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  1. Cheeki Breeki Trader Idea

    You know those doors that never open because there isn’t anything behind them? What if we used them for something different? The location of the trader is a quest item and is generated for each player specifically and does not work for others on one of these non-working doors. When you stand in front of the door and select the new door action you knock and say “Cheeki Breeki” if it’s the right door you are extracted from the map and you have now found the secret trader. However you only have what cash you bring to the map to buy things. Maybe this trader is the only one that sells high end guns perhaps... This brings risk to the game where you can loose money, and someone might find your money. The random door keeps them from being effectively camped, there is no one door or map that gets camped. Using the door action is lower cost development wise with the extraction code and a regular trader screen being reused. Plus you get players saying ‘Cheeki Breeki’ at doors. Credit to reddit discussion
  2. What if sound was also effected by number of items and materials carried? So moving with 60 bullets loose in a pocket or bag sounds like someone shaking a bag of coins. Brass bouncing off brass etc... put them in mags to keep them quiet. Got a bag of pistols from looting? Clunk clunk clunk. Maybe make the carrier and bags have an effect. Big gym can carry more than a back pack but nothing is secured in there, noise magnified. Just something for the list of ideas.
  3. Add sights for beginner levels

    I think that is the problem. No grip or rail is offered by the traders at the first level. At best you *might* get lucky with Fence but that is really rare. I know you can do it, just think if the developers check off that some of those items are for sale at a low level it would make gameplay better. Right now there is no ramp up. You either have stock gun... or you don't. Combined with a few other issues of hatchet runs etc... the game play for a new person is stock AKU versus kitted out player for gun play. I think one or two aim point sights could help is all.
  4. Add sights for beginner levels

    Early player here, but could we add some basic sights for the early levels? The traders are all missing critical pieces for add on gun sights. Like... rails for the AKU. That's all. (or am I missing something?)
  5. Faster cumulative bleed out

    Title says it, I would like to see damage effects stack better and be more aggressive. One blacked section out behaves like now, two doubles it, three triples it. You get the picture. Past three and you go into shock and just collapse. Maybe a teammate can stabilize you and bring you back but your prone on the ground groaning. As a player you can quit or wait 1 minute until your dead.
  6. Different Scav Exits

    To ‘encourage’ more Scav vs PMC can we have a second set of exit points on the opposite side of the map from where we start? This way Scav and PMC cross paths. Scavs can’t just shoot and loot other Scavs and quickly bounce out on the extraction just behind them. Add a if you die as a Scav 30 seconds after spawning that run doesn’t count, and the cool down is reset so you can try again.