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  1. Hatchet Pride Thread- Calling all Hatcheteers

    Few hours ago I went into customs to check servers load time, killed 6 people, 3 with hatchet, and the other 3 with their friends guns. Good game
  2. Recruiting People for tarkov and other games! 16+

    Age: 20, July 23rd, 1997 Time zone: Eastern Standard Time Youtube channel: GopnikGamer Skill level of tarkov (out of 10): 9.2 do you own steam: Yes, do you stream: Yes,
  3. Patchnotes Update

    Are the patch notes coming to the English Forum anytime soon?
  4. Hackers only using hacks under SCAV runs?

    They're not accepting hacker reports. They expect the anticheat system to catch most cheaters.
  5. Upgrading - Account Reset

    So. I want to upgrade to EOD but, I've already reset my account. If I buy this pack to upgrade will I be able to reset automatically or do I have to wait again?
  6. Painkillers and visuals

    Now you have to buy your addiction. Or atleast find it.
  7. Upgrading An Account

    Alrighty. Thank you very much
  8. Upgrading An Account

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade an account, at a discount price, ya know, instead of paying full price even though I already own a copy. Sorry if it's a bit confusing. Thanks in advance. Your friendly, GopnikGamer