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  1. Just wanted to get an answer from the devs if there was a possibility of a mobile app for Tarkov. This app would maybe coexist with the flea market and auction system. You would be able to play stash Tetris trade and finish mission for traders if possible. You could also be able to use the flea market to buy and sell items from people and the auction system to earn some cash. It may not even be possible but it's a thought that'd be cool to see eventually if possible.
  2. Scav's timer

    It's literally made scav deathmath worse it kinda sucks
  3. General questions on weapon implementation

    I have a question about weapon jams and stoppages. I know these are coming soon and they look really cool but I have a few questions 1: With the weapons degrading quality I heard of can the weapons get to the quality point of being unusable 2: Will things like being shot with dirt kicked up or you laying in the mud affect the dirtiness of the gun which could speed up the quality degradation
  4. Just wondering for the M16 and the Glock. Will the glock have a full auto mode and will the M16 be limited to a three round burst
  5. Edge of Darkness replacement edition?

    EOD stash USB 10x60
  6. Stuck in locked rooms

    I mean I was slightly tilted but not angry by any means before I'd been doing hatchet runs for 6 hours and got nothing
  7. Stuck in locked rooms

    Quiet this things why would I quiet it nobody else has spoken up about it except for dead Reddit threads and me I'm trying to get this to the devs
  8. Stuck in locked rooms

    So I was playing Factory and I got some desync so bad I could see myself walking around about 50 seconds delayed. I decided to alt+f4 and rejoin hoping my loot would be safe. I load back in all excited about the AK74 and the Grach I was about to pull out with (along with various goodies) So I spawn in to look around and see I'm in the locked room on the third floor in Factory I had no way out and kicked the door for about 10 minutes because I was desperate for loot. Subsequently I gave up and exited never to see an AK again. May I ask why this BULL happened to me and also to alert the devs of this. G A M E B R E A K I N G B U G
  9. Edge of Darkness replacement edition?

    Also you only can obtain 10x50 stash size maximum and can't get a gamma container
  10. Tips on actually extracting

    Yeah I found that
  11. Tips on actually extracting

    Been studying the maps instead of paying attention in math thanks a lot friends... JK it really helped
  12. What's up with the rain?

    I mean it could be based on their weather. They are in St Petersburg if I'm thinking correctly so it's pretty much cloudy windy and rainy there for the past week and the future week I think the rain is cool it makes the game challenging even though I'm terrible at it so it's already challenging I've done 15 raids and have only lost gear and died terribly lmao
  13. Pistol glitch

    What even is a "pistol glitch" I just bought this game and have heard this term about 3-4 times and don't know what this means
  14. What's up with the rain?

    Ugh yeah it can
  15. How Does the wipe reset the inventory

    Alright thanks for the clarification have a nice day comrade