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  1. Asterix909

    Huge ban wave

    I wish I had positive reactions left today to give you. :thumbsup:
  2. Asterix909


    If you do buy them (which I suggest), be sure to strip them down and sell the extra parts. You only ever need to turn in the receiver and can sell the rest.
  3. Asterix909

    Prestige, Leaderboards, And Seasons?

    I'd like to see the ability to Prestige. As is, the wipes are great because once you hit end game things can get a little less exciting. As the game is further developed I am sure the single character longevity will increase, but I am sure there will always be an end game stage where there is nothing new to do. Sure, you can just reset your character, but why not build in a cosmetic prestige function as well?
  4. It appears we are both wrong. You are correct, it looks like additional content is scheduled before the end of the year, as you quoted. But it says absolutely nothing about Dec 28, which also is NOT the OBT. From the link you posted: "Thuswise, starting December 28 and over a few weeks, we'll conduct load testing of game servers in order to adjust processing for a large number of new players at the start of the OBT in the beginning of 2018." The only significance Dec 28 has is it will start a load testing phase. OBT is not until 2018. But I do admit the content is stated to come this year.
  5. Where the heck do you get Dec 28 from, for that? It is very clearly stated that additional content doesn't come until 2018.
  6. Asterix909

    Fence is like Rick Harrison.

    If/when traders actually exist at a location in the open world he will serve the purpose of being an easy access trader. He pays less, but the risk of carrying stuff to him to sell is lower.
  7. Asterix909

    What's happening to this game

    But you are whining. Your own videos do not even support your words. You died a bunch of times and are whining about it. Period. Instead of whining, watch your videos, watch how you actually are just missing a lot. Try to learn from it. Try to recognize that you tend to miss moving targets to their rear, try tracking faster to keep up with them. Try to recognize that only your first shot tends to hit at medium range then you go all over the place; learn form it and try firing in semi or using much shorter bursts. You can say "I am not whining" all you want but in the end you are literally whining and trying to make up excuses for your deaths - excuses your own videos do not support. Your videos show zero bugs. You just miss a lot. Only the last video shows a legit issue, but it is simply a desync issue that ultimately had no bearing on the result of the situation (aside from you being forced to waste ammo, which is a problem, yes).
  8. Asterix909

    What's happening to this game

    Did you watch your own videos? Like for real? Or did you accidentally link the wrong ones. I am looking for the videos that support your points. Remember, just because your gun shot 14-20 rounds it does not mean you hit with 14 to 20 rounds. Actually watch your videos again. Watch each shot individually, watch where your gun or sights are pointed at the time of each individual shot. Watch each individual shot's bullet impact. You miss *a lot*. That is not meant to be an insult, the recoil on those guns are all over the place and that is not your fault. First video: He looked armored. You only hit him 3 maybe 4 times (I can't tell for sure on the possible 4th), and it looks like you traded, I can't be certain, but it looks like it. Second video: ...? so. You got killed. It happens. Third video: You killed the first guy just fine, then proceeded to miss the runner completely with the exception of the last shot which might have hit (I don't see the impact or the character shudder/blood, but it looked on target). When you encounter him at the doorway you hit him once, then miss a lot, then hit him two (maybe three) more times in the arms at the end. I have no doubt he got messed up and you blackened his arms but thats about it. Fourth video: You hit with the first shot then missed a bunch. Then hit one more shot. That guy moves away. A new guy comes which I think you did hit once but he killed you with multiple hits. Fifth video: This one is bad and games fault, yes. Classic desync. Looks bad, but everything worked out fine. Yes, it cost you ammo, but thats it as the guy was dead almost immediately, it just took bit for the game to recognize it and let you know.
  9. Asterix909

    Spread out the spawn points in Woods

    Has the OP considered NOT hiding near spawn? I think people here misunderstand what spawn killing means... that or the meaning has changed in the last decade. Spawn killing is the process of killing some as or right after they spawn by watching their spawn point or spawn exit and waiting for the player to appear. In Tarkov (unless you spawn late or you slow load, the former is a legit issue thats started happening recently), you spawn at the same time as other players. You are in equal position to 'spawn camp' them as they are to do so to you. At that point it is not spawn camping, but rather open combat with equal starting conditions. And even if you do slow load or get put into raid late, it is very unlikely someone is camping your spawn,but rather they just happen to encounter you while working their way through the map - because to be camping your spawn means a player needs to make the conscious decision to approach and wait at one spawn point out of 6+ others, in the hope that the player assigned to that one specific spawn point just happens to be slow loading or added to the game late, all while now putting themselves at risk of being come up behind by another player. Just because you are dying early in a match does not mean someone was camping your spawn (and again, unless you slow load or were added to match late it is literally impossible for them to be camping it, as they spawned at same time as you), it just means someone came across you and killed you.
  10. Asterix909

    Quick question about blue room 206 key

    I am fairly certain this key only spawns in scav backpacks. I checked many, many cabinets for it before I realized all of the 'i found 206 key here' posts indicated it came from a scav backpack, or the person was trying to show off by lying ("206, that's not rare,I found 8 of them today in filing cabinets!"). It is a relatively rare key, so when someone makes a claim like that you know they are full of it. All the reputable claims state it came from a scav backpack. So I'd suggest to stop looking in cabinets and just check backpacks. Once I changed where I was actively looking I found it pretty quickly (compared to the several days of checking filing cabinets). Good luck.
  11. Asterix909

    How commen is the factory key now? (poll)

    I was lucky. I was ready to do customs run after customs run for a couple hours (like I did last time), spawned in the first time, ran to guard desk in dorm. Factory key. 1st try. Lucky me. Last time I did somewhere around 20 runs before I found the key. My buddy was probably the luckiest of all, though (and the other poor shmuck the unluckiest): https://streamable.com/xvekx