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  1. lowcrawl

    Armor & Blunt Damage

    Thank you for the continuous updates! Always great to have a running conversation with BSG through these updates. Keep the updates flowin - you guys rock!
  2. lowcrawl

    New Geneburn soundtrack "Exfiltration"

    Well done sir, sounds epic!
  3. lowcrawl

    More WIP images

    Last image reminds me of the Hazmat boots that we would have to wear in the military. Question is - are we now equipping boots or is there perhaps complete uniforms that can be worn? BTW - Thank you for showing us some of these WIP images! Huge props to the CG Artists on the team, they look great even partially complete!
  4. lowcrawl

    New players

    Character name lowcrawl Description A pro PMC and USEC individual. Focused now on making sense of what happened and returning home with any trinket worth more than a penny... or two. His past Patriotic kid turned Marine left him with a double pump combat tour record. Afterwards went to work for Terra Corp developing crypto tech thinking he would leave the combat life behind him until he was recruited on the inside from USEC. How did he get to Tarkov? Free plane ticket with a promise of a upward trajectory career from Terra Corp meant he was on the first class red eye flight out and Tarkov bound. Predilections U.S. based assault rifles, technology, and a decent knowledge base of rough terrain, and urban combat. Speaks English and some Russian. Friends A fellow USEC contact code named Fireball who recruited him. Everyone else is a just a means to survival whether their alive... or not. Wounds, and battles Fought clearing the streets of Fallujah block by block in Operation Phantom Fury, then on a second tour was guarding POW's in an interrogation camp.Wounds he is clear but has a fear of knives. Damn things don't ever need to reload. Aspirations Lives by a code that he beholds unto himself - Death before Dishonor The greatest achievement that character did House clearing gone bad left two leaders stranded on a roof, while part of the effort made to rescue them, lowcrawl pursued into the building while others were still in disarray leading to the successful extraction of members of their command. Strength 27 Endurance 23 Accuracy 30 Fighter
  5. Hoping we can get a moderator response (if I missed it - my sincere apologies) or Post on the Max character count scenario and (fingers crossed) potential resolve to trying this. I know it's still early on too so no worries.
  6. lowcrawl

    Idea for hatchlings and scavs

    If TK'ing is the reason for dog tag farming with hatchling runs then just don't allow a dog tag to be recovered by a team mate doing the TK'ing. Heck Fine em if you want
  7. lowcrawl

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Just a thought but what about incorporating .45 cal ammo weapons? Colt .45 would be a great trade off from the TT pistol, and allow weapons such as GLOCK Variants, and UMP 45 and KRISS Vector caliber SMGs to take advantage of the same ammo. the KRISS Vector and UMP 45 could also be counted with UZI based improved ROF designs and allow all variety's of weapons to carry a great range of mods.
  8. lowcrawl

    Weapon Companies Thread

    I completely agree. I also think the MK14 would be a solid USEC based counter to the BEARs (or Scavs depending on how you see it) SKS.
  9. lowcrawl

    Optics Companies Thread

    I've been wanting to see that Leapold D-EVO so BAD!!!!!!
  10. lowcrawl

    RDG-2B Smoke Grenade

    No joke! I'm hoping the Reaper Scope is going to be a solid counter to the visual disruption Cant wait!
  11. lowcrawl

    Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    looking forward to re tooling my set and revamping my tactics. Thank you BSG!
  12. lowcrawl

    What secrets are hidden in this blackbox?

    Good news is We've seen a increase in Fort Armor's carried by Scavs over the last week including the Kiver's. Just keep chipping sir and or feel free to dome shot me when I'm not looking
  13. lowcrawl

    A few improvements for our lifes to be better in tarkov

    Completely agree only shortcut I know is holding CTRL in inventory and clicking something auto transfers it to your character from your stash, vice versa, and or stash to trader tab for selling.
  14. lowcrawl

    New Merchant: The Mechanic

    hoping this will open the path to heavier customization and modding of weapons. I.E. - gun jamming meaning clean your firearm. Having to properly zero your scope so that even at x range its firing on target and not a minutia difference off.
  15. lowcrawl

    Glock 17 in the process of texturing!

    looks good!