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    Armor does too much.....

    First of all, pls use the search function. Theres countless of duplicates about this topic already. No need to do one more just because YOU feel strongly about this. Your ideas about realism seem to be from this sort of alternate take on realism, pretty interesting. As said many times before, the blunt force is not as big as you think it is. The force is not huge if the hard plate catches the round/shell. The biggest problem, damage wise, would be such a hard hitting round that the plate dents, or with consecutive hits to the same area it gets penetrated. The blunt damage itself is a bit too high ATM, Im sure its due to the fact that the other DMG and AP values are still off, this high blunt dmg is kind of like a compensation for it. Theres this armor plate feature planned for EFT that makes the actual armor plates separate from the rig and you can swap and repair them. Ofc the plates will also be simulated on the player, so that the armors we have will have, have certain places for armor plates and if you dont have a plate in the back, for example, there will be no protection on the back either etc. It also seems that the current low price for repairing tactical rigs with armor plates is due to this. Theres better videos for it too. I really like this one! The dude is not an operator either, or if he is he must be a retired one. He just smiles. But this dude as the others in these sort of videos know to anticipate a hit, so IRL a sudden hit might cause some psychological issues that arent seen here. Use the search function to look for the countless other duplicate threads like this, one of them has a long discussion, in which some dude came to explain the actual J's it makes when a certain round hits you in a type IV armor. Its not that much with shells its surprisingly low. Even a 7.62x54R hit to a plate, suddenly, might just make you shuffle a little bit physically, but the scare effect might make you fall etc. at least take cover.. We dont have psychological effects simulated that thoroughly in EFT yet and I dont know if we will have, but Im a fan of this BF3 like heavy suppression effect so that might be one way to deal with this, maybe a slightly altered version of that, with no effect if the bullet just whizzes by..? The bullets that hit you but dont do much damage, except for pain and maybe a broken rib in a bad case, need to have an effect for sure, other plausible way would be that it slows you down more and you make some sound etc. The "big impact energy transfer" is surprisingly little. I would summon the dude who explained the actual physics in this better, but I think its the responsibility of OP to look for duplicate threads and the discussions there, before actually even posting about stuff like this. The one who makes the first claims of realism should start with some context to it. Now there was none. IMO the armor is weaker than ever ATM, the blunt damage makes it possible to kill a Fort dude with any sorts of ammo, if you just hit consecutive hits to the same body part. In 0.8 or 0.7 you couldve never killed a fort dude to the chest with a shotgun, now you can. Itll all get tweaked anyways, Im just personally hoping BSG aims for as realistic EFT as possible in these features.
  2. p4nnus


    That didnt work. I got no notification. Quote at least a part of what I write if you want me to see. But yeah, I meant to add this: US Army and women Note that 1.86% of all deaths were females, while only 2.6% serving in frontline duties. Im not gonna say theres clear correlations to be drawn from this, but its interesting. Also, why do you think there was the "official ban on combat"? This was in 2011, not 1990? US Army is one of the most progressive ones too, they have a huge military and thus an ever increasing need for more people. Still, after many acts in opening more roles for women, they had 2.7% women in frontline duties. (this number is from Pentagon) This figure has risen a lot after 2011, but its still less than 10%, Im sure of it. Ill keep looking deeper in to this, but you need to provide some links to me as well, to prove what you say isnt just out of your bottom hole. Theres a seminar going on at our UNI, with the sole subject of Private Military Companies and their history. I will try to find who the professor is and Ill email him to get a more thorough view on what the situation with women in PMCs is. Wanna make a 10 000 000 rouble bet on what the answer is?
  3. p4nnus


