site for real money. And lazy people would buy it. That is why it is so important that they get the anti-cheat dealt with. If the game goes live without a working, 99% anti-cheat (I say 99% because there are no 100%), the game will be unplayable which is sad, because I am loving every minute in this game, despite the desync, occasional lag and loosing 400K of loot in a shitty played round
  13. Countercheating measures

    Where there is potential money to be made for these bastards, no chance they will stay away.
  14. Countercheating measures

    You are missing two big factors here. This is a PVP FPS - Attracts cheaters. This game will have auction house and trading - Attracts cheaters. Therefor, I dare to say that this game will die unless cheating is dealt with not in for example ban-waves where they wait a few weeks and ban a bunch of people. The bans needs to be handed out on the second they are detected. If a cheater is allowed to be in game for a week, then that week he will have moved a poo ton of loot to secondary accounts and so on. With a game that depends heavily on the gear that is looted and that will have a sort of economy, cheating must be stomped upon hard and without any mercy (e.g. insta ban. No 1 week suspension, warnings and so on). That's why I am a bit worried that they seem to go with an in-house solution and not the well tested BattlEye (yes, third party that will cost money but it is proven and it is great). I'm kinda hoping they go with their own during beta to detect different cheats and to check the sales, then once live hit they sign up with BattlEye.