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  1. Dusty747

    Why Have You Stopped Playing EFT?

    tired of their crap, servers are dead, the times i get killed im left with a sour taste in my mouth wondering how some guy was able to get shot 9 times in sprint and spin to one tap me. nothing has changed, content coming so slow and its worthless at this point, core game is practically at a complete standstill as far as making real progress in repairs. no imagination to the game features, empty promises to make progress on game breaking things like freezes and frame lockups in the middle of gunfights.. your game is still busted
  2. Dusty747

    A little information for you!

    game is crashing so hard its locking up my rig and playing nightmares on my rig. pls stop with the content and changes until you have an actual game
  3. Dusty747

    Hatchet right click is OP

    can we see? i hate factory now, weird iffy crap going on there all the time now
  4. Dusty747

    Looking for a partner

    lvl 44, give u whatever u need lol
  5. Dusty747

    Too many cheaters.

    something is so messed with factory, i havent played it more that 10 times in my 400 raids this patch. i used to run that map over and over nonstop from .04 to .08 and it was wicked. the last bit it has been sketchy as hell, people aimbotting through walls, abusing exit glitches that were never even a thing, people just like to ruin a good thing and bsg doesnt have the time or care to deal with it. like pistol glitching, how long was that a thing for, now theres the factory exit glitch people cant stop abusing. i stay away from that map like the plague
  6. Dusty747

    Stashing scav raid loot = Cringe

    you make a good point. frankly i knew i would be sinking my teeth into this game and ive got the cash to spare so it was an easy choice for me, but i do have to agree with you. 200 CDN for this game? with EOD i notice how poorly set up what you are explaining is.
  7. Dusty747

    Patch 0.10

    do you seriously expect smooth gameplay after a patch from these guys? come on.. maybe by the end of the over extended lifespan of .10 will we see and new bugs ironed out and have the same stability we see now.
  8. Dusty747

    Hacker... warum...

  9. Dusty747

    Literally Unplayable

    are you saying that .10 will provide balanced performance between people running machines with similar specs? like .10 is starting to sound like the god patch, which would be great. i dont know if the game could suffer another flopper patch with a few minor fixes here and a couple annoying bugs to live with
  10. Dusty747

    Literally Unplayable

    there was a small patch yesterday. sorry that was the day before yesterday, made my gameplay trash, frames were tanking. oddly this game is so trashed right now its hard to know what is going on, my framerate dips everytime i look in another players direction, he can be behind hills, buildings, whatever and i dont even have to see them. if i look to an empty part of the map, bam max fps, look back to an area that has a few players, lose 35 fps. game is broken and sucks what can ya do
  11. Dusty747

    Attention! Some Responses for you

    ok but it was a patch? yes and it was little? a little patch, as compared to the big update .10? yes. exactly what i said. i am not sure your level of understanding what im saying. but let me break it down even further for you, i was stable and unaffected by the problems i described until i downloaded the little patch that was not to be confused with .10, do i try good now?
  12. Dusty747

    Attention! Some Responses for you

    i downloaded your little patch today. i ran 4 raids. 1-factory, got the ammo bug and started firing blanks with my shotgun. 2- shoreline- dropped server connection twice 3- shoreline- game was stable but the server was basically dead 4- shoreline, getting half the fps as usual, first shot i open up on a scav game freezes for 5 seconds, my arms are dead. janky lag all the way to resort spot 2 players and my game freezes up and slideshow shootout. .10 hype! way to go BSG, you guys are awesome, this is gonna be the fix for sure!
  13. Dusty747

    face shield

    look man, we started on this road of backwards progression and theres no going back! just take your pom-pom hat and forget about the bug. pretty soon theres gonna be a new hot bug to worry about and you wont even be thinking about the face bug. in the meantime you can forget about all the times you are being cheated out of your kills and gear by the poor performance of this game by completing our new "quests". mechanic wants you to buy some gear from him, assemble it in your inventory and give it back to him for 300 rupees
  14. Dusty747

    face shield

    fix? no. heres some hats. and a quest, gunsmith wants you to build another gun.
  15. Dusty747

    Cant play the game due to DC'ng all the time

    welcome to tarkov, enjoy your stay check the servers you are locked to from the launcher, pings are really bad for me and i have one playable server. set your region lock or you will join up with any server