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  1. so changing one small part will automaticlly effects to all others? testing the insurance can happen in a separately way. the insurance has no effect to detect the other bugs (as i described on top). also it could be change if the other bugs are determined. it could be a step to delimit the errors without annoy the players.
  2. hey guys. first at all - i love the game, the idea - the whole thing. you do a great job! but in relation that you have a lot of work with the game that results in a long(er) way till release, and dying by bugs is annoying (especially if you lose everything you got), how would be a guarantee for your item insurance to get it back. so a 100% restore chance regardless if you get lootet or not, just while the game has the development status? dont get me wrong - we all know it is a beta and bugs are totally normal for these development status, but if you die cause of bugs, glitches, dsynch and "cheating" AI and such things, it would be just fair to say: "hey, thanks for playing and your support. we know its not perfect but as compensation you dont lose everything, everytime." keep in mind - just while the development! how much time passes between lost and restore is not sayed - its a balancing thing but i think it would be possible. i know some people who decide to stop playing the game cause of the bugs. so this guarantee would the angry ones a bit more soften up. and thats eventually good for your game. what did you think about that (players and devs as well)?
  3. Can Scavs see through bushes?

    Yes they can. They said they fixed the perception of the AI but it seems not working 100%. i was in so many situations where i dont see the scavs but they see me and shooting (like bullseye ofc). the weirdest thing that appen to me was in factory in the bathrooms. both doors were closed and no one was with me in there. then i hear a scav talking (above or underneath me idk - sound is weird sometimes too), some shots fired and ofc they hit me till death. I know its a beta. but getting killed trough walls sucks especially when you lose all your stuff! that was the point where i decide to wait with playing till the next patch.