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  1. freyze

    Hackers still a problem...

    First of all, I like your enthusiasm about escape from tarkov... but i have to say, that the way you guys approach the cheater problem is definitly not ideal...i appreciate, that you guys are doing hardware bans and i do understand your point, that you are trying to understand the hacks themselves, but it gets pretty frustrating to have no hackers after a patch and then a couple of days later there are hackers everywhere..i played 6 rounds today, and i can honestly say that just one round was legit...the other 5 rounds seemed ultra skechy ( prefired, seen through walls, bushes etc.) so please overthink your banwave system...just ban on an instant, so that legit players like me dont lose 5 sets of full gear to scam like hackers... and to all the weirdos, that are going to say: blah blah you are bad at this game, trust me i am not...i know when i get killed because of another one playing better then me..;) kind regards
  2. freyze

    Hacker ruining the Game Once again

    me neather until this big patch..:S
  3. freyze


    Apperantly the Anti Cheat Software isn't working...
  4. freyze

    fix dumping holes...

    hey guys...could you please fix the ducking drop holes at the spine rock at woods..the ones where you might fall in, but cant get out again..would be much appreciated!
  5. freyze

    Quest Mega Thread

    hey guys..i need help with the quest "Operation Aquarius" of "Therapist". I checked all customs for these water barrels, but couldn't find them. Do you have any ideas or maybe even completed the quest already? Help would be appreciated. cheers
  6. freyze

    Prapor quest bug

    hey guys same here...did multiple runs on customs to get that container, but it was never there, didnt matter if I glitch kicked or unlocked the door..a friend was actualy with me, who already had finished the quest..he was able to see it and could take it, but for me there was no item..and before u guys ask: yeah i accepted the mission any advice for me? otherwise i cant finish prapors quests...:(
  7. Hey dude...since u are one of the devs, i had the same memory and lagg issues after that small hotfix..i got told today that u guys sorted it out, but i didnt had to download anything new, so the issues are still there...will the fix for these issues also come in a hotfix and when will it be?

    kind regards freyze

    1. Natalino



      The fix did not need any sort of download. This was done from our side. Also, I was the one that announced this and this issue is resolved. If you have a certain issue, then it should be concerned with other things and not with the hotfix. Please, create a thread in the technical support section with all the information you can provide. 


      Thank you!