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  1. Dusty747

    3M Armor OP?

    lets not forget about insurgency in beta, is a real beta, and they ACTUALLY have a release date, the game functions as its meant to, and has a pricetag of 30 bucks as it should. someone is going to come along and stomp bsg's face in when they take the simple game mechanics and elements that set it apart, and turn it into a real game. god forbid they ask 140 to back it with a seaosn pass and build something with the extra 100 of content. season pass? these guys cant get out of beta in another 3 years and nikita thinks this thing is partway finished.... man i could use that beta key for insurgency right about now.
  2. Dusty747

    3M Armor OP?

    nm that, killed a squad of 4 top geared players in interchange going solo. easy 1 million rub of gear on the floor, had player scavs dead on the floor too after the fight. best run ive had yet, made more frustrating by the fact that it took 4- 30 round mags from my as val to finally kill the last dude. go to loot the first body, server connection lost. cant reconnect. get bent bsg, you guys suck so bad it hurts. sandstorm it i, wasting my time on your garbage.i cant believe how bad you guys suck, even offering a copy at 140 us is a slap in the face.
  3. Dusty747

    I'm done playing for now

    i came here to rant about the same thing exactly. and this is not new at all. this lag stutter freeze trash has never went away, every time these failures implement some new "optimizations" the stutters only get worse. i cant even pvp anymore because the lag gets too intense to even play the game, mostly avoid the confrontation because of 2 FPS pauses and sketchy hit registration that confuses me after pumping half a mag into someone and getting one tapped. get it together right now.
  4. Dusty747

    How do I...

    another question to add to that, how do i eat 35 pellets of buckshot or 10 rounds of 762x39 while not wearing armor and live to kill the person shooting at me, everyone else has also managed to perfect this besides myself
  5. im slightly ok with the long guns being pushed up since they changed the way pistols pull into the workspace. it keeps it somewhat in the realm of reality that if you let someone get inside like that they are probably going to have a decent chance of keeping the muzzle clear unless you get some space between you. i would like to see some kind of a melee with the stock or gun itself at least though, something that would stun them and drain their stamina and let you get the shot. its retarded to be stuck there dumping a mag into the roof praying to the player collision gods besides, hatchlings are far less lethal than they were at one point. it seemed like an axe was a pretty solid loadout for a while. glad they tuned it down
  6. Dusty747

    M4 DMG

    all i can say is that if im wearing heavy armor it doesnt do a thing, but i im shooting someone else thats wearing it they might as well be wearing an APC.game is so lost it hurts, like what exactly are we testing? you have to tell me that at least one plucking time before they implement any changes or additions they bench test it for themselves before releasing it to the beta. right now it looks as if they dont do a dry run with any of their updates or features, everything comes out so unbalanced and bug riddled it would lead you to believe they "compiled all the necessary components of the patch or update"........ and like a bad monkey simply fired their feces at the wall hoping something would stick.
  7. if you played the game before they nerfed aim punch and the effects of being shot with rifle caliber, you must be happy with the direction of a more arcade feel. i wont argue that the best ballistic armor will stop a great deal of damage. but my problem comes from the fact that people are able to put on these EOD suits with full ballistic face shields and sprint around in groups of 4 doing acrobatic jumps over walls wearing mule packs with 70 kilos of gear, then as they get PUMPED with a constant stream of high powered rifle rounds they can somehow acquire the position they are being hit from, react and turn to return fire with a sub 1/2" MOA. given the fact that armor this powerful is in the game they should do something to truly balance the way it handles. are you going to throw on an EOD suit and full face shield and actually going to get a cheek weld on a weapon? no. there is seriously ZERO real downside to throwing on heavy armor in terms of mobility and weapon manuverability. its stupid, its literally the equivalent of throwing on a hoodie. as far as aim punch goes, they had it right. and people cried about it on here all the time. "being shot is too much like being shot, i cant even stand there in my weaver stance and shoot back, nerf it!" and they did and now it plays nice and arcade like, just throw on your armor t-shirt and sprint across the countryside to the marked room.
  8. very true. your legs have very large muscles and there would be severe hydrostatic shock, yes the bleeding would kill you but the thing that would kill you much quicker is the rapid shock. being stabbed many many times can kill you if the bleeding is not stopped, but it will take only a few gunshots to do way worse damage if they hit muscle mass. Im finding it hard to believe the balance these guys have in place with the lack of aim punch or difficulty switching to target under fire. i could uninstall this game when i get the perfect drop on someone whos in full tank gear and i hose him from close range in the back with 7.62x39, and they spin around to kill me in 2 shots. after report says 13 or more hits and im supposed to take these guys seriously?? dude has on 'fort" and he is an instant sponge for high calibre rifle? get out your fired.
  9. Dusty747

    Upcoming Items...

    who cares. more gear to lose at 130 ping and rubber banding players
  10. Dusty747


    this hurts. game was finally acting somewhat stable for me, now its crashing at exfil, hits dont register, lost 10 fps and gained more laggy stutters.. wish i could make it to exfil to try and crash the game again but i cant kill scavs now?? point blank i can pump 5-6 rounds of twelve guage center mass on a naked scav and it lives to kill me on a lag spike? come on.
  11. Dusty747


    if you have lived anywhere other than the underside of a rock, or played EFT through any patch, you would have the sense to know that EFT patches bring the same number of issues as they do fixes. would explain your noticing of a lowering in fps for one example.
  12. Dusty747


    what can anyone seriously expect right? its a small dev team, they trying they hardest bla bla bla. lets hear it for some fanboys and a good old lockout.
  13. Dusty747

    scav too op after patch?

    these scavs are insane! im getting faceboxed in one shot EVERY CONTACT in customs. this game development is so stupid it blows me away
  14. Dusty747


    i would say the money i put into this was more of a failed gamble than it was a sound investment. but surely if i was looking for some strategic investment advice i would look to you to "shuffle" my funds, because you clearly have the vision to see this game as a polished, finished product. i want that kind of foresight.
  15. Dusty747


    rest in peace tarkov. its been a slow horrible death due to all of your cancerous tumors. once and for all i can put you down and know that you are better off dead. dead to me like the cash i put towards the EOD copy of this disaster. it was an ambitious attempt, but ultimately the problems have proved to be terminal and they only get worse no matter how many hats and eyewear we get every 6 months.