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    Missing in action bug

    Maybe it is the only time i have ever had that happen to me
  2. OxitoniumTV

    Missing in action bug

    Howdy, Loving the game so far nice work team. Just wanted to bring to your attention a devastating moment i had in tonight's stream... I accidentally qued without going into the party, i backed out instantly but it had assigned me a game. So i played it out. I got to the extraction and while shooting the last player/scav the game kicked me out as MIA. Bit devastated as was trying out NVG with full kit for the first time and they aren't cheap :(... Alas losing your gear to a player or scav is one thing, but this crushing loss left me speechless Anyhoo i made a clip so you can see what happened. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/177934754 Cheers Oxi
  3. OxitoniumTV

    Post your RIG.

    De-Lidded i7 6700K @ 4.7Ghz Idles 10C - Full load 50C - 240EK Radiator ASUS Maximus Hero VIII 16GB Corsair Dominator 3000Mhz Ram 2Tb worth of SSD's EVGA GTX TITAN X Maxwell SC @ 1500Mhz - Idles 22C - Full Load 38C - 320EK Radiator Both CPU and GPU have EK Waterblocks Soundblaster Z Thermaltake X9 Cube Clear PVC Tubing and Hoseclamps because all other fittings are for wannabee chumps !!