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  1. Dusty747

    End the late spawning for PMCs

    dude, nobody cares. everyone has been on these guys for 2 YEARS about this. they seriously couldn't care less
  2. Dusty747

    Gear totally underpowered

    I go into raids loaded to the teeth every time, fort or killa vest with plate vests, top shelf helmets and face armors, I run 2 primary rifles, usually mp7 or val with a big hitter like SA58 or m14. for the millions in gear and ammo I go in with it literally buys me a chance to survive 3 or 4 shots from decent ammo, good players or squads can make a good play and get the right drop on me and drop me easy. bad players on the other hand think that they are going to play shot for shot with me in the open, sorry but your going to black out my limbs and crush my expensive gear, but I will spin around and if your giving me something to shoot at, I will fill you up with bullets faster than you can shoot me
  3. Dusty747


    controller?? seriously dude.. of all the things to full uninstall this game you are going to lead with controller support?! stop trolling here man. I will say that this game really has brought over a lot of console gamers who've built rigs just to play this game, myself included. I knew there would be a learning curve to it and I would be at a disadvantage while getting used to it, but theres no way I would dream of going back to a controller. may the aim assist be with you my dude
  4. Dusty747

    How does this look like in 3 years?

    crawling with bugs and completely unbalanced, incomplete and still in beta
  5. Dusty747

    Memory leak issue (Maybe?)

    decent, ppl are cancer AF
  6. Dusty747

    Quest ruin the game/fun

    whats the matter, the quests are so creative and keep you coming back for more....find this, hand it in, find this hand it in, find this hand it in. really brings the game to life
  7. Dusty747

    Game lock up / freez while entering in action.

    good luck with that
  8. Dusty747

    Why Have You Stopped Playing EFT?

    tired of their crap, servers are dead, the times i get killed im left with a sour taste in my mouth wondering how some guy was able to get shot 9 times in sprint and spin to one tap me. nothing has changed, content coming so slow and its worthless at this point, core game is practically at a complete standstill as far as making real progress in repairs. no imagination to the game features, empty promises to make progress on game breaking things like freezes and frame lockups in the middle of gunfights.. your game is still busted
  9. Dusty747

    A little information for you!

    game is crashing so hard its locking up my rig and playing nightmares on my rig. pls stop with the content and changes until you have an actual game
  10. Dusty747

    Hatchet right click is OP

    can we see? i hate factory now, weird iffy crap going on there all the time now
  11. Dusty747

    Looking for a partner

    lvl 44, give u whatever u need lol
  12. Dusty747

    Too many cheaters.

    something is so messed with factory, i havent played it more that 10 times in my 400 raids this patch. i used to run that map over and over nonstop from .04 to .08 and it was wicked. the last bit it has been sketchy as hell, people aimbotting through walls, abusing exit glitches that were never even a thing, people just like to ruin a good thing and bsg doesnt have the time or care to deal with it. like pistol glitching, how long was that a thing for, now theres the factory exit glitch people cant stop abusing. i stay away from that map like the plague
  13. Dusty747

    Stashing scav raid loot = Cringe

    you make a good point. frankly i knew i would be sinking my teeth into this game and ive got the cash to spare so it was an easy choice for me, but i do have to agree with you. 200 CDN for this game? with EOD i notice how poorly set up what you are explaining is.
  14. Dusty747

    Patch 0.10

    do you seriously expect smooth gameplay after a patch from these guys? come on.. maybe by the end of the over extended lifespan of .10 will we see and new bugs ironed out and have the same stability we see now.
  15. Dusty747

    Hacker... warum...