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  1. It'd be cool if getting shot in the chest would destroy magazines effectively making them unusable if a bullet goes through one. So when you do shoot that guy 20x in the chest maybe you ruined his mags. Guess the mosin meta counters this though.
  2. deathopz

    saiga 12

    Haven't tried to as the rubber pad from prapor will go on it. Try to put a pt lock on it.
  3. deathopz

    Bonus Items After Wipe Update

    When you wipe, you get all of the starter equipment again and starter money if that makes sense. Like my package starts with a fort armor and a kiver I already lost those this patch, so if they wipe on another patch I get to make another pmc either bear or usec and start back with that fort armor and kiver and all traders back to level 1 and the +rep given to eod. If you need to do this manually you can through your account page on the escapefromtarkov website by "reset account". Hope that helps you.
  4. deathopz

    what to focus on next

    Your main goal should be getting as many tasks done because they give alot of experience and if you don't have a keybar/docs case just write down the trade items needed for them I think the keybar and docs case is available for trade at lvl3 therapist(If you have marked key just run to marked room abunch you'll find 1 or the other and maybe a ammo box). Secondary goal for ya save up 800k roubles for that scav junk box it is a great thing to have when trying to gather task items. It is what a 16×16 container that is 4×4 so it is 4x the size of what it takes up pretty much invaluable imo. Lastly an Icase you can trade ophthalmologist scopes for 1 at lvl3 therapist. You also don't gotta take any of my advice because if you watch pestily he does stupid challenges like rn he can't use his stash everything must be deleted from the stash before he goes in a raid so his container is his stash(alpha/beta container) he is already lvl30 on the challenge going to lvl40.
  5. deathopz

    Weapon Balancing

    By this logic then you shouldn't have even made a post tf? You should be godlike as a standard player Xd LMAO. If you wasting a 60rounder on a hatchling something is wrong and sounds like you are speaking from experience. Dig your grave more.
  6. deathopz

    Remove insurance will made the game better

    Be careful of what you wish for "go back on hello kitty shooter" If we all did that the game would be dead and you would just face the scavs. Lol. I could live without insurance however if the option is there I am going to use it cause it harms noone elses gameplay by sinking 20 to 60k roubles in hopes of getting gear back if and when I die. Most fps games have abit of difficulty to them aswell although maybe not the same scale as eft.
  7. deathopz

    Remove insurance will made the game better

    I for one like the insurance system because after a bad day in tarkov I have a chance of seeing that stuff again. Also op I think next patch .10 is fixing the items glitching under the map.
  8. deathopz

    Full release mean no more wipes?

    I would think it will be a wipe of only loot, keep levels and trader rep during full launch. They would only wipe if big change happens I think.
  9. deathopz

    Headshots & Helmets

    What you think is useless, is absolutely not true a visor will protect you from rounds like 9x19, and flesh damage bullets or worse and buckshot think the pen stat has to be 24 or more to go through fast mt visor. In factory I religously throw on a visor and it saves me aton cause alot of people don't really take their best stuff to factory and if they do they really don't take an sks or ak with bp or better. Now on any other map it is a toss up if i take a helmet at all and if I do it is probably going to be with a visor because being protected from half of all ammo to the face has value.
  10. deathopz

    Weapon Balancing

    If you know what and how to loot you can end up with a vss, asval, m4, sks, rsass in a matter of just going on a few hatchet runs and getting out with one of the mentioned weapons, any edition can do it you just need to know where to loot at.
  11. deathopz

    Operation: Gun Suggestion

    AA-12 for sure will be best factory gun hands down for close quarters throw slugs in it and a drum mag 20+ shells and little to no recoil since the aa-12 is designed to have sustained balance. It is a great shotgun none the less.
  12. deathopz

    Body drag - safer looting

    Ever kill someone in the middle of a field just outside of a nice bush? Wouldn't it be nice to drag that body into the bush to loot rather than sit in the middle of the field being vulnerable to everyone? Not sure if this has been suggested before.
  13. deathopz

    Weapon Balancing

    Granted the eod edition does start you with a pistol case, sv-98, mpx, some aks-74u, a kiver and fort armor. You will probably use these up in a few raids so after that is gone the only perks of the eod edition will be gamma container(will be obtainable by everyone eventually), +starting rep with all traders, crown symbol and gold name, all dlc content, and lastly a larger starting stash(hideout is going to change this for everyone as I understand it). The version you play doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, all it does is gives a headstart on things you will eventually be able to get.
  14. deathopz

    Whats wrong with my m4?

    Take off the cqr and put on another stock and see if that fixes it, if it does probably need something done to the cqr to make it work. Another thing just for a boost in accuracy peace keeper lvl 4 has a new m4 upper to build onto that gives accuracy bonus compared to the standard one think it is called mur-15, another thing the charging handle can be changed out for the raptor charging handle from mechanic lvl 2 or 3 can't remember.
  15. deathopz


    Like I say to most people if you are serious about pc gaming go with a desktop not a laptop. $2000 dollar laptop vs a $2000 dollar diy build I could get atleast 32gb ddr4(200$), Gtx 1080ti(600$), case(50/60$), psu(60$),ssd120gb(60$), hdd1tb(40/60$), i5-7700k(270$),1080p monitor 1ms(200$), mouse+keyboard(40$), aio water cooler(60/100$), mobo(100/200$) after all that we are under budget by 180$ at the highest prices we also got monitor keyboard mouse if you want a headset you got $180 leftover. With all of that made into a computer without fail you will run eft guranteed and it would beat the stuffing out of that craptop you got.