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  1. stAKato

    Weapon Suggestion IMI Galil

    1. TOZ 106 (the only bolt action shotgun yet) is from Russia, so, as SCAVS are Russian, living and in a Russian fictive region, it IS logic. 2.Single stack pistol in this game are on the one hand some of the most common pistols around the world ans carried by PMC or, on the other hand endemic weapons from Russia. 3. The M1A is the only weapon in the game that, I think, does not belong to Tarkov universe - because it's the sporter version of the M14. Other sporter version are RUSSIAN. And, about Tarkov region, Russia, Russians SCAVS... I don't want to see only the best weapons on the field, but, I you ever have been on service / in the police, you should know that you're always looking for the most reliable, practical, easy to use on the field weapon. And that's why I talk about bulpup : Thanks for reading (all the messages...)
  2. stAKato

    More Guns?

    Hi there gun nut suggestion thread, What about OTs-3, OTs-33 and OTs-14? More AK variants (9, 12, 308)? Old weapons from Western and Northern EU ? (FNC / AK5, G36, FAMAS, Mossberg 500/590, Benelli M3/M4, Manurhin F1, Mac 50...) Former US guns? (M14/39, S&W revs & pistols, M16's, CheyTac - .408 for DVL 10 too-...) Tell me please these, or at least some of these, are planned.
  3. stAKato


    Use the international unit system please... 90% of the world don't know how tall or how heavy it is.
  4. stAKato

    Weapon Suggestion IMI Galil

    This is why some of the bulpup rifles shouldn't be added to this game in terms of reliability and ease of use. So, they should add most LIKELY the FAMAS, Steyr Aug family and Tavor. But things like MDR, L85, FN 2000... should not be seen in EFT. https://youtu.be/Hgv2BDChuAY
  5. stAKato

    Swap to handguns faster mechanic (PLEASE LIKE/UPVOTE)

    This would be fine with some "drop on sling" mechanic. Then, you aldo should be able to do it with the weapon on your back. But dropping two long weapon on sling in front of your leg should drastically decrease movement speed and increase noise when walking. If so, you need a key to repack correctly your weapons. (anims + physics + gameplay)
  6. stAKato

    USEC taunt and language

    Hello everybody, I wonder if USEC is a PMC group, they should come from around the world, but, in tarkov way, mainly from Europe and North America. I'm also aware that the most common language spoken in these PMC groups is English, but, in fact, in Tarkov, PMC are on their own so why not implement some new taunts in other languages, maybe done by the community, like French and German. (only taunts, because you need to be understood by the majority when teamworking with foreigners). Also, will you add a whisper toggle mode? And will you implement small trad lines in English / Russian when hearing scavs / PMC talk nearby and maybe add a "comprehension" skill ? (for ex, I don't understand so much Russian, then, when a BEAR talks to me, I'm a bit idle until he shows me what to do with his hands - I'm also playing as a BEAR... ) Thanks for reading, Goodbye, Xoxo
  7. stAKato

    Weapon Suggestion IMI Galil

    FAMAS G2, PGM Hecate and Ultima Ratio, FRF2, MAC50 maybe ? FNC and AK5 (BEL & SWE)
  8. stAKato

    UI for mixing ammo types [Graphic Examples]

    10/10 would love it. I'm waiting for it for a very long time with adhesive to discriminate mags
  9. stAKato

    Heal Your Team

    Commo rose like double Y key would be great.
  10. stAKato

    Raider grenades.

    As they should corner peak, lean, blind fire, progress with some support and cover, make fireball on any position, retreat, open and flash... Not just going strait forward in corridors and staircases.
  11. stAKato

    Add categories

    Hello BSG, Escapers, section moderator, Could you please add compulsory general topic categories tags (tags are now not really useful in fine) to this subforum? Like these : -> Suggestion -gameplay -IA -models -sounds -objects -bugs -misc Etc... When you post a new topic, you HAVE TO choose one among already established tags (and add you own tags after that) in this non exhaustive list seen above. Would be great. Thank you. Xoxo
  12. stAKato

    Raider grenades.

    Because they are well trained, aren't they? Raiders are not meant to be civilians with poor tactical and combat skill. They should be even more dangerous to act and feel as player imo.
  13. stAKato

    Gameplay, Maps, Sounds, AI

    As you can moderate your walking speed, you should be able to run "slow" or sprint. Skids = inertia when sprinting and brutally stop your race
  14. stAKato

    Gameplay, Maps, Sounds, AI

    Hello BSG & Everybody and Happy New Year, I'm here to suggest you some things that might (must for some) have been already asked and maybe some news. (please be sure that each section is asked with "please" instead of "*" ) 1- Gameplay *add suppressive fire (blackened tunnel vision for ex, shaky vision...) *add (please for god sake) "vault" instead of vertical jump on surfaces and obstacles with different stances and vaulting animations depending on your speed and which object is in front of you. *add running speed *add skids when you stop running at high speed or brutally change running direction *hang down weapon instead of permanent ADS stance. ADS should drain stamina a little (like aiming but in a lesser extent) *add earplugs with passive / active sound control to avoid tinnitus - have you tried to shoot in close quarters without ear protections? Spoiler alert--it's painful, even if you open your mouth to control air pressure. (helmets that protect ears and headphones already plays that role) *add shout / whisper for in-game vocal communication rose. (and apply them to scav) 2 - Sound *decrease sounds on certain surfaces and through thick ceiling / walls *add tinnitus for a short while when shooting without protection in very closed quarters (rooms and corridors, shacks for ex) *are bolting sounds on sv 98 and r700 synced with animations??? 3 - Maps *add ladders (wisely) so we can fight more vertically, ambush, open new path to escape... (planned?) *(must be planned but) add the southern industrial zone to Customs. *maybe add some outskirts or another warehouse to Factory? 4 - AI *I know SCAV and Raiders behavior will be tweaked, but if not planned, add progression (cover/support + progression + getting around), blindfire, suppressive fire, L E A N, evasion moves... *add randomly some low level raiders, with lesser / medium level equipment to each Maps. Thanks for reading and maybe replying. Once again, I know that most of these were already asked or maybe planned and I apologize for every redundancies. Keep up the good work. PS : In @DeadlySlob's video about R700 on Woods, you can see the cocking handle of his MP5SD change position between "rear and empty" after shooting and "forward" when switching back to it after firing the R700. (from 6 : 51) 
  15. stAKato

    Major, easily solvable, Scav problem

    Add a reaction in comorose wich would be "my bad / wrong identification". If you're not killing the SCAV, and if it's the first time you shoot at SCAVS, you're forgiven. Since you killed him or hit him a second time (not twice in a row, there would be a cool down of 1~3 sec), you're an ennemi. Would be great to implement some kind of radio for SCAVs they would describe the threat to other SCAVs (PMC or hostile SCAV)