    I served 5 years ago and Ive followed the political discourse about the subject in Finland, where we have a mandatory service and not a paid army. Mandatory for men that is, optional for women. (Men can also serve as a civilian) Also one dude in my major thesis seminar (I study history) is studying the subject (women in FDF and how the need/want/efficiency has developed) so I have a pretty wide (wider than your typical dude Id claim) view on how the situation has developed in Finland, at least. I also follow the situation around the world as well as I can.. Id like you to address the situation with Navy Seals for example, how many women have applied and how many have passed to become a Navy Seal? This is what I meant about the elite units. Care to give examples of elite units that have active women? Or where you got that idea of little applying but most getting through? When I say that women dont fight in frontline units, I mean that the clear majority, world wide, doesnt have a lot of women in active roles. Security firms like you mention are not the same as PMCs. I would like to get some data about these PMCs and females in them as you seem to know about this more than I do. Ive tried to search but cant find anything useful. I know I havent linked anything to you yet, but I will follow your lead if you are able to do so. Youre correct, 1 year of mandatory service is not enough to have a wide perspective on this. But as I said I have the military perspective and the political one, the actual reasons regarding combat and POWs for example and the political reasons against and for the increase of women in frontline service. You have a pretty bad idea of how the militaries develop, sure there are some pretty conservative views too, but theres also studies and real life, modern combat scenarios and the like. Militaries need to adapt way quicker, conservative thoughts like you mention are not the basis for how this happens. I very strongly believe that the amount of women in militaries world wide will rise steadily, but that said I know that it wont rise as quickly as you think, thats not what would be realistic to predict about the situation in 2028. Were talking about a Russian PMC fighting a American PMC in a proxy war kind of situation. Russia still has little to no women in frontline units, at least ones that see active combat. For example theres very little Russian female soldiers in Syria AFAIK. Same applies to US. BEAR is a Russian gov't made PMC, so ofc it would be full of the most elite units from Spetznatz and FSB for example. Guess what? Little to no women there. Examples of females in armies, even frontline units =/= close to if not 50% female PMCs in EFT if given the choice. They wouldnt be implemented on one side only, because then people would complain about that, right? So there would be both USEC and BEAR females, a lot of them thus unrealistic. Im saying that it wouldnt be realistic to have as many and your goal is not to prove this wrong? What is your goal then? That last sentence is kinda not needed, but if it makes you have a better overview on who youre discussing with I can reply. I do well with women and I study in a UNI that has a lot of very intelligent women where I have great discussions with them daily. I appreciate women in so many ways that you couldnt even fathom, I literally love them, physically and mentally. Ive served in an army that had many women and has increasingly more so, but not in the "assault unit" I was in. They were mostly medics, comm specialists etc, not in the most direct line of fire and this is not changing quickly in Finland either. And last but not least, I am for the increase of capable women in the army but I am realistic about the reasons on why not all can apply and serve, at least in every possible unit. Yeah, they do. Theres still less than 10% of those, right? So again, not a reason to implement a choice, as the numbers would be way higher in EFT. Also PMCs try to pick the cherries off the top and the best soldiers world wide are still men and theres also no indication of that changing in 10 years. I know the situation in Canada and UK, still doesnt change what I said. All roles being available doesnt mean that there would be a high % and this cant be perceived to be changing quickly. Private security is far from a Proxy war fighting PMC. And at least one of the 2 active PMCs in Tarkov is made by the Gov't of said country. You are not countering anything I say nor proving me wrong, nor proving that what you suggest would be realistic, I hope you understand that. Could it be that most women, in some cases ANY women, dont fit the mold of the most elite forces? Like the navy seals? Got any examples of 50% of women in any military, any unit in the world, except Israel? Preferrably frontline duties? What you think would be realistic in 2028 might be realistic in 2038 or 2048, but no way in 10 years with the current way things are changing. Do you think that the US army will get greatly more accessible during Trump? Or the same with Putins Russia? None of us can predict the future, but if you consider all the things happening right now and what has happened so far, its pretty easy to paint the picture Im painting. You just say that some forces have some women and thats nothing to counter the fact that the amount would be unrealistically high if players were given the choice. Please try to actually prove me otherwise! Im looking forward to it. And pls use the quote feature for even just a little bit so I know youve responded.
  4. Might not be fixable. Might be, but then again this is the suggestions forum and not a bug reporting forum. Report it via the launcher when ever you encounter it, if you really want sth done about it. Ranting here will do nothing. If you are gonna stay away from EFT for 6-8 months, good riddance, enjoy your time away. THIS IS A BETA. I think BSG will manage without one more dude who doesnt understand the realities of Beta (or to speak in Old school game testing terms, ALPHA) testing. When you signed up and paid for the game, you said you fully understand what this game testing is about and what kind of problems might occur. If you didnt read the text, thats your problem. If 2 major loot issues are enough for you to do a chargeback, please do so and refrain from testing Alphas or Betas ever again, you dont have the mindset needed for game testing. This could be cool, but BSG is still learning to communicate well with its community. Theyve already progressed in it so I think its reasonable to believe that this will improve. This is not game-breaking in any way. And again, this is more like an Alpha stage of testing, a lot of things are constantly being tweaked, theres still a lot of features and tons of items to be implemented. Bug fixing cant be fully prioritized as there will be more bugs with every patch and update that brings in more features and content. OFC the worst ones will be fixed ASAP, but theres no reason to polish the game midway in development, as that would be wasted time.
  5. p4nnus

    Karma systems

    Please use the search function before posting and cluttering the forum with another duplicate about this subject! I recommend that you use the EFT discord to find some buddies before matching. The meta does not really allow for in-game teaming up so you should adapt to the situation before Karma is implemented. A ban system wont happen I hope. There might be some penalties but a ban is way too restrictive in a game like this.
  6. p4nnus

    Eliminate money

    When you suggest sth like this you should maybe be a little more clear. Post-apocalyptic as a metaphor for proxy war is pretty weird and far fetched. Proxy war is not post-apocalyptic at all, except maybe for some locals it might be pretty apocalyptic. But its not the end of the world in any case. You could describe the situation as a semi-active (proxy) war zone. If you think what we have is pointless, youre playing the wrong game. You dont even give any good reasons for why there wouldnt be money in this situation thats described in the lore. So yeah, pretty far from sliced bread, no offense. This is not gonna happen. Adapt or dont.
  7. p4nnus

    Q&A from the "Little update for you"

    Well, I guess you didnt see all the negative talk about this madness in reddit and here, for example. For the people that want to play EFT as its meant to be played, it ruins everything for as long as it lasts. It also makes the progression made during the wipe useless. Its almost like a punishment for some. It wouldnt be as bad if the prices would remain the same. Still the result would be almost the same. There would be so much high end gear on the battlefield that it would be ridiculous. Same can be seen just with the Dealmaker spawn chance in 100%. Customs is filled with high gear players and gear has little to no value to experienced or even semi-experienced players, as they can just scav to customs every 10 minutes and get a medium tier kit with stuff to sell as well. No, Im not saying we should go with experienced players first. Im saying that we shouldnt destroy the basic gameplay, even for a week, so that some new players or slower players get to experiment. IMO this Dealmaker 100% spawn chance is enough madness as it is.
  8. p4nnus


    And I almost forgot: EFT is a niche game for a niche audience, its not trying to appeal to any other audience than the one its already appealing to. No need to have women PMCs in the game, breaking immersion and realism, just because women would like it. Its the same thing as with some casual players asking for casual FPS features such as Kill Cam or leveled matchmaking: these features are not needed in this game, they dont fit the lore or even the over all vision BSG has for it, so they wont be implemented. I dont see any women demanding for female operators in CSGO either, they would totally ruin the little immersion that game has and women are okay with it AFAIK.
  9. p4nnus


    The size or physical capability is not the only issue in women in the army, PMC or national. The gear, even less of a problem. Ive served a year, I knew women that served, Ive heard the official and military explanations. Some of them might be considered sexist by someone who wants to make this a sexist problem, but its not, no matter how much you want to it to fit that narrative. In Finland we have a pretty good situation with equality, but still women wont fight in certain roles, its important to also know that we have a really small population so we should have em', if it was necessary and actually worth it. Sure theres more and more women in all kinds of roles in western militaries, but still not in the most elite forces, nor in assault units. If there is, its mostly for show, they dont actually go to combat as often as men and if they do, its still a few % of the over all fighting units in these roles. Not in the frontline or spec ops units especially, people with that kind of background are hot stuff for PMCs. Can you name some examples from the countries you listed, except maybe Israel, that has women in the frontline assault forces, that see actual combat? I cant for sure, and I think I know a little of the subject. Please enlighten me if Im wrong about this, I would like to be corrected if you actually know about this. Also, the push for women in militaries is more political than about efficiency or need. (except for Israel, again) You dont really counter any of my points here, you just say they are sexist. Why dont you prove me wrong instead of just trying to take the easy road here? Even explain why they are sexist? Also, my main point was that theres so little women in the army in Russia and also in the PMC world, that theres no reason to have this option, as more people would choose the option than what would be realistic. There would be way more than just a few % of female PMCs, if given the choice in EFT. And the situation in Russia NOR in PMC world NOR over all in the militaries of the world, isnt changing so quickly, that the situation would be greatly different in 2028. All this said its important to acknowledge that BSG has been very clear about the fact that female PMCs or scavs wont happen in EFT. I believe they have mostly immersion and realism in mind, kinda like I do. They might have other reasons too, but realism is what theyve given us as the reason. So we can debate all we want until the thread is locked, but its still not gonna happen unless BSG has a serious change of mind.
  10. p4nnus

    Q&A from the "Little update for you"

    Trust me, you dont know what youre asking for. We had this pre-wipe madness before 0.8 or 0.9, cant remember which.. but it was crazy how bad the game got. Theres seriously no good reason to destroy the gameplay for most, just so some people who havent invested the required time to progress to endgame, can try things out. Im sure you will be able to level up to endgame during the next wipe, probably gonna be a semi-long one. Hell, I can level up for you rather than having to quit the game for a week or two again, because its ruined by this madness! I asked the same from a mod, the answer I got was this: it will be limited to beta phase, so they wont sell EOD when its released. Theres no further details so far. This is rephrased, but the same thing he said. I can pull up the actual quote if you guys want.
  11. p4nnus

    Eliminate money

    It would be unrealistic to have no currency except for valuable items. Tarkov is mostly cut off, but not for everybody. For example UN troops can move in and out, Peacekeeper is one of them or somehow connected to them. There are locals left with money and items to sell too. I dont think youve thought this suggestion of yours through. It would change one of the core mechanics of the game for worse IMO. And we already have trades that do what you want and there'll probably be more! Just like @takeoverartist said, Tarkov is not in a post-apocalyptic state. Theres a proxy war going on, but no apocalypse.
  12. p4nnus


    Not everyone is sexist about this. There are good reasons for females to not be a part of EFT. And thats why its not gonna happen, its been confirmed already. Adding females would change the game due to lack of immersion and realism. Read the longer descriptions above. We are passionate about a game we love. If youre not as passionate, thats good for you I guess. But what are you to come to tell us we take it too seriously? Were having a legit conversation about a feature some people would want in the game, but which is not gonna happen. Have you got a problem with this..? If you do, why? Your comment adds nothing to the conversation so its completely unnecessary, no offense.
  13. Again, good game play, fun game play. You still set it apart from realistic, right? Having to walk or crawl with broken legs is not sth that hasnt been done yet. It creates very realistically unforgiving and tense shootouts, thats whats good gameplay for (some) fans of realistic HC shooters. Im repeating myself like a parrot now, please tell me you understand this. There was a poll about this feature and there was about 100 votes the last time I checked, a little over 50% was for this idea. Nope. Later I explained that I feel like the shooting, ballistics, penetration, armor and medical systems should be ARAP. Those are the most important things in a shooter that tries to be realistic. Re-read what I wrote. For it to be a chore or tedious would be sth like a RNG value for when you lose consciousness due to shock, or other unpredictable things that can happen when being shot. I shouldve explained this more thoroughly, again, after I noticed that most of the conversation we had with someone else, a heated one on this particular subject, was deleted. I disagree. Ofc my opinion is more valid as its based on sth and its in line with what BSG wants to create, that means its more realistic as well. This doesnt mean that other opinions couldnt be presented, but Im sure as damn gonna tell why they are bad (for EFT) and thus prolly not gonna happen! Still you seem to think that realism is either ON or OFF. 1 or 0. Its quite silly to first claim this and then say you have made no comment either way. Maybe you didnt on the actual topic, but you did on realism in games over all. "Its not realistic" is perfectly okay to use as a reason to invalidate a bad opinion. Read the games description. You dont even need to go far to do that, someone has posted it on this page of this discussion. Though BSG is developing this game on their terms, theyve promised to develop a realistic game. We already know about many of the systems that will take this semi-but-not-very realistic beta to a more realistic level. BSG has made some bad decisions, theyre not perfect. For instance, where they chose balance in favor of realism, is the helmets. They are unrealistically durable so that they would be a viable option, so that people would use them. But its understandable, we can live with it. I hope it will change, but if it wont, were gonna have to adapt. That said I hope BSG wont compromise realism, in these features Ive mentioned, just to make some viable options in the future. Mostly theyve gone for realism in these basic shooter features, so thats why I believe they will continue on this path. Can you give examples on what you feel are the features/systems theyve chosen engaging gameplay over realism? Yes it does. Judging by what you wrote you havent raided that long, which is completely okay. I meant to say this as a joke, didnt mean to offend or belittle you. If I got this wrong and youre a vet, my apologies, I stand corrected. I would be surprised to hear that, as I feel like most vets think like I do. I might be wrong about that too, but I just base it on my experiences. Confirmation bias called and said hello, I promised to have some coffee with him. Yeah, I think it could be cool if youd chime in with your thoughts on the subject. (medical system and how realistic it should be) That would be way more constructive than going through this discussion on whats a valid argument and whats not. I think were kinda cluttering the thread with this talk, we can continue on private messages if you want, but now would be the time to get back closer to the subject.
  14. I have no idea what handwavium gameplay is. Show me where I contradict myself? English is not my first language so I bet its a language problem. Some differ, yes. Those who have listened to podcasts and Q&As have a better idea on where that line will be drawn. Yes, I am in that niche. I know I am. It doesnt need to be the exact same mindset, but pretty much the same. You and your bubble bursting, its not really going so well! Didnt take my MC and matchmaking/kill cam examples in to consideration, did you? They want to make a lot of money and this is how they are being succesful in it! Did you even read what I wrote? Permadeath is not needed for the game to have some realism, some realistic features, like the ones I mentioned. Really shallow perspective you have, young tarkovling. Ive argued with examples on why it doesnt fit, not "just because" kind of argument. As I said, many parts of this discussion got removed as someone got offended and a mod came to erase the bad memories!
  15. p4nnus

    Getting killed again in perfect ambush

    Not 100% on this, but someone insisted that its the case. Also, my own experiences kinda line in with this, as Ive got shot in the head many times and survived, with no damage except on the helmet.