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  1. Pilgrim Backpack bye bye!

    in factory go into the basement tunnels, its the bottom of the map and it wont drop through
  2. Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    no, its all on the netcode and current game state. just because you suck and rely on unstable servers for a zig zag hack and slash doesnt put it on someone else. you can talk about challenge all you want but its punks that cant handle putting gear on the table that i find funny. as this game moves forward people like you are going to be left in the dust. when we get the optimization its over. your "challenge" is well over due
  3. Issues looting/opening doors

    lots. ive noticed the command pops up sooner at the center of doors or looking more to the handles
  4. The servers are AIDS tonight.

    i can help, i have been killed by delayed hits behind cover 3 times tonight, ran into 2 naked hatcheters that had bullets to the face and lived to axe me, and upwards of 4 times per every raid i am experiencing a 4 second freeze that loves to happen as soon as i make contact with someone. AIDS/HIV
  5. The servers are AIDS tonight.

    they have been getting worse every day.
  6. Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

    the monitor on the left is the upper receiver for an m-14
  7. Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    this? is the moment ive been.. waiting for?
  8. [Sniper Skill] Wet Job Pt.6

    im working on this now and im 75% complete lvl 5. my sv98 mastery is 300\500 and dvl is 75\500. i have the most luck in customs with an sv98 netting 10-15 scav kills per round, usually bring along an m4 to take care of other pmc
  9. This Is Crazy

    im stunned... is this real life right now?
  10. Drones and helmet cameras

    no, just no. forget everything you just said and stop it. bsg had better be FINISHED adding ANYTHING into this game and stabilize things very soon, there has been a lot of attention on this game lately and its frankly damaging for them to have the issues they are having at this point. forget your bloody pip boy for the love of mary. . doors that work would be cool.
  11. i dont understand this. is this like, the story? we make one up for ourselves hehe?

    buildings looted dry with every door closed and locked still but there have been people through them already
  13. Weapon Companies Thread

    hehe, the derpiest company in the world.. they generate product but remain in the shadows forever trying to keep their availability hidden from possible customers. "we contact you.."
  14. guys the spawn queues are atrocious

    logical. posts on a forum designed for feedback on current state of game. can you understand?
  15. guys the spawn queues are atrocious

    queued up factory for 15 minutes, backed out and waited in line for another 18 minutes. good stuff.