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  1. Dusty747

    make tarkov great again

    ive been away for months now. played this game nonstop since v .3. i got to sit here and witness the way this game runs slide downhill with every patch. the performance plummeted, and for a game that is meant to be unforgivable and hardcore there is no excuse. for me it crossed the line as being unplayable/untestable. i doubt i will even load up a single raid in v .8 after ten minutes of reading these forums. sounds like more of the same lipstick on the same pig. ill hold out and give it a highly skeptical chance come release... 4 years from now
  2. Dusty747

    New Gun Ideas

    so, i havent checked the forums or anything but im pretty sure they arent going to add any more guns into the game.
  3. Dusty747

    Cheaters ban

    BSG needs to explain what the hell is going on, if the anti cheat is working and its banning the cheaters we have a huge problem. last night i got the drop on a player and started single tapping him in the chest with 7.62x39 BP rounds. he turned to me unaffected by any kind of aim punch and one tapped me. my after report said i shot him 6 times. get wrecked you losers.
  4. Dusty747

    Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    have you been finding the 40mm HE rounds?
  5. Dusty747


    YES. im in full vibrating rage right now. i used to play this religiously. now i come on every couple days, play a raid maybe two and then jump on this useless forum to vent about how much this turd SUCKS. see a geared player, mag dump die. what a waste.
  6. Dusty747

    Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    you look at forums? do you see some people on here? you answered a question a lot of people thought they already knew the answer to.pure gold
  7. Dusty747

    Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    thank you. im dying now and thats ok.
  8. Dusty747

    Game aint geting no better, seriously.

    im improved on the desync from what ive played so far but the 1 and two second freeze up are RIDICULOUS, it happens 20 to 30 times per raid!
  9. Dusty747

    Pilgrim Backpack bye bye!

    in factory go into the basement tunnels, its the bottom of the map and it wont drop through
  10. Dusty747

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    no, its all on the netcode and current game state. just because you suck and rely on unstable servers for a zig zag hack and slash doesnt put it on someone else. you can talk about challenge all you want but its punks that cant handle putting gear on the table that i find funny. as this game moves forward people like you are going to be left in the dust. when we get the optimization its over. your "challenge" is well over due
  11. Dusty747

    Issues looting/opening doors

    lots. ive noticed the command pops up sooner at the center of doors or looking more to the handles
  12. Dusty747

    The servers are AIDS tonight.

    i can help, i have been killed by delayed hits behind cover 3 times tonight, ran into 2 naked hatcheters that had bullets to the face and lived to axe me, and upwards of 4 times per every raid i am experiencing a 4 second freeze that loves to happen as soon as i make contact with someone. AIDS/HIV
  13. Dusty747

    The servers are AIDS tonight.

    they have been getting worse every day.
  14. Dusty747

    Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

    the monitor on the left is the upper receiver for an m-14