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  1. Marcelo_1979

    How to level up strength

    This is an old video from november 2017, some things have changed since this video was made. Nowadays there are 4 ways to level up strength: 1) walking around while overweight; 2) throwing nades; 3) melee hits; 4) breaching doors. Jumping and running now levels up endurance and health. Cheers.
  2. Marcelo_1979

    FPS ruim TARKOV

    Fala @wyk001 é normal o jogo dar umas travadas e o fps oscilar um pouco, já que está em fase de desenvolvimento e muitas otimizações ainda precisam ser feitas. Garanto que não é problema do seu pc, pois acabei de montar um i7 8700k com 32gb de ram, 1080ti, ssd, water cooler e etc. e mesmo assim o jogo dá umas travadas. Aconselho baixar e instalar esse memory cleaner aqui: https://www.koshyjohn.com/software/memclean/. Após instalar, vá na barra de opções e selecione as quatro primeiras opções, conforme a imagem. Esse programa vai limpar a memória ram de tempos em tempos e minimizará a questão das travadas. Outra opção é ir nas configurações do jogo, escolher a aba "game" e selecionar a opção "Auto RAM Cleaner", conforme a imagem enviada. Eu, que tenho 32gb de ram, utilizo ambos os métodos pra limpar a memória. Aconselho você fazer isso também. Qualquer dificuldade, é só chamar. Abs.
  3. Marcelo_1979


    Eu já cedi todas as trials que tinha, desculpe amigo.
  4. Marcelo_1979


    Segue uma trial key minha: RL123-F7A3M-VRRKJ-F7A5U Aproveite! Favor avisar caso não consiga ativá-la.
  5. Marcelo_1979


    My squadmates and I use it all the time. Along with good comunication It helps preventing team kills a lot.
  6. Marcelo_1979

    Enquete, local e ping no novo Servidor BR?

    Entre 25 e 40 m/s. Porto Alegre/RS.
  7. Marcelo_1979

    Current State of Tarkov

    Can some devs comment on this video, specially the part about being able to decompile the game and disable the anti cheat? If that's really a thing, EFT is going straight to oblivion in no time...
  8. Marcelo_1979

    Do you do this too?

    Smoke, is that you? Kappa. All joking aside, helping out beginner players is a great way to welcome them into the brutal and sometimes unforgiving world of Tarkov. I wish I could do this more often, but I usually play in a squad which makes it harder to bound with solo low level players, since some of my squadmates are very trigger happy and are adept of the "shoot first, ask later" mindset.
  9. You should never sell gear to Peacekeeper. Instead, disassemble all weapons and sell the attachments to Skier and whatever he doesn´t buy, sell to Mechanic. And, if you want to get some dollars, just buy them from Peacekeeper. Using this method you can level up 3 traders at once and ALSO get the most money from all the sales, since Skier is the one who pays the higher price on attachments, body armor, helmets, vests and bags. My advice to you is play a lot of offline raids in order to get your way around the map and know all the extraction points. Here´s a Customs map that might help you out. The green dots are both scav and PMC extractions, but bear in mind that, as a PMC, you can only extract on Crossroads, Smuggler´s Boat (if the campfire is lit), ZB 10-11, ZB 10-12 (if the spotlight is on), Old Gas Station (if the flare is on) and RUAF Roadblock (if the spotlight is on). To check which extraction you must go to, press the key "O" twice and the available extractions should appear on the top right corner of your screen. Oh, and always have some gear on. A pistol at least. Your survival chances will increase a lot if you enter an online map holding a gun, don´t be afraid of losing gear, since you have your scav available every ten minutes so you can colleact some easy loot and make some money.
  10. Marcelo_1979

    Mosin Nagant rebalance

    Quick question: do you want a realistic game or a balanced game? A 7.62x54R round will DESTROY pretty much anything in real life, but I´m guessing you want to balance it so you can run around like an invincible headless chicken that can´t be killed? GG mate, go play COD.
  11. Marcelo_1979

    Mosin Nagant rebalance

    I don´t think it´s a matter of gambling. If a naked player using a powerful rifle ends up killing me, he truly deserves my gear. After all, he´s not wearing any kind of protection and managed to kill a kitted player, so that means I was unable to land a single shot on him. If that happens, GG. He played well and I´ve got no problem with it whatsoever. IMO this kind of situation will not happen as often as you may think, since a naked player can be easily killed with 2 or 3 shots.
  12. Marcelo_1979

    Mosin Nagant rebalance

    I bought the game a year ago, went through 3 or 4 wipes already. Currently I´m level 33 and and was not playing for about 3 weeks because I was waiting for 0.10 patch to be released. Whenever I go out I use AKMs or M4s, IOTV, Tactec and Zsh helmets so... I think your reply is pretty much invalid . BTW I don´t like fort armor because it makes you walk much slower and Atlyns constrict your vision. Personal preference. I just like PvP fights. Killing hatchlings is boring, so I´d rather fight a naked guy with a powerful rifle.
  13. Marcelo_1979

    Mosin Nagant rebalance

    Since the addition of Mosin we are seeing less hatchlings, so I´d say we don´t need to rebalance anything.
  14. Unfortunately, no. Let´s hope the 0.10 patch delivers some major improvements regarding lag and desync so we south americans don´t face a huge disadvantage towards players from other continents.
  15. Marcelo_1979

    Some Work in Progress Material

    Wipe front to back or back to front? Because that´s the only wipe we are interested at the moment.