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  1. Cadwulf

    Anyway to counter extract campers?

    Which map are you having the problem on? I have only come across extract campers this patch at a few places but there are a few 'tells' you can pick up. For example if I am heading to the pier extract on shoreline then I always check the door to admin building. If it is closed then you can guarantee there is a scrub upstairs covering the boat. Hotkey grenade and lob through upper floor window then go get dogtag. Also now many scavs at extracts. If they are all dead then be careful. If they are alive watch to see if they are all alert and facing a particular direction. Go to extracts offline and look for the places a camper would go. Then when extracting on live sometimes recon by fire works. Spray the likely bush
  2. Cadwulf

    All Shoreline extract points in 3D animated

    Great work! There is South Fence extract as well (for scavs). Top right corner where fence meets the ridgeline.
  3. Cadwulf

    spawning in customs

    Only way to resolve customs spawns is expand the map. I don't think there is much BSG can do about the spawns with the map as it is due to the map being so small. When you look at the map of customs the area that we have available is only a small part of the overall map so I'm hoping it will be expanded at some point. For those without a factory key only having 2 holes in a wall which can be covered from Checkpoint to use to traverse the map is a bit limiting. Just a shame so many quests are on this map. Hope that will change with time aswell.
  4. Cadwulf

    SCAV: Always spawning in the last 10 minutes

    Just spawned on Shoreline. 8 minutes to get from river bank to ruined house fence. Just did alt-f4 and took a break.
  5. Cadwulf

    Noob Question regarding AI

    Could also try running night if you just have shotguns. Can sneak up really close but don't run in straight to loot the body as the shot is likely to bring some of his friends running, not the mention PMCs. Unless in a hurry kill, move, take cover and make sure area is clear before looting
  6. Cadwulf

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    That is a different issue though. Probably would have been same if he had a Toz or M4 as 5 seconds in you are still getting bearings. I haven't been spawn killed whilst on PMC this patch fortunately (scav is a different story) but if someone is waiting for you to spawn in then doesn't matter what weapon they have
  7. The Wilcox Skull Lock Head Mount. As it is about 1.6k dollars from Peacekeeper is probably the highest value item I have looted from a kill apart from modded M4s
  8. Only doing them for flash drives so far (no luck yet) so last night tried a run but spawned late so no point in trying the tent. Instead snuck up on scav, took his 153 and ammo and 20 mins later exited at UN roadblock with 7 scav and 2 PMC kills, decked out AKM, Comtacs, one of the new NVG soft helmets and a dog tag worth 30k. Not bad for a doomed flash drive run!
  9. Cadwulf

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    Fights are either people camping loot spots, spawn or extraction. Whenever meet another solo player in open it is whoever spots first wins. Protracted firefights I have yet to see and as 99% of my deaths are to bush campers I doubt there are many who actually want players to shoot back .
  10. Cadwulf

    Number of hackers has grown SO MUCH...

    Looks spread out over 45 seconds unless I'm missing something. Maybe a good headshotter?
  11. Cadwulf

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    A lot of topics about hatchlings but it is a valid way to play, especially for quests or when dieing over and over to squads on spawn and need a break from losing gear. I see many responses to these topics stating that the poster would prefer to have 'firefights'. I would love to meet these players to have some fun as in around 700+ outdoor raids I can count the number of firefights I have had on one finger. I would hazard a guess that 'firefight' means hiding in a bush overlooking an extract or loot position and ganking but having something to loot instead of just a dog tag Also see many posts about hatchets being low risk/high reward and suggestions to nerf the reward capability. Fair enough, but as playing in a squad is also low risk as mates can hide your gear are we going to nerf squad play reward as well? Perhaps reduced xp? Positive solutions to hatchets in longer term for me would be to adjust quests where hatchet running is only real viable option (flash drives), implement butt-stroke blows that knock back and only put squads in with other squads.
  12. Getting to extraction point, waiting timer and extracting is not extracting? I'm confused...
  13. Cadwulf

    Prapor Task 2 impossible to do now

    Depends on how many have been cleared from surrounding areas. Most I have had is 10 that were either at construction or came in once shooting started. I did manage to get the watch whilst the scavs were there though by going in at night, using suppressed on the ones by the steps up the 2nd floor and then sneaking to the truck
  14. Nice work! Many thanks
  15. Cadwulf

    left raid early

    The run through penalty was valid when you could spawn and immediately extract i.e. scav spawn at old gas station. Now that you have to cross the map it should be dispensed with. Particularly annoying for very late spawns when sometimes you have no option with short raid timers to just head to extract only to be penalised for spawning late.