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    But none have stepped forward. They showed the game off at E3 in 2015 or '16 and it's been in development since 2012. I mean, I would take almost any investor as well, but since Microsoft is the one currently doing everything they can to build a better line-up, it just made more sense they they'd be the one to approach or be approached.
  2. MilesAvius


    I don't think it would be that bad. They'd be able to hire more people, or import them from Microsoft, to handle console porting. But, more than a few games have their PC versions out in a much better state with the console versions eventually working their way up to the same quality. I can see what you mean. I think a partnership would fit Tarkov better like they did with the people making DayZ and Vigor.
  3. MilesAvius


    Well, to be fair, it's already somewhat P2W with the various editions you can get and the eventual trading could very well have the same effect with people doing hatchet or Scav runs to get some money and then buy whatever from other players.
  4. MilesAvius


    So, Tarkov is coming along fine in my opinion but I've been pondering something. Microsoft has been acquiring more studios with the promise of freedom and I was wondering how people would feel about the thought of BSG joining them? Like I said, EFT is coming along fine so I don't think they'd need the help, but the resources of such a company couldn't hurt. The one sticking point, assuming BSG would retain their developmental freedom, is that Microsoft would want to put EFT on the Xbox as well. But, the Xbox has DayZ and Vigor on it now as well as mouse and keyboard support being announced, so I don't think an Xbox version of Tarkov would be impossible. Long and short of it, what's the opinions of such an acquisition?
  5. MilesAvius

    PSA - Never go into shower bathrooms.

    I want my time and loot back.
  6. MilesAvius

    Front load bags

    That's true, but they'd have to hide pretty close to one the spawn(s) because, if the handicaps are in place, they wouldn't make it in time and lose everything. That, or people could just wait at extraction for anybody trying to do this. But, the only map it'd be feasible to wait until the end on is Factory, since the timer is so short and the map is so small. Trying to do it on any of the other maps and you risk running low on hydration or energy just trying to get to extraction. Which they'd have to be wary of when the health carry over is implemented. Just saying, for a game dealing with realism (within reason), there's options to carry more loot. Heck, all of the PMC use cargo pants, but somehow are incapable of putting a rifle magazine in them.
  7. MilesAvius

    Front load bags

    Let's say that you're a masochist or that you've wiped out an entire raid, but you're stuck with the daunting task of deciding what you're willing to leave behind, how do you solve this terrible conundrum? Pick up another bag and strap it to your chest. If you're the only one left in the raid, then you don't need to worry as you stroll toward the extraction point. But, if you're in the middle of the raid and think your luck will hold out, then you have handicaps in place. You can no longer aim down sights, you can't go prone or crouch to a certain degree, you're slower, you can't jump, and your tactical rig is either unusable or been replaced by the new bag. Who else thinks this would be a cool idea to implement? Heck, if you load in as a group with a new player, you could use them like a mule and have them watch and learn.