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  1. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Yeah lots of cheaters out there right now. I've killed by them many times this week. Ban them all! We don't need kids with cheats.
  2. pocket watch quest

    Lol You are not the only one. Happens to me everytime.
  3. pocket watch quest

    1 - Yes they are spawning but it is time based. Some Scavs spawn at the beginning of the round some of them are spawning later in the raid. 2 - The watch not will be in inventory so you can't put it in your secure container. But you can look it from tasks tab.
  4. GTX 1070 FPS?

    I have the same exact setup but 32 gb ram. I'm getting 70-100 on customs. 55-65 on Shoreline. But it's not stable. This game is still have some optimisitaion problems(By the way I put SSR to medium. I don't know why but higher setting is not good for my rig). But graphics are good
  5. What is wrong and how do I fix it?

    With these numbers I think your character is a Walking Dead right now
  6. Best setup

    This my best setup for the AK-74 btw. (It also has a green laser on left side)
  7. New system of dynamic storage cells allocation

    No we are already going out with the good guns because we don't have space to put new modded guns. Look at my stash. I'm always go to raids full geared because I need space(Problem is I'm not dying much so I'm selling looted modded guns).
  8. New system of dynamic storage cells allocation

    Sorry but this system is wrong. Look at my uploaded pic. Also This will make things worse for us Standard Edition players. I can't understand why people are so happy right now. I think they are the EOD dudes who can and will store their guns to their containers when they're about to die. I will see you crying when this update rolled out.
  9. 206 key needed!

    I have two of them for people like you and I don't want anything for return. Glad to help. My nickname is same in game.
  10. Glock 17 in the process of texturing!

    Please give this before any wipe. We need to test it while we have money
  11. Best setup

    Yeah before the patch it was awful. I can only store 4 or 5 weapons and only couple Fort and Kiver. Also I bought the cases very cheap compare to the prices right now. 5k for weapon case 7k for item case. Zpwarrior is right. Don't store foods, ammo and magazines(Look at my stash for what to store). Also sell out those batteries to Therapist. They're good only for money(Later in the game therapist has a quest about it but you don't need to do it. You can max her out without that quest) You can store meds early in the game because you cannot but them. When you leveled up the Therapist you won't need that too. Store gold chains. Maybe you can store one roler watch for money case(Max level therapist) Level up skier first he has the good cases.
  12. Best setup

    Well as a Standard Edition player I really don't need a bigger stash after the update. With weapon case and Icase I've got enough weapons, armors and money. I really don't need anymore. I'm just having fun with full geared every raid. Thanks to the devs for cases
  13. Best Place to Look For Circuits?

    After the last wipe I did maybe 2 or 3 hatched runs. I don't like it very much. And this I made lots and lots of money going geared to raids.
  14. Best Place to Look For Circuits?

    Beside Customs office here are my fav place for circuits (I love them for my M4 too) Customs Dorms 110 (3 Floor one) Customs Dorms 114(2 Floor one or maybe 110 :P. I don't which one which.) Customs Factory side near the 3rd Extract there is a van. Open the back doors and there a computer.
  15. spare 206 key, anyone?

    Alright I'm keeping this tab open for your reply.