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  1. Spawn camping has to be stopped

    I have only had this happen once, in all my matches, ever. Half of my matches I spawn in late also, so I find it hard to believe that if this was as big of an issue as you all make it seem, I would have seen it as much as you all. In fact I almost never lose a match that isn't factory and the only reason I go into factory is to troll with friends (or when I was learning for the first week getting used to player models/sounds). I should also emphasize that I only solo or duo in my matches. Very seldom do we go with 3 people or more unless someone from my friends viewers on his stream asks to join us for a match or two. So it's not like we're stomping kids 5v1 or something. If you're having that many issues go run some night raids with full gear. You'll probably have far less problems.
  2. Spawn camping has to be stopped

    For starters I would say that if you're going into a match and hit O and see that you're spawned in 3 minutes late you should assume that you're going to run into a player in the first 90 seconds of you moving from spawn. Most players stand still from spawn because it's typically a game of first man to be spotted moving, loses. So you're either moving too obviously, or too quickly. Slow your movement. Hug the walls. Avoid spots where you can't see multiple directions while traveling (Hug walls/buildings/vehicles). Avoid traveling the most common path, this is obviously where players will camp. If you spawn in late DO NOT GO CHECK THE MOST POPULAR LOOT SPAWNS, it's fairly obvious and you shouldn't need to be told that. Counter camp players by moving into a position where most players camp where you're now between where they are, and a checkpoint. This forces a player to move into your position when they decide to stop camping. (My team does this all the time) Use some tactics.
  3. EFT account trading liability

    You must keep all information relating to your Account confidential. At no time should you disclose your account ID or password, secret question or answer to anyone. This includes your friends, relatives, parents, children, spouses, co-workers, and any other player of the Games. 5.6 You must ensure that you secure your Account and computer from third party access. Please notify us immediately at if you become aware of: (a) any unauthorised use of your Account or any other breach of security; or You do understand that one of your rules states you can't release any information of your account, but then on the other rule using the wording unauthorized supersedes that rule stating that authorized access by any individual you give permission to would be okay. If you're making a rule stating that you can't account share, then access to the account through a third party regardless of being authorized or not would be in violation of the preceding rule. The rule should be: (a) any use of your Account by any person other than yourself or any other breach of security; or It's not relevant if the access is authorized, because you stated earlier than nobody is allowed to have the information other than the creating user, and that sharing that information with anybody (even their child, or spouse) would violate your terms of service, resulting in a fair ban. I'd also like to point out that reminding people that robbery is against the law doesn't change that robbers will rob people. The only people you're reminding who care, are people who are already not going to break the rule.