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  1. Medkit inventory!

    Stackable bandages and splints and~! painkillers doesn't seem like a bad idea since painkiller package does seem like it can have multiple pills maybe only up to a number below 10 as people would more than likely keep in secure container.
  2. The register sound when trading is just wrong

    I do agree it doesn't add or take away anything if it were gone.
  3. Friends onlinestatus

    I 100% agree with this a friends list should include saying in raid offline or online.
  4. People too reliant on traders

    Then why are "scavs" a faction in the game which is short for scavenger. Also the pmc is what is left from not being extracted from the contract wars so typically military equipment will be scarce after their equiped weapons and gear run out. The pmcs from what I understand are forgotten in the warzone and their only mission is to attempt to escape by doing whatever it takes. (Which is why the bears and usec will still kill each other) Ofcourse I won't rule out that the US and RU arn't still doing good and could possibly drop gear into tarkov for their escape, but that wouldn't make sense to me as a helicopter could come get them. Not saying your completely wrong, but the end game is pvevp, looting, and exploration not only that ,but rpg elements from what I have experienced.
  5. Barter goods "junk items"

    I really wish the barter goods have a reason to collect other than traders. All the food and drink items can be consumed. Things like bolts, gphones, any computer components, that can't be consumed have no purpose other than to be traded. I hope I am not alone because I don't like items that are just here for the sole purpose of trading if there is no purpose behind them. I know certain items are good barter items like air filters and such which you can buy as val mags or gold chains to buy a decked out ak or fort armour. Wish you could maybe have some reason to keep say like gphones or sdd or hdd for information to sell for alot more than the item is worth.. or maybe some kind of crafting system for makeshift explosives or even minor repairs to guns with tape or toolbelt/loose tools. Like the Car battery could be for fixing a car to use on a map. I just don't like "junk items" Dayz has/had (havn't played in forever) a ton of them that can't even be traded. As long as the item has a use for it I consider it to be not a junk item. Maybe if you throw a gold chain near a scav it will distract them towhere you can get the jump on em. That kind of use would make people bring that into a raid. Just give the barter goods a reason npc's want to buy/trade good items for it. Like since skiier wants gold chains for the fort armor maybe he is hiring some scavs to help him with those chains since the action ingame of throwing the chain near a scav distracts them makes the transaction believeable. Sorry for the wall of text just trying to explain what I mean.
  6. 45 round ak mag

    I just want to know the reason why the 45 round mag is 3 linked blocks in space compared to the 60 round mag which only takes up two spaces. Is it because the 45 round mag makes the bullets stack ontop of each other rather than a dual sided design which would make the mag smaller but in real life I have a ar15 that has a 30 rd mag which is pretty huge even for a dual sided mag. Just confuses me why anyone would use a mag that can't fit in a black rock but can fit in a alpha chest rig but has a lower capacity. Maybe that mag isn't as likely to jam, but I'm not sure if it'd still be worth using.
  7. Traders - save custom built weapons for repeating purchase

    If they sold just a m4 or ak74 with decent grips vertical grip and better pistol grip and both could have a moe stock with buttpad ak74 just needs buffer tube and me adapter. I feel thats how alot of people mod the guns in the first place. Just put those for sale for alittle more than the sum of all the parts. A customised auto buy would take alot of dev time to work out IMO also a problem with it would be for items that arn't gun parts like things that sell as soon as traders restock... dollars.. for say then all they gotta do is spam one button to buy that.
  8. A End Game Puropose?

    Ok letme give a rundown this game is based in the aftermath of the contract wars in tarkov. Now the fighting is finished the war is over, but alot of the pmcs didn't get extracted from tarkov. Even though the war is over scavs have rose from the ashes because they were once civilians inside the warzone, but now turned into a kill or be killed animal due to war. So I don't think that the devs will add pvp only maps, but who am I to say as the goal of the game is to escape tarkov.
  9. Hatchet deterent

    My point is you start with some money so why should you be given anything else for nothing.?
  10. Prapor insurance return bug

    Was with a group and died with a as val the gun was hidden with all my gear in a spot that isn't really known on customs so I expected to see it back on insurance, but I still don't rule out a player scav finding it all or perhaps a bug in the insurance possibly.
  11. People too reliant on traders

    Zero research? Based off what assumption? I understand it is beta and not a final product, but as the quest system came out it seems to me the traders will be a cemented part of core gameplay as in that's where you spend your money. It seems detremental to game health to me. You really could remove npc shops all together and the game would be just fine! Just you would be more pressed to kill scavs and players for your gear.
  12. People too reliant on traders

    As much as I would like stackable bags and tactical rigs kind of like how they are in the trader inventories now. I think it may be hard to impliment due to balance unless you can't stack them in raid or if one has items in it. Most games have a hard time implimenting stacking for gear items like chest pieces backpacks ect. Even though u can put backpacks inside backpacks for eft rn.
  13. People too reliant on traders

    I point that out as an issue above.
  14. People too reliant on traders

    As for me I try not to rely on traders for mainly 2 things as of right now it is tactical rigs and paca, but I see threads on the forum crying about skiier is selling out of paca in 10 minutes ect. Ok why are they being so reliant on the traders for those two items I believe it is to conserve on stash space. For me I don't want traders to determine the "I won't buy this item for more than the trader price" in the auctions part of eft. I believe the traders carry too much of certain things based on that principle of supply vs demand cause when traders run out (dependable stock) people should turn to auctions for the item which could cost more or even less than trader prices, but are more limited in stock than traders. If it were my game, which I know it isn't I would rather have a player driven economy than a artificial one mainly due to the work behind getting the items out of the raids to be able to sell. Thus you can make items not as rare in the raid, but more rewarding for the player to carry things out of the raid. Analogy ---- Has anyone ever played a mmo private server where they got shops for the best items sold by npcs,(for going straight too pvp) but when you go to kill the npc that has a chance to drop that item and you finally get it (killing other players/scavs) to notice oh it is only worth as much as the npc shop price that is the road I see for auctions in this game cause we will have to compete with npc traders. This kinda ended up as two suggestions in one and a explaination of why.
  15. A great idea for the game!!!!

    I watched a guy from the kleanup crew get waxxed by a shotgun when he opened the gas station extraction on customs. Was it the campers fault nope sure wasn't the gas station extraction has a window he could have looked through first or toss a grenade in before he went in. Play lazy get owned that's how this game works you must check alot of things or else you will be punished for not doing so. So just outsmart other players and check things you normally wouldn't